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Microchip Monday: 1 Year and Still Chippin’ Strong!


Microchip Monday: 1 Year and Still Chippin’ Strong!

Today we celebrate the first anniversary of our Microchip Monday blog series. (Yes, we remember our anniversary.) We’ve been chipping it good for a whole year now, and wanted to take the opportunity to reminisce on some of our favorite microchipping blogs. Our five all-time most beloved blogs are featured below.
People sometimes ask us where these blog ideas come from. The truth is, wonderful readers, that you are our microchip muses! Your questions and comments inspire all of our posts. We meet every week to review common questions and brainstorm future blogs and resources we can provide. It’s a…

Microchip Monday: Step Out of the Car Please…


jerk dog cop cartoon

Don’t let your dogs (or cats) get caught cruising without a license, pet ID tag and valid microchip registration!  Cruising with no identification is a great way to end up in the animal shelter, and providing proper identification is part of being a responsible pet owner.
Approximately one in three pets will be lost in their lifetime.  Without identification, many lost pets never make it home.  Microchips and pet ID tags greatly increase the chances that your pet will be returned to you.
Has your dog been been busted without identification? Share your story in the comments below.…

Microchip Monday: Intercontinental Animals


Photo by nerdcoregirl / Flickr

Traveling overseas with a pet can be a complicated affair.  Every airline and country seem to have a different policy and there is usually no wiggle room to make a mistake.
The internet is full of alarming stories about animals being lost, detained, quarantined and a number of other unfortunate outcomes completely beyond the owner’s control.  However, if you absolutely must transport your cat or dog to another country via airplane, a microchip is mandatory and the chip number must match all other travel documents including pet passport, veterinary and vaccination records.

If you tune in every other week to…

Microchip Monday: Michelson Found Animals Registry Microchip Grants


boy hugging sheepdog

At the Michelson Found Animals Registry, we work with many amazing animal care professionals whose hard work makes the world a better place for pets. Our partner organizations across the country scan, microchip, register and reunite thousands of pets every day!  In turn, we offer low microchip prices for humane organizations and provide free lifetime registration for all microchipped pets – even if their chip was made by another company – because we believe that every lost pet deserves to be found.  We also recognize extraordinary pet reunification programs with our Michelson Found Animals Registry Microchip Grants.
This year, the…

2 Microchip Monday: A Micro Blog About Mini Chips


Trovan mini chip next to standard chip

Many people ask about mini microchips.  What are they?  Should I get one for my pet?  Where can I get one?  Well, here is the long and short (pun intended) of mini microchips.
The name is self-explanatory.  Mini microchips are shorter, thinner versions of standard microchips.  A standard microchip is approximately ½ inch long and about 2.2 mm in diameter.  While mini chips come in two variations, mini and nano chips range from 7 to nearly 11 mm and are 1.25 to 1.66 mm in diameter.

Needle Size

Found Animals

13.3 mm
2.12 mm
2.6 mm (12…

Microchip Monday: A Valentine’s Day Story

POSTED BY Found Animals IN

man with 2 hunting dogs

This guest blog was written by Mickey Zeldes, Supervisor at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter.
Do you believe in coincidence?  Or are some things predestined?  I think you will agree that the number of coincidences in this story are remarkable.  It really makes you wonder if there wasn’t something larger at play.  Call it a love story – or just an amazing adoption story; either way, I think you’ll like it!
Ed Kyorkian came into the shelter just over a year ago looking for a new dog to train as a hunting partner.  We just happened to have a young…

Microchip Monday: The Amazing Microchip Migration Race


microchip migration competitors

As many of you know, I recently had my cat microchipped twice.  Putting multiple microchips into your pet isn’t generally something we advocate, but poor Pumpkin had a bad case of the microchip migration blues (for those who missed the re-microchipping blog; To Re-Chip, or Not to Re-Chip? her first chip is vacationing down in her elbow).
This got me wondering – how many pets’ microchips really migrate? The AVMA and BSAVA report that pet microchip migration occurs only in a tiny minority of cases.  I wanted to see for myself.  So, we launched an in-office scanning competition to see…

12 Microchip Monday: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About External Pet ID


orange and white mixed breed dog

Pet ID tags seem pretty simple, right?  You put one on your pet’s collar, and it’s a great way of getting your lost pet returned safely home as soon as possible.
Well, here’s the catch: you actually have to put the tag on your pet.  Believe it or not, in a study done by the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), a vet clinic handed out free tags to their clients; when the clinic followed up with them 6-8 weeks later, they found that some of them still hadn’t put the tag on their pet (and…

4 Microchip Monday: How Young Can You Safely Microchip a Puppy or Kitten?


8 week old kittens at an animal shelter

Pet owners often ask us how old their pet needs to be to safely get a microchip.  The answer is usually much younger than you might think.  Puppies and kittens can be safely microchipped after 4 weeks of age, it is really the size of the pet that determines the safe placement of a microchip.   To safely receive a microchip, a puppy or kitten should weigh over 1 lb.

A microchip is only 0.5” long and weighs only 0.0004 ounces.  Microchips are made out of a safe, inert substance and pose little more health risk than routine vaccinations.  The training…

2 Microchip Monday: Go with the Flow


cat and dog hugging

1 in 3 pets will be lost in its lifetime. How would you do if you were lost?
Put yourself in your pet’s shoes with this microchip lost pet flow chart showing common ways pets get lost, then make sure your furry friends have visible ID tags and a registered microchip. Pets get lost every day, but every lost pet deserves to be found.

Would your pet find its way home? Register your microchip for free today in the Found Animals Microchip Registry.…