Top 5 Los Angeles Dog Hikes: #1

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With summertime peeking around the corner, the Found Animals team is abuzz with fun outdoor activities to put on the agenda for the months ahead.  Being pet lovers, we’re always looking for ways to get our blood pumping with our pooches in the great outdoors. Thankfully, in Southern California, there is no shortage of incredible hikes and walking trails to hit with our furry friends!

In this five part series, we encourage you to get outside and explore with your best friend as we count down our top 5 Los Angeles dog hikes.

Last week, we featured #2 Silver Lake Reservoir Loop.  This week’s hike is:

#1 Griffith Park (Bonus – The Old Zoo!)

Top 5 Los Angeles Dog Hikes Griffith Park Old ZOo

Griffith Park Old Zoo
Photo by Mike Ambs
Used under Creative Commons License

Griffith Park is a popular location with a variety of hikes and trails offering something for everyone. For a moderate grade hike, start at Fern Dell near Los Feliz Boulevard and head up to the Griffith Park Observatory. This is a little over 2 miles, with places to rest and even a cafe at the base that sells dog biscuits (and people food!). The trail can get quite hot with little shade until the top, so be sure to bring some extra water for your pup. It’s all worth it once you reach the Observatory grounds at the top, with great views of the Hollywood sign, grassy picnic areas, and dogs a-plenty to play with your pack.  This is also an off-leash park, so you can really burn off some playtime energy!

A lesser known area within Griffith Park is the Old Zoo. If you don’t want a run-of-the-mill walk with your dog, then this one’s for you! The Old Zoo opened in 1912, and although it was shut down in 1965, the original enclosures and buildings were never destroyed. You can walk through and picnic inside original grounds and cages, have fun exploring its unique ruins, and then continue to Bee Rock just west of the Old Zoo. Bee Rock can be seen from the Old Zoo – look for a hive-shaped point to the west.  This trail is short and dog-friendly.

Top 5 los angeles dog hikes griffith park old zoo

Griffith Park Old Zoo
Photo by Mike Ambs
Used under Creative Commons License

To Get There:

The Old Zoo is located just north of the merry-go-round on the east side of the park, about 5 miles south of the current LA Zoo within Griffith Park. From the Los Feliz entrance, continue to Crystal Springs Road north, and then turn left onto Griffith Park Drive. In about half a mile, you’ll see parking spots to your left or you can park closer to the merry-go-round and take a short walk to the Old Zoo and picnic area.

We hope you enjoy these hikes and trails with your pups as much as we all do! Don’t forget to obey leash laws, bring poop bags and water, and make sure your dogs are licensed to avoid tickets!

What other favorite dog-friendly locations will you bring your pups to this summer, both in Los Angeles and beyond?

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