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Against All Odds: Hope Spay Neuter is Going to Austin

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staff at Hope Spay Neuter

This guest post is written by Madeleine Laird; Executive Director of Hope for Animals Spay/Neuter Clinic in Fort Wayne, IN.
At HOPE for Animals Low-Cost Spay/Neuter & Wellness clinic, we believe in constantly continuing education and also team bonding experiences. In the past, when an applicable conference was on the horizon, we would always take as many staff members as possible. We found that learning new things together helped solidify buy-in and allowed us to develop more consistent policies.
For our first conference, put on by the Humane Alliance, six staff members attended. We rented a van and drove 10…

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day 2014


2 dogs sitting in their beds

One of the benefits of working in the animal welfare world is that our main office is pet-friendly. Having dogs in the office helps lower stress and also forces us out of our chairs for much-needed walks. We also have a couple cats that accompany their humans to the office. Though it takes a special kind of cat (one that enjoys car travel, and dogs, just to give you an idea) in the spring and summertime the office is also populated with foster kittens.
Bringing foster kittens to the office is encouraged because it helps with their overall socialization and…

Search Dog Foundation Breaks Ground on National Training Center


overlooking SDF NTC

On April 16th, our friends at the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation officially broke ground on the future spot of the Disaster Training Zone, located within their new 125 acre training facility currently being built in the foothills of Santa Paula, CA. The National Training Center is the first and only facility of its kind in the country.
If you are aren’t familiar with the Search Dog Foundation, they are an incredible organization that I find difficult to sum up. The scope of their work is so multi-faceted, I don’t feel like I do them justice if I don’t cover…

Barks N’ Arts


chris galligan paintings

Last week, we hosted an event especially for our friends from partner organizations who work along side us. We wanted to plan a unique evening and, much like a newborn baby, show off the new flagship Adopt & Shop store in Culver City.
So many of our guests had a direct hand in the development and execution of the shop, literally making it all that it is today, and we had a great time catching up, giving tours of the space, drinking wine, eating, looking at art and spending money for a good cause.

The event was called “Barks N’…

Are Circus Cats Coming to a City Near You?



Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending an acrobatic cat show and I finally got the answer to that centuries-old question, “can cats really be trained?”  The answer is, “sorta…”
First let me say, this is a show like no other.  As my squealing co-workers and I settled into our chairs and took in the stage, the scenery and the people, it was apparent we were about to witness something very special and unique.
The amazing Acro-Cats consist of 14 rescue cats (and one chicken) and their trainer, Samantha Martin.  Martin is an avid rescuer and foster volunteer, and…

4 Happy National Specially-Abled Pets Day!


max the spaniel chasing leaves

This blog was co-authored by Annie M. and Estelle W.
National Specially-Abled Pets day is observed every year on May 3rd and was founded in 2006 by Animal Behaviorist and Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige. The goal of this holiday is to celebrate the animals who amaze us with how they cope with challenges brought on by birth flaws, disease or injuries. National Specially-Abled Pets Day also encourages potential adopters to consider adopting a special needs pet.
If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people are really inspired by these animals! Watching them flourish in the face of…

Tis the Season: Including Your Dog in Your Upcoming Wedding

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It’s officially wedding season and many couples are choosing to include their dogs in their big day.  If you have been thinking about doing the same, here are two short stories with ideas on ways you can incorporate your pup in your ceremony.

Marcela, Andre and Chester:
Social butterfly Chester always accompanied his parents, Marcela and Andre, everywhere they went.  There was no question he would play a big role when, after 10 years of dating, they decided to tie the knot.  To incorporate Chester into the wedding as Ring Bearer, they attached the rings to a squeaky toy planted…

Create a Wish List to Help Your Local Animal Shelter


donated pet supplies

This past summer, our Cat Adoption Center team created an Amazon wish list to help get much needed supplies for their kitten foster program.  They received donations from generous animal lovers all over the U.S.A. and the campaign was so successful we decided to try one over the Christmas and New Year holidays.
We picked four local organizations doing great things in the city of Los Angeles (of course, there are hundreds of organizations in Los Angeles, all doing wonderful things, so it was hard to choose) but here is a little background on the beneficiary organizations:
Stray Cat Alliance:…

Serving Canine Guests at Your Super Bowl Party: Three Simple Recipes


Serving Canine Guests at Your Super Bowl Party: Three Simple Recipes

The Super Bowl.  That wondrous night when over 100 million people gather around the television to watch the NFL championship game.  Friends, football, food.  What could possibly make the night better?

Planning a menu to serve to your canine guests is easy.  It just takes a little extra preparation and planning to make sure you have the proper ingredients.
But be careful, as we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts some foods that seem innocuous can actually be poisonous to dogs.  For the recipes below, or any others you might find, always consult your veterinarian before serving a new treat…

Dr. Gary Michelson Gives $50 Million Dollar Gift


USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience

Just announced!  Found Animals founder, retired orthopaedic spinal surgeon, inventor and philanthropist Dr. Gary Michelson has donated $50 million to the University of Southern California (USC) to fund a new, 190,000-square-foot bioscience research center.
The USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience will house up to 30 state-of-the-art flexible labs, a Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis, a nanofabrication facility and a suite of microscopy imaging technology that can take precise measurements inside of cells.

In simpler terms, the research center will focus on things like physical science, molecular biology and engineering.  The goal is to have scientists who are experts…