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Ask the Experts: Housebreaking Older Dogs?

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golden retriever

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Robbie Writes:
I have a 2 year old female Golden Retriever who was completely housebroken but has now begun to pee in the house for what seems no reason at all. Most times we only find it after the fact and only one time have I caught her in the act. At that time she was scolded and put outside and seemed to understand what she…

Biting the Hand that Feeds: Possessive Aggression in Dogs


jack russell showing teeth

Many dog owners are startled when their loving pet starts to growl or even bite when they try to take away a cherished toy or bowl of food. The behavioral term for this is possessive aggression and it is very common dog aggression behavior. Control of important resources is somewhat normal in dogs, but possessive aggression exceeds the tolerated limits of this behavior.
Dogs that have lived as strays or were allowed to roam free may develop possessive aggression as a means of survival. Lack of appropriate training of puppies, that show these traits, can reinforce their possessive behavior, and…

Dogs and Destructive Chewing

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Much like how your dog uses his sense of smell and hearing, dogs have an innate desire to chew in order to better understand the world around them.  Unfortunately, this behavior is not really acceptable to us humans because it is usually destructive to our possessions and property.  In order to manage this normal behavior, here are some tips you should follow:

  •  Do not punish your dog for destructive chewing behavior.  Unless you catch him in the act, it is not effective and can worsen the situation.
  •  If you do not want your dog to chew and destroy an item,

Take Your Dog to Work: Tips & Products

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2 dogs sharing a bone

Friday June 22nd is the 13th ever TYDTW Day–  That’s right—Take Your Dog to Work Day!  I am very fortunate because I get to take my two dogs to work nearly EVERY day.  Because of all of this practice, I would like to share with you some advice and products that will make this day great for you AND your dog!   Who knows—maybe your pooch’s exemplary behavior will merit them a second invitation.
First off—prepare your pet.  If at all possible, take them in to the office over the weekend so that some of the sights and sounds are familiar. …

3 Taking a Blind (and Deaf) Leap of Faith…



This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Thank you for saving a life & sharing your story with us! If you’d like to be a guest blogger on The Water Bowl, share your animal adoption story with us!
In August 2009, on old friend had posted that due to economic reasons she needed to re-home two of her Australian Shepherds (both are homozygous, double-merle, lethal whites): Lindsey and Honey. A few weeks later, as we were heading out to Las Vegas, NV, from Cerritos, CA (where I’m at), via Bullhead City, AZ (where she…

6 Military Working Dogs: Canine Heroes

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belgian malinois serving in iraq

My dog is a beautiful, mostly black German Shepherd who once escaped a backyard by pushing a grill to the fence and using it as a ladder to his freedom.  He has also gone into the pantry, helped himself to a Snapple by piercing the lid with a tooth and then removing it without ever spilling a drop.  Whether he just wanted to read the trivia on the inside of the cap is still up for debate.  While I am equal parts proud and annoyed by his brilliance, it is this intelligence and athleticism that has made dogs one of…

8 5 Common Dog Behaviors Decoded


Dog Behavior- chasing tail

As dog owners, we become tuned in to our dog’s behavior. Every dog has their own little quirk and way of expressing themselves. Even though every dog has their own unique personality, there are certain dog behaviors that are ingrained in them biologically.
Here are five common dog behaviors we’ve seen dogs act out and their causes:
Kicking up grass after pooping:
I had always figured it was a dominance thing, but I was surprised to learn that dogs have scent glands in their paws’ pads. So when they are done using the bathroom, scratching the ground with their paws…

2 Dog Bite Prevention Week


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This May the 14th marks the beginning of dog bite prevention week. I volunteered to write this one because when I was a little kid, maybe 8 yrs old, I got bit by a dog, I’ll never forget it. My friend and I had walked up to a neighbor lady who was walking a basset hound, we stopped and were asking her about the dog (we loooved dogs) and I bent down and sort of leaned in to pet the dog and he jumped up and latched onto my arm (which was tiny! I was a child!) with his teeth.…

A Big-Hearted Bully with Telepathic Abilities


red pitbull plays with girl wearig cutoffs

From SelfGrowth.com: Telepathic Communication With Animals By Nedda Wittels
“Today can be your moment to awaken to the idea that the animals who live with you are more than child substitutes, more than “pets” kept for our amusement or our personal companionship. All animals are, in fact, sentient beings – conscious and intelligent, with life purposes and goals. They are aware of themselves and of their situations. They are capable of feeling the entire range of emotions we so arrogantly have labeled “human.” They make life choices. They often express unconditional love for the humans who are part of their…

What Life Lessons Has Your Pet Taught You?

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Life Lessons From Pets

What is the biggest life lesson you have learned from owning a pet? I wanted to know and what better place to tap into the animal lover’s mind?  I went around and asked the staff at Found Animals and this is what they said…I’m going to split it into two blogs, this is part 1. I’ll go first.
Marianne B: To live in the moment. This is something I am ALWAYS working on, but my dog Penelope is a great reminder! She doesn’t hold grudges or cling to what’s happened in the past. Like most animals, she is in the…