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Microchip Monday: Rescuing Animals from Fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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family with found dog

Guest blog written by Jan McHugh-Smith, President and CEO  of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.
Note from Found Animals: The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region knows a lot about keeping pets safe. They take in over 19,000 pets a year, and are huge advocates for pet identification including ID tags and registered microchips. In fact, as part of their pet disaster planning and response initiatives, Pikes Peak will soon be holding a microchip clinic to provide Found Animals’ low-cost microchips and free microchip registration to pets in areas affected by the recent Waldo Canyon fire.…

19 Microchip Monday: Mandatory Microchipping


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Across the pond in England and Wales, the government  has recently announced a package of measures to help promote responsible dog ownership, including mandatory microchipping. The goal of “Compulsory Microchipping” is to help reunite lost dogs with their owners and to reduce the cost of kenneling found dogs until their owners can be located.

About 60% of owned dogs in the U.K. are already microchipped. By April 6th, 2016, every dog owner in the U.K. must:

  • Have their dog microchipped and registered in an authorized database, or as we say, a registry.
  • Register the details of any new owner before

Microchip Monday: How to Talk to Your Vet About Microchips


veterinarian scanning a cat for a microchip

Animal lovers often ask us, “How can I help lost pets in my area?” For the average pet owner, carrying around a universal microchip scanner and humane cat trap to wrangle strays simply isn’t realistic, but there are still several actions you can take to protect your community’s pets. One of the simplest ways to help is by empowering your local animal experts to get lost pets home quickly. Talking to your veterinarian about microchips is an easy way to save lives and reunite pets with their families. Give it a try on your next vet visit!

Here are five…

7 Microchip Monday: How Do Microchips Work? An Illustrated Guide


microchip illustration

As you may have noticed, at Found Animals, we love microchips!  It’s not just us – most shelters, animal welfare organizations, and rescue groups will tell you that pet microchipping is important, but what does it actually do? We put together an illustrated guide to show you visual learners exactly how microchips work.
A microchip is a tiny piece of electronic equipment about the size of a grain of rice. Much of that small space holds a coiled copper antenna; the actual “chip” itself is only a millimeter or two across. The whole thing is encased in a biocompatible glass…

4 Microchip Monday: How Big is a Microchip Exactly?



Every day in the United States, 10,000 pets get lost. That is one cat or dog every 7 seconds! Having your pet microchipped with up-to-date contact information in a microchip registry can greatly increase the chances of a fast and happy reunion.
For its small size, a microchip can make an absolutely HUGE difference in your (and your pet’s) life. We always say that a microchip is about the size of a grain of rice but how big is a microchip exactly? We thought it might be fun to show you how microchips stack up to some other tiny items.…

Microchip Monday: 16 Reasons to Microchip


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Are you looking for one good reason to get out there and microchip your dog and/or cat?
How about 16 good reasons? Click over to Buzzfeed and check out 16 heartwarming snapshots of lost dogs reunited with their families. Here is one of our favorites:

For more information on microchipping, visit our microchip FAQ page.
To register your pet’s microchip, visit the Found Animals Microchip Registry. Our registry is FREE and always will be.
Do you have a story to share for Microchip Monday? Leave a comment below.…

Microchip Monday: Spay4LA Community Health & Pet Fair


young girl holds white dog

Last Saturday, Spay4LA hosted an event called the South Los Angeles Community Health & Pet Fair. The fair was held at the Constituent Service Center in South Los Angeles, and it was a huge success!

Spay4LA provided free services to the public all day, such as vaccinations, microchipping, and pet grooming. In fact, the mobile clinic microchipped 75 pets at the event – so important when it comes to fixing this lost pet crisis.

There were also complimentary services for the pet owners. Everything from blood pressure tests to haircuts and manicures. And for the kids? They had a blast…

Announcing Microchip Monday!


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Hello everyone! It is our pleasure to introduce a new bi-weekly series here at The Water Bowl called Microchip Monday.
As you know, at Found Animals, our goal is to eliminate euthanasia of animals in our shelters. There is no “one size fits all” solution to achieve this, and we work with and rely on others in the animal welfare community to help us tackle the problem from all angles.
Pet adoption, spay and neuter, pet owner education, and pet ID including microchipping and registration all play a role in helping to reduce the number of animals in our shelters.…