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Pet Identification Police


cat wearing houndstooth jacket

Our office pets got all dressed up and walked the red carpet to celebrate Oscar weekend! Though they all look fantastic and would even if they weren’t dressed to the nines, we assembled a “fashion police” team to evaluate them based on whether they were sporting the accessory no pet should ever leave home without: identification tags!
One in three pets will go missing at least once in their lifetime and a pet ID tag is the quickest and easiest way to make sure your pet makes its way home to you. Roughly half of the five to seven million…

Wallace Contest Winners!


red pit bull smiling

Last week we launched a contest asking readers to share their stories about a special Pit Bull that has influenced their lives.  Two winners would each receive one ”pawtographed” copy of Wallace by Jim Gorant. We got so many inspiring and heartbreaking stories that it was difficult to choose only two! We will be featuring the rest of the stories in a blog coming soon. Thank you to everyone who participated and for all the work you do advocating for this wonderful yet misunderstood breed.
Without further ado, grab a box of tissues and hug your pup close.  Here are…

2 Signed Wallace Hardcover Book Contest!


wallace the pit bull

Authored by New York Times bestseller Jim Gorant, Wallace is an inspiring story of a dog with all the odds stacked against him.
Relinquished to an animal shelter at a young age, Wallace was one of the highest energy dogs the kennel staff had ever seen. He was misunderstood, un-adoptable and seen as little more than a liability. Wallace faced prejudice and impending euthanasia until shelter volunteers and animal lovers Roo and Clara Yori met him. The trio embarked on a lifelong journey with Roo and Clara fighting for Wallace every step of the way.
Today, Wallace is a champion,…

Found Animals Inaugural Puppy Bowl IX Preview


Puppy Bowl IX

The hype.  The excitement.  A national audience watching the game!  That’s right, we’re only two days away from Puppy Bowl IX!  (What?  Is there another game being played on Sunday?)  Nothing can happen these days without being analyzed, over-analyzed, rehashed, and relentlessly promoted.  Puppy Bowl is no exception.  In order to give these dogs their due, here’s our inaugural Puppy Bowl preview.

Keys to the Game
Avoid Distractions:  In the run up to any bowl game, there are sure to be plenty of distractions for the competitors.  Media requests, family looking for tickets, nightlife… kittens.  All potentially contributing to catching…

3 The First Seeing Eye Dog


guide dog header

This guest blog was written by one of our volunteers, Jesse M.
Dogs have been lending a helping paw to man for centuries; however, there was not a demand for “seeing eye dogs” until after World War I. During the war, many men were blinded from combat and needed assistance once they returned home. To help these veterans, a formal school and training program for guide dogs (using only German Shepherds) began in Germany. Unfortunately, the program was short lived.
Luckily though, a dog trainer from Philadelphia named Dorothy Harrison Eustis was living in Switzerland and heard of the program…

2 Happy New Year! Our Four Legged Friends Share Their Resolutions for 2013

POSTED BY Jennifer W. IN

4 dogs sitting together

It’s that time again when our crazy owners make resolutions and promises to themselves and others about how to behave better in the New Year, and then celebrate excessively to cement the deal.  In an effort to get along and go along with those who feed us, pet us, walk us and forgive us over and over again, we pets will also do our best to be better in 2013!
Axel (Jennifer W.’s dog) – Tennis balls are for chewing not for eating.  When I eat them, they make me barf on the nice carpet.  Tennis ball vomit should not…

Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs


chihuahua mix in a basket

Wow, where has the time gone?  I can’t believe we are once again at the end of the year with the gift giving season upon us!  With that being said, I am truly excited to express the love my family and I have for our animals by getting all my furry friends some great toys and treats this holiday season.  I have reached out to many pet lovers, guests at our Adopt & Shop and our very own Found Animals Staff for some great gift ideas for your four legged canine companions.  These items are must haves for any dog…

2 Holiday Gift Guide for Cats


gift guides for cats header

This holiday we have put together a gift guide for that special cat or cat lover in your life. Since cats are natural hunters, we’ve tailored the list to feature products to keep your indoor cat especially happy, fit, stimulated and out of mischief. We have gifts for cats, gifts for humans and a couple of stocking stuffers too!

Dachshund Recycled Paper Scratching Board

This corrugated cardboard scratcher is made by Imperial Cat. It doubles as a comfy place for your cat to nap and is cute enough that it wouldn’t need to be hidden away in a dark corner.…

Happy Thanksgiving!


collage of animals

This Thanksgiving, We’re Thankful For …

Our community of animal lovers, rescuers, foster parents and organizations who continue to work tirelessly towards our common goal of getting pets out of the shelters and into loving homes.
The individuals who choose to adopt instead of shop, giving deserving animals a second chance at a great life.
The citizens of Los Angeles who are pro-active and take advantage of our many resources.
Over 1,200 animals adopted from Adopt & Shop since April 2011.
Over 1,135 cats adopted from the Cat Adoption Center since March 2010.
Nearly 1,300 cats adopted during our 9…

Howl-O-Ween & the First of Many Pet Friendly Events with the Westfield Mall

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howl o ween header

Found Animals just hosted our first in a series of pet friendly events with the Westfield Mall in Century City, CA. We celebrated Howl-O-Ween by holding a Pet Parade and Costume Contest. Many furry family members participated in costume with their humans on hand to bring home the prizes!  The fun started with registration and general information, which included free pet microchip scanning, and Gelson’s goodie bags, and concluded with a Pet Parade and Costume Contest. Prizes were awarded to the Most Creative, Cutest, and Crowd Favorite, and there was some fierce competition!
This was the first of many monthly…