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Product Review: Comic Kitty Cat Bowl


orange tabby drinking from comic kitty cat bowl

Like many of you, I find my pets adorable.  And ridiculous.  Their crazy animal antics keep me smiling, and remind me how grateful I am that they don’t have opposable thumbs.  There would be no stopping the silliness!
Thankfully, I found a cat bowl that is as entertaining as they are: the Comic Kitty cat bowl.

Filled with food, the Comic Kitty is a practical, cat-shaped kibble buffet.  It’s easy to clean (via sponge or, for us lazier humans, dishwasher), and very lightweight.  Unlike ceramic bowls of a similar thickness, it is quite resistant to chipping.  This is great news…

3 Product Review: Yoga Cat Mat


Yoga Cat 5

Now I know what you’re thinking.  It’s probably the same thing I thought when I first saw the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat.  Cat’s don’t do yoga.  Their morning stretch does resemble downward facing dog, but that is about it.
However, when you look a little closer at the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat, you’ll see it is actually genius!  It is utilitarian in nature and that really appeals to me because I love it when one product has multiple uses!

Here is why I think the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat is a great item:
1. The texture is…

Product Review: Eco Dog Toys


shepherd mix with Furchun toy

To help kick off the opening of Michelson Found Animal’s new e-commerce site, AdoptandShop.org, I was asked to review a few items carried in our online store.  Assisting me in this task were some of the most discriminating critics I know – my lab, Scout; my lab, Boo Boo; and my parents’ Border Collie mix, Bonnie.  These three fun-loving ladies were more than eager to get their paws on some new swag for the cause.
The first item I introduced to Scout and Boo Boo was the Bumi.  It retails at $15.99 for large and $12.99 for small.
Here is…

Product Review: Red Dingo Collars and Leashes

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Red Dingo Reflective Dog Leash

If you are looking for a great collar and leash set, perhaps for your dog or to give as a gift, check out these awesome offerings from Red Dingo!
We have a great assortment of Red Dingo collars and leashes and ID tags available in our new online shop.  A portion of sales from every purchase goes back to programs that support shelter pets, so you can help pets while picking up high-quality care items for your own pet!
Every Red Dingo collar and leash is made from high quality, durable nylon and designed to last a long time.  We…

4 Dog Treats: Made in the USA


westie giving paws

By now, you may have read about numerous cases of dogs falling ill to food products manufactured in China, particularly chicken jerky.  The FDA has not yet identified the specific ingredients responsible for causing illness, but in the meantime, using caution and buying smart have proven to be the best ways in preventing accidental harm to your furry loved ones.  Start by looking for treats with “Made in the USA” displayed proudly on the package.  In order to bear that label, the Federal Trade Commission requires the use of all American-made products, from ingredients to packaging to production site.  Also…

7 Buckle Up for Safety – Safety Belts for Dogs


2 dogs wearing safety belts

What’s the first thing you do when you get into your car?  If you are obeying the law, it’s securing your seatbelt around you.  If you have children, the first thing you do when placing them in the car is securing their car seat, or making sure they are buckled securely.  That’s why I don’t understand why more people don’t do the same for their four-legged kids.  I predict that within 5-10 years there will be laws in place about securing your dog in the car, but if doing so can keep you and your dog safer, why wait?

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Edition


dog on a sealy dog bed

We have your 2013 gift guide to help you select the perfect present for the special dog or dog lover in your life.  Many of the items on this list (including items in the Found Animals Amazon Store) donate a portion of sales to programs that help homeless pets so you can shop in good conscience. Happy Holidays!
Sealy Dog Beds

Sealy is making dog beds now, who knew?!  Sealy has been making human beds for over 40 years so it is totally logical that they could craft a very well-made, high-quality dog bed.  What makes this bed so special,…

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Cat Edition


black cat playing with da bird

We have your 2013 gift guide to help you select the purr-fect present for that crazy cat lady or cat man in your life.  Every seller in this gift guide (including the Found Animals Amazon Store) donates a portion of sales to programs that help homeless pets so you can shop in good conscience. Happy Holidays!
The Outdoor Feline Funhouse by Wildwhiskers

Though small, 72″ length by 34″ width by 28″ height, cats absolutely love this little tent. It’s perfect for spying on birds, as well as sniffing scents carried in on a breeze. It fits very nicely on a…

9 Just Food For Dogs: The Future of Feeding Fido


just food for dogs ingredients and supplements

Before the days of processed dry kibble and canned pet food, dogs were fed mostly table scraps.  After the Great Depression, food rationing meant less table scraps for Fido to eat, and without any government regulations in place for what ingredients pet food manufacturers could use, the pet food industry boomed.  Pet food manufacturers were able to inexpensively purchase waste from the human food industry that would otherwise be discarded and rendered it into convenient, easy to serve and inexpensive kibble diets.
But is processed pet food really worth the (cheap) price? Without government regulation and very loose manufacturing standards…

Product Review: Young Again Pet Food

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2 cats eating young again cat food

This guest blog was written by Mrs. Amy F. mom to Bonnie (Bonita) and friend of Found Animals.
Happy Pet Diabetes Month, everyone! I’m happy to report our Bonita is doing very well.  I have previously blogged about our experience caring for a diabetic cat, and was asked again to review a new food that a friend of mine made me try.  We’ve had such great results!
I had been feeding Bonnie EVO, a high protein, high carb cat food made in the U.S.A. and we were having pretty decent results.  Over the summer, there were at least two recalls…