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Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs


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Wow, where has the time gone?  I can’t believe we are once again at the end of the year with the gift giving season upon us!  With that being said, I am truly excited to express the love my family and I have for our animals by getting all my furry friends some great toys and treats this holiday season.  I have reached out to many pet lovers, guests at our Adopt & Shop and our very own Found Animals Staff for some great gift ideas for your four legged canine companions.  These items are must haves for any dog…

Cancer in Pets: Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment

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tabby cat getting checked by a veterinarian

These days, hearing about a friend who’s pet has been diagnosed with cancer, or worse, hearing the diagnosis from your own pet’s vet, seems to be less and less rare. It isn’t that the disease is cropping up like wildfire, but rather, due to better veterinary care and living conditions, dogs and cats are living longer lives, and cancer is a disease of the old. Further, veterinarians have better diagnostic and treatment tools than they did just a decade ago, so they are better able to detect the disease. If patients come in for senior or regular pet wellness exams,…

6 Thanksgiving Food Quiz: Is Your Feast Safe for Your Pets?


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Thanksgiving feasts bring the whole family together, sharing food around the table…and under it. Many pet lovers admit to sneaking human food to their pets (guilty here!), and who can resist those puppy or kitty eyes peeking up at them when the holidays roll around?

If you and your relatives are guilty of cross-species food sharing, it’s important to know which foods are safe for pets before you sit down to eat. We put together a little quiz of what common Thanksgiving food is safe for pets, what’s borderline and what is not. Test your knowledge below!
Thanksgiving Food Quiz…

105 You Are What You Eat, and So Is Your Dog


chihuahua and tabby cat eat food from the same bowl

I wouldn’t call myself a health nut, but I do believe in eating whole foods that retain their nutritional value and are not processed.  I am definitely not militant about this, but I try not to eat foods with preservatives or pre-made/pre-packaged foods.  I really believe that what we eat affects not just our outward appearance, but also our inner health and well being.  I have extended these beliefs to my dog’s nutrition as well, and have been preparing his food from scratch since he was about 12 weeks old. I’d like to share my recipe with you. If you…

3 Don’t Be Unlucky: 13 Halloween Pet Safety Tips For A Tail-Wagging Good Time!


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Found Animals recommends taking some common sense precautions to make this a fun-filled and memorable Halloween for animals and animal lovers alike. As a pet owner, you know your pets best, but as a reminder, here are 13 pet safety tips to consider for a safe and happy Halloween season!

• Keep your pet stress-free by choosing a costume that fits properly and isn’t too much of a distraction to your pet. While dressing up your dog or cat can be fun, there are a few things that should be considered when picking out a costume for your pet.…

3 The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams


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This Guest blog was written by Dr. Annette LePere, Medical Director at Rolling Hills Animal Hospital in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
Every pet owner knows their cat’s or dog’s most coveted snacks, favorite window perches or places to go on walks. You even know which side of your bed they like to sleep on!  But as an owner, do you know when your pet’s kidneys start to slow down, or if their joints are really starting to ache because of hip dysplasia or knee pain?  This is why it is so important to schedule the time to have regular pet…

10 Feeding and Diet Tips for Dogs

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Because there are so many high-quality, nutritious dog foods available, owners now have the luxury of selecting their dog’s food according to their personal standards.  Most owners opt to feed their dogs dry food because it is the most convenient to store, it is less smelly than wet food and it can reduce tartar buildup. Some owners feed their dogs nutritionally balanced wet foods or they use them as treats, to hide medication or to increase their dog’s water intake.

10 Feeding and Diet Tips for Dogs:
1.  When purchasing food, be sure to read and evaluate the ingredients.  This…

15 Six Tips for Safer, Happier Dog Walking

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3 dogs ready to go for a walk

This Guest Post was written by Jessica Dolce, an animal welfare advocate. She’s spent the past ten years walking dogs and working with shelter dogs in Philadelphia and Maine. Jessica blogs at notesfromadogwalker.com and can be found cheering people on over at the DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space Facebook page.
As a professional dog walker, I can’t say enough good things about walking your dog. It strengthens your bond, allows your dog’s world to expand (so much to sniff and pee on!) and provides both of you with exercise and fresh air. In honor of National Walk Your Dog…

5 Puppy Mill Awareness


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Dog breeders that run puppy mills care primarily about making a profit. Their focus is on maximizing the number of puppies they can sell. The health and welfare of the puppies and the mothers producing them is of secondary concern.
This situation is not an isolated occurrence, but one that has been business as usual throughout the United States for decades. Finally, the efforts of many animal welfare organizations to raise awareness have begun to bear fruit and an increasing number of Americans now know about the problems endemic to puppy mills.
The Internet has been an extraordinary boon for…

Product Review: The FURminator


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Anyone who owns a pet should consider the purchase of a FURminator deShedding tool. It’s the first and only grooming tool that safely removes the undercoating of an animal and leaves the top coat undisturbed.  The result is a pet less likely to shed and the use of the tool can not only alleviate shedding, but help control hairballs, itching, allergies, and of course…hair on all your clothes and  furniture! I have used the same FURminator on both a Beagle and one of my newer kittens, and it removes a surprising amount of hair on both!
Using a FURminator is…