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2 Microchip Pays Off and Poodle Makes it Home

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Microchip pays off and poodle makes it home

It was a beautiful summer day in Northern California…the air was warm and the sun was shining. Shelley Lucas spent her afternoon cleaning up the house and clearing out her craft room. It was getting a bit stuffy inside, so she decided to open up the screen door to let in the soft summer breeze. Unbeknownst to Shelley, letting in some fresh air also meant letting out her miniature poodle, Finn! And just like that, he was gone.
This one year old mini is an extremely friendly and outgoing dog. “He likes to lick you all the time,” Shelley tells…

Dog Microchip, the Real Superhero!

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Lost then Found in Less than 2 Hours! Why Registered Microchips Matter

As children, we all dream of having super powers – of being the next Superman or Wonder Woman. But as we grow up, we start to picture more realistic goals for ourselves. Animal lover Ann Burkhardt, however, grew up to be a real life hero. Ann leads a busy life in Downey, California, but that doesn’t stop her from rescuing countless animals’ lives every day! Just last week, she brought home a lost dog named Twinkie, and helped this loving pup find her way back home! Ann didn’t return Twinkie all on her own, though – she credits the dog’s…

Lost then Found in Less Than 2 Hours! Why Registered Microchips Matter

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microchip brings dog home

“No matter how careful you are, pets can get out and if they aren’t chipped they can be lost forever.” These are the wise words of pet lover, Deanne McCullough.  Deanne knows all too well the ability of pets to escape from home – she recently lost her beloved Border Collie / Queensland Heeler mix, Jocelyn. Luckily, Jocelyn had a registered microchip, which helped bring her home quickly and safely. In fact, she was only gone for 2 hours! But without her microchip, it could have been a very different story…
Jocelyn means the world to Deanne and her family.…

Microchip Saves Dog, Sadie


microchip saves dog

Written by Jennifer Rheingold
Collar: $4.79.  ID Tag: $11.99.  Pet microchip: Priceless.
While microchipping your pet isn’t actually free (although registration can be!), it is a fairly cheap and easy ‘procedure’ that helps ensure your companion can get home quickly if ever lost. Not only is it safe for your pet, but it also helps ensure a level of identification that a collar or ID tag can’t always provide. Your pet’s microchip won’t fall off, it won’t break, and you won’t even notice it’s there! So besides costing anywhere between $20-50, it really is priceless.
Maggie and Chris Ellicock learned…

Microchip Monday: A Valentine’s Day Story

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man with 2 hunting dogs

This guest blog was written by Mickey Zeldes, Supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.
Do you believe in coincidence?  Or are some things predestined?  I think you will agree that the number of coincidences in this story are remarkable.  It really makes you wonder if there wasn’t something larger at play.  Call it a love story – or just an amazing adoption story; either way, I think you’ll like it!
Ed Kyorkian came into the shelter just over a year ago looking for a new dog to train as a hunting partner.  We just happened to have a young…

Microchip Monday: Mika’s Lost Dog Story


black chihuahua

The biggest fear of any animal lover is losing a pet.  Whether it’s your dog running out the front door, someone accidentally leaving the side gate open for your cat, or your bunny rabbit escaping through a hole in the backyard fence, pet disappearance is a reality, and it happens far too often.  There is no guarantee that your dog is ever safe from ending up on a “lost dog” poster, which is why microchipping your furry friend has become a necessity.
Alfredo and his dog, Mika, are one example of how microchips have brought many animals and their families…

Microchip Monday: Lost in a Windstorm

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yellow lab laying in the grass

This reunion story was shared with our Microchip team by Janet, Buddy’s owner.
Buddy is a 2-year-old golden lab with a personality all of his own.  He doesn’t like to listen, he likes to do things his way, he has really bad allergies;  he’s always itchin’ and scratchin’.  He’s a great dog and we love him to death!

The fence in our backyard blocks a creek behind us.  I nicknamed Buddy “the King of the Antelope” because he’s constantly racing back and forth, barking his head off.
One night we had a windstorm and some of the boards on the…

4 Microchip Monday: How a Microchip Solved a Murder and 4 Other Extraordinary Stories


willow the cat reunited with family

The first story you are about to read is shocking, and as the title alludes, it involves a murder. I’m sharing it here because it is one of the most interesting stories about microchips I have heard. In this case, an up-to-date microchip registration directly affected the outcome for all involved, including the dogs.
Brittany Tavar was a successful woman who was described by friends and family as “not practical”.  She was a woman who marched to the beat of her own drum. In her mid-40s, she lived in South Beach, Florida. She was a photography hobbyist and active in…

Microchip Monday: Rescuing Animals from Fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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family with found dog

Guest blog written by Jan McHugh-Smith, President and CEO  of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.
Note from Found Animals: The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region knows a lot about keeping pets safe. They take in over 19,000 pets a year, and are huge advocates for pet identification including ID tags and registered microchips. In fact, as part of their pet disaster planning and response initiatives, Pikes Peak will soon be holding a microchip clinic to provide Found Animals’ low-cost microchips and free microchip registration to pets in areas affected by the recent Waldo Canyon fire.…

Zoe’s Lost Dog Story


terrier mix with blue eyes

We at Found Animals always try to impress upon our readers the importance of microchipping their pets, and registering the microchip number in the Found Animals Registry. But sometimes without a concrete example it’s difficult to understand the way chips work and see how they can help get your lost pet home.
Here’s a real life account of one little dog who was lost, but then found and reunited due to his registered microchip.
Allie Andersen and her family were looking for a new addition to their existing furry brood of two Chihuahuas. They found Zoe, a long-haired Jack Russell…