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Honoring the Life-Saving Work of FixNation


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If you have ever had an experience with homeless cats you know it can be a very difficult and heartbreaking scenario. It is estimated that there are between 50 and 100 million feral or community cats living in the United States. These cats are fending for themselves, reproducing in record numbers with few on their sides to advocate for them.
While many frustrated property owners consider drastic action, like eradicating the cats, animal-lovers have a hard time with this concept. Simply put, the problem of homeless cat overpopulation is a man-made problem. A cat, whether wild or friendly, is still…

Managing the Cat Crisis Wrap Up


Dr. Kate Hurley speaks at the Managing the Cat Crisis event

Cats continue to face disproportionate challenges in animal shelters and have a 70% chance of euthanasia in the average California Shelter. However, change is on the horizon. Last Tuesday, June 11th, Found Animals and Orange County Animal Care had the wonderful opportunity to host a unique Speakers Forum Event called “Managing the Cat Crisis.”
We were excited to have nationally recognized animal care experts including Jon Cicirelli and Dr. Kate Hurley speak about how to understand the reasons behind these staggering numbers and what alternative cat programs and shelter management techniques can be utilized to make a difference.
The event…

7 Six Steps to TNR Success



Trap-Neuter-Release (also known as TNR) is the method of humanely trapping feral and free-roaming stray cats with the goal of ‘fixing’ them and returning them back where they were found. This prevents the cats from having kittens in the future, which in turn keeps the stray cat population under control.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a professional “rescuer” to trap a cat. In fact, many animal care organizations have humane traps that you can rent for just a day or two, for a low fee or even for free. If your neighborhood or street in particular…

Feral Cat Day 2012


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With two cat related “holidays” coming up in October – Feral Cat Day on October 16 and National Cat Day on October 29 – it’s a great month to talk about our feline friends.  We here at Found Animals spend a lot of time thinking about cats and we’re excited to share with you.
History of Cats
Humans have always had a complex and nuanced relationship with cats and many historical figures have considered their felines both companion and muse.  From Marie Antoinette to Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein to Freddie Mercury, and Mohammed to Mark Twain a huge diversity of…

2012 Trap Neuter Return Workshop Wrap Up

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This past Sunday 6/24/12, we held our second ever TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Workshop.  While our first was held in May 2011 in Van Nuys with 70 attendees, this year we were thrilled to have 140 registrations at our location at the beautiful Rio Hondo Event Center in Downey.
Our speakers (Bryan Kortis of PetSmart Charities, Karn Myers and Liz Cava of FixNation, Christi Metropole from Stray Cat Alliance, Dona Cosgrove-Baker and Lauren Laster from Feral Cat Caretakers, Ben Lehrer from Kitten Rescue as well as two of our own staffers) ignited the crowd with their knowledge and experience.  They shared great…

The TNR Workshop is Coming!

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Did you know that studies of where cats were obtained show that:

  • 8% were purchased
  • 16% were adopted from the shelter
  • 31% were strays
  • 45% were the offspring of friends’ cats

Of those 31% that were strays, many were previously owned cats that were discarded by their owners.
Those cats wandering the streets are not always re-homed and often they live the rest of their lives on their own.  They have kittens and those kittens have kittens.  As those cats don’t have interactions with people, they become more and more wild over time and generations.  They are afraid of people

2 What is a Feral Cat Exactly?


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Having graduated with a degree in English, I have fancied myself a connoisseur of the English language. Working at Found Animals, I have occasionally heard the term “feral cat” mostly in the context of “TNR,” or trap, neuter and release. The following is a step by step process that went on in my brain upon hearing the term “feral” cat for the first time:
Me: I know what a cat is, but what is a feral cat?
Me (again): Feral means something of the wild, I believe.
Me (once again): If feral means ‘of the wild,’ then would feral cats…

Spay & Neuter 101

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sn 101

In October, I was lucky enough to attend Best Friends’ No More Homeless Pets Conference in Las Vegas.  It’s a great opportunity to network with fellow animal welfare people and to learn about what’s new, innovative and WORKING in animal welfare.
While I’m lucky and get to work in a WHOLE OFFICE of people who love pets and dedicate their lives to the betterment of animals, a lot of the attendees do the work alone—or with maybe a handful of their friends.  They’re the ones in rural areas, setting traps for feral cats at 3am to get them neutered and…

4 Spay Day 2012

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Found Animals is always happy when February rolls around because it gives us a chance to celebrate an important part of pet ownership, spay & neuter! The last Tuesday of every February of each year is National Spay Day. Spay day is an annual campaign of The Humane Society of the United States created to inspire people to save animal lives by spaying or neutering pets and feral cats.

In honor of that, we plan on making an entire month of it by celebrating spay and neuter all of February. Our grant partner SNP LA (Spay and Neuter Project of…

2 How Neighborhood Councils Help Animals

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Our External Relations Manager tells us a bit about what she does here at Found Animals and answers the most common questions people have about pets in their neighborhood.

My job at the Found Animals Foundation involves me visiting Neighborhood Councils across Los Angeles.  Before I started, I had no idea what a neighborhood council actually does— I’ve learned quickly that these are passionate people who are deeply involved in the day-to-day running of your area.  There are over 90 Neighborhood Councils (NCs) across LA and they have a general meeting once a month.
The NCs cover everything from zoning…