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6 Check the Chip Day!


Check the Chip day

August 15 is Check the Chip Day, a designation co-created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to remind pet parents to microchip, register, and keep their pet’s chip info up to date. Since there is so much confusion surrounding microchips, and microchip registration, we’re going to break it down for you in six easy to follow steps.
1. Scan
Check to see if your pet is already microchipped. You can do this for free at a veterinary office or animal shelter. Make sure the person scanning your pet is using a universal…

2 Microchip Pays Off and Poodle Makes it Home

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Microchip pays off and poodle makes it home

It was a beautiful summer day in Northern California…the air was warm and the sun was shining. Shelley Lucas spent her afternoon cleaning up the house and clearing out her craft room. It was getting a bit stuffy inside, so she decided to open up the screen door to let in the soft summer breeze. Unbeknownst to Shelley, letting in some fresh air also meant letting out her miniature poodle, Finn! And just like that, he was gone.
This one year old mini is an extremely friendly and outgoing dog. “He likes to lick you all the time,” Shelley tells…

Dog Microchip, the Real Superhero!

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Lost then Found in Less than 2 Hours! Why Registered Microchips Matter

As children, we all dream of having super powers – of being the next Superman or Wonder Woman. But as we grow up, we start to picture more realistic goals for ourselves. Animal lover Ann Burkhardt, however, grew up to be a real life hero. Ann leads a busy life in Downey, California, but that doesn’t stop her from rescuing countless animals’ lives every day! Just last week, she brought home a lost dog named Twinkie, and helped this loving pup find her way back home! Ann didn’t return Twinkie all on her own, though – she credits the dog’s…

Lost then Found in Less Than 2 Hours! Why Registered Microchips Matter

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microchip brings dog home

“No matter how careful you are, pets can get out and if they aren’t chipped they can be lost forever.” These are the wise words of pet lover, Deanne McCullough.  Deanne knows all too well the ability of pets to escape from home – she recently lost her beloved Border Collie / Queensland Heeler mix, Jocelyn. Luckily, Jocelyn had a registered microchip, which helped bring her home quickly and safely. In fact, she was only gone for 2 hours! But without her microchip, it could have been a very different story…
Jocelyn means the world to Deanne and her family.…

Microchip Saves Dog, Sadie


microchip saves dog

Written by Jennifer Rheingold
Collar: $4.79.  ID Tag: $11.99.  Pet microchip: Priceless.
While microchipping your pet isn’t actually free (although registration can be!), it is a fairly cheap and easy ‘procedure’ that helps ensure your companion can get home quickly if ever lost. Not only is it safe for your pet, but it also helps ensure a level of identification that a collar or ID tag can’t always provide. Your pet’s microchip won’t fall off, it won’t break, and you won’t even notice it’s there! So besides costing anywhere between $20-50, it really is priceless.
Maggie and Chris Ellicock learned…

3 5 Things Every Pet Owner Should Learn About Microchips in 2015


Dog cat

By Aimee Gilbreath, Found Animals Executive Director
If you’re still trying to think of a New Year’s resolution, here’s one for you pet owners: Resolve to keep your beloved pet safe this year through microchipping. Why? The stats are astonishing. Microchipped dogs are 2.4 times more likely to make it out of a shelter and back home, and chipped cats are a whopping 21.4 times more likely to make it home!
To help you utilize your pet’s microchip to its fullest potential in 2015, we’ve worked out five “golden rules” of microchips. These tips will help you reconnect with your…

Meandering Through the Microchip Maze | 4 Golden Rules



Originally published in Pulse Magazine | November 2014
Written by: Deva Content and Executive Director, Aimee Gilbreath.

Guiding Your Practice to Microchip Mastery
In spite of the myriad issues plaguing America’s microchip economy today, microchips are still the most reliable form of permanent identification for pets. Mass movement toward the ISO standard and increasing awareness of universal scanners and petmicrochiplookup.org are chipping away at the number of microchipped pets that slip through the cracks in the system. As animals professionals, we have a duty to not only educate our clients on the microchip registration process, but also to implement…

2 Microchip Monday: What to do When You Lose a Pet


Microchip Monday: What to do When You Lose a Pet

Stage 1: Planning Ahead

  • Please Spay and Neuter Your Pets: You can’t control squirrels or fireworks or thunderstorms, but spaying and neutering your pet reduces their urge to roam and eliminates the chance of an accidental litter.
  • Visible ID at All Times: Collar and ID tags with 2 up-to-date phone numbers (including area codes) is the main way that lost pets get home. It is also a good idea to attach a license and rabies tag in case your dog gets picked up by Animal Control. You can also order collars with your pet’s name and your phone number stitched

12 Microchip Monday: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About AAHA’s Pet Microchip Lookup Tool


senior chihuahua

If you ever find a lost pet, hopefully he’ll have an ID tag with the owner’s phone number on it, as this is usually the quickest way to return a pet back to his family. However, if Fido doesn’t have external ID, you’ll need to take him to a local vet’s office to get him scanned with a universal scanner to see if he has a microchip implanted under his skin.
If he has a microchip, the scanner will reveal a 9, 10, or 15 digit microchip number.  Contrary to popular belief, the scanner doesn’t provide owner contact information. It…

25 Microchip Monday: The Case of the Missed Microchip


young woman scanning dog for a microchip

We’ve all heard stories of pets mistakenly euthanized due to microchip mishaps. Playing up the emotional strife owners experience when their beloved pets are lost, many articles miss the core questions: what went wrong, and how can we prevent it from happening again? We need to get these pets home safely!
It’s common to blame chips “malfunctioning,” or migrating, but microchip failure and microchip migration are rarely, if ever, the true culprits. For a microchipped pet to make it home, the whole system has to work in harmony, and the chip hardware is the element that quite literally doesn’t have…