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3 Take Your Own Awkward Pet Family Photos in 6 Easy Steps


awkward family photos

It’s that glorious time of year where we all congregate together to snap a holiday photo destined for our loved ones across the globe.  If you want to try something different this year, why not embrace the phenomena still steadily gaining popularity: the awkward family pet photo!
You can go subtle, just slightly awkward, like this:

Or you can get really awkward… The point is to try something funnier than the usual.  Taking the picture requires a little more effort but it’s a great way to spend time together, make fun of yourself and embrace the awkward that lives in…

Take an RV Vacation with Your Dog

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This Guest Post is authored by Joe Laing, Marketing Director for El Monte, RV.
Thinking about a weekend getaway for upcoming Labor Day? How about an RV adventure with your dog?
Bringing your pet along with you on a vacation is a great experience. Sharing your adventures with your special family member is something that makes a getaway more than just a road trip. It helps make memories and bond the family closer. Add in the excitement of traveling in an RV and you really have a vacation to look forward to!
More than half of those who travel in…

10 MAP: Dog Friendly Beaches in the U.S.A.


black and white dog at the beach

There are only a few months left of glorious Summer! If you have been thinking about hitting the beach with your dog, here is a map to dog friendly beaches in the U.S.A. to help you plan your outing.
Beach details are listed under each address. Because rules vary, are specific and subject to change, it’s a good idea to research the beach before you plan your day trip. Websites for each beach, if available, can be found in the description.
Check out our Top 6 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dogs, stay safe out there and happy swimming!


5 Happy Dogust 2013!


chihuahua eating a cupcake

As you may already know, WE LOVE DOGUST! Dogust the 1st, celebrated every August 1st, is the universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs with unknown dates of birth. This year, a few of our volunteers surprised the adoptable dogs at Adopt & Shop Mission Viejo with delicious birthday cupcakes. We want to thank the crew at Top Dog Barkery in Newport Beach, CA. for donating the baked treats and making this day really special for our dogs!
Looking for something special to spoil your adopted pup with this dogust? Try making a homemade dog cake or pupsicle.…

10 Despicable Me: The Top 7 Ickiest Things I Have Done as a Pet Parent


2 black dogs buckled in seatbelts

Have you ever noticed how parents of human children are completely indifferent to the disgusting things they do on a daily basis?  It’s as if having a child suddenly endows one with a superhuman resistance to squeamishness.  Even some of my most refined girlfriends, upon becoming mothers, have transformed from delicate daisy to down-and-dirty.   For instance, picking a child’s nose for him.  That used to be considered appalling.  But now that it’s THEIR child’s nose that needs excavating, they dig in with alacrity!
After becoming a pet parent, I can finally sympathize.  The drive to nurture and protect your charge…

Ice Cream Treats for Cats & Dogs!


2 dogs eating a pupsicle

It’s summer and officially Ice Cream Season! Of course, you can eat ice cream all year round but, like diving into an icy swimming pool, some things just feel better after roasting in the sun.
July was designated Ice Cream Month by President Reagan in 1984. He recognized “ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by 90 percent of the nation’s population.” He designated the third Sunday of July, National Ice Cream Day and called for all people of the United States to observe the day with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”
Chances are,  you may be…

Introducing Your DNA Contest Winners!


molly duke header

With over 250 submissions and nearly 1,500 votes cast, we are excited to introduce the two top dogs that will receive a free Mixed Breed DNA Test from Wisdom Panel!
From Round One: Molly Duke and her 10 siblings were rescued by AngelDogs Deaf Dog Ranch. They were bottle-fed and cared for around the clock by foster moms & dads before being adopted into loving homes.
Molly Duke’s mama says “I rescued Molly Duke and her brother Cassius about a month ago. Their mama was so emaciated, when she was found roaming, that she did not look pregnant and the…

14 DNA Test Contest: Voting Round Two


gold dog

Voting for this contest in now closed. The winners will be announced Thursday, May 23rd. Thank you to everyone that submitted and voted!
Here are the 10 dogs that make up the second round!  We will be choosing one dog from each round so if you haven’t had a chance, head over to vote in the first round.  We had so many wonderful stories and pictures submitted it was really difficult to choose. We thank everyone who entered!
Bailey is an 11 week old rescue pup. Her brindle coloring and perky ears go against everything we were told she was.…

13 DNA Test Contest: Voting Round One


DNA Test header

Voting for this contest in now closed. The winners will be announced Thursday, May 23rd. Thank you to everyone that submitted and voted!
We got so many great submissions for the DNA test contest! Many more than we had anticipated so we narrowed it down to the Top 20 and split it into two parts to ease the voting process.
Here are the 10 dogs that make up the round one contenders. After you vote, click over to round two for the second batch of incredible dogs.  A huge thank you to everyone who shared their stories and pictures.

Meow Mutt Mania



Introducing your M.M. Mania winner, Grumpy Cat! Thank you to all the voters who played along with us and cast nearly 800 votes! We’d congratulate you Grumpy cat… but we’re pretty sure you’d hate that.

At last we have our final two. Facing off for the title of grand champion is Scooby Doo and Grumpy Cat. Although Grumpy cat is a relative newcomer, the power of the meme cannot be denied.  However, Scooby Doo has grown strong from consuming millions of Scooby snacks… You decide, cast your vote on our facebook page.

We are down to the final four! Scooby…