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3 Does Spaying and Neutering Change My Pet’s Personality?


Does Spaying and Neutering Affect Personality?

Does Spaying and Neutering Really Change My Pet’s Personality and Behavior? Debunking Personality and Behavior Misconceptions of Spay and Neuter Surgeries
Last week we kicked off National Spay and Neuter Month by debunking cost misconceptions of spay and neuter surgeries. This week we continue to bust common myths by asking, does spaying and neutering change your pet’s personality and behavior?
The differences between personality and behavior are:

  • Personality is the overall emotional make up of your pet. Personality is largely influenced by genetics and socialization, nature and nurture.
  • Behaviors are usually born as a result of your pet’s personality in

2 Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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10 Truths About Walking Your Dog

The Cause
Separation anxiety is an emotional distress response in dogs.  It occurs when an anxious dog is separated from the person or persons to whom they are most attached. The resulting response may lead to episodes of destruction, chewing, barking, howling, self-inflicted injury and housebreaking accidents.  Separation anxiety occurs when the owner is gone from the home and the dog is left alone.  In extreme cases, it can occur when the owner is in a different room or out of the dog’s sight.
There is not one specific cause of separation anxiety, but many factors which influence the syndrome.  …

10 Things to do for Your Newly Adopted Dog



Congratulations if you are one the many families who decided to bring home a new dog over the Holidays! If you are still looking for your perfect pet, dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family. In an effort to keep your new companion happy in your home forever, here are a list of 10 things every dog owner or potential dog owner should know.
1. Think About Important Characteristics in Your Ideal Dog: Try not to focus primarily on looks. Think about size and energy level first. Do you want an active dog that can accompany you on…

2 Happy New Year! Our Four Legged Friends Share Their Resolutions for 2013

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4 dogs sitting together

It’s that time again when our crazy owners make resolutions and promises to themselves and others about how to behave better in the New Year, and then celebrate excessively to cement the deal.  In an effort to get along and go along with those who feed us, pet us, walk us and forgive us over and over again, we pets will also do our best to be better in 2013!
Axel (Jennifer W.’s dog) – Tennis balls are for chewing not for eating.  When I eat them, they make me barf on the nice carpet.  Tennis ball vomit should not…

8 Better With Age: Scout’s Adoption Story


an adult dog and puppy napping side by side

There’s no denying that puppies are irresistibly cute. They’re small, rotund, furry, and adorably awkward. They even make cute sounds. But somewhere between puppyhood and adolescence, they begin to exhibit…behaviors. Sleep- depriving, property-damaging behaviors that make you question if all that cuteness is really worth it.
Case in point: Scout. Eight week old, female, black Labrador retriever mix.
I happened upon her in the grocery store parking lot of a rural mountain town, shivering in the back of a pickup truck. She and her siblings were being given away by breeders because they were supposed to be pure bred goldens.…

3 Celebrate Pit Bull Awareness with Hector and Wallace


wallace the pitbull

Anyone who’s met me (or my dog Rufus) knows that I am a huge fan of pit bull type dogs, and that I consider it a personal mission to dispel the myths about pit bulls.  So, I’m incredibly excited that Found Animals has the privilege of hosting two celebrity pit bulls in Los Angeles on October 30th.   The wonderful Roo and Clara Yori are trekking out west with their amazing dogs Wallace and Hector – and you are invited to meet them!
Wallace is a shelter pit bull who went on to become a disc dog champion and is the…

15 Six Tips for Safer, Happier Dog Walking

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3 dogs ready to go for a walk

This Guest Post was written by Jessica Dolce, an animal welfare advocate. She’s spent the past ten years walking dogs and working with shelter dogs in Philadelphia and Maine. Jessica blogs at notesfromadogwalker.com and can be found cheering people on over at the DINOS: Dogs in Need of Space Facebook page.
As a professional dog walker, I can’t say enough good things about walking your dog. It strengthens your bond, allows your dog’s world to expand (so much to sniff and pee on!) and provides both of you with exercise and fresh air. In honor of National Walk Your Dog…

2 Ask the Experts: Puppy Biting Problem


goldendoodle face close up

This question was submitted by one of our readers. If you have a pet care or pet behavior question, send it to Ask the Expert and we may feature it on The Water Bowl.

I found your website. I guess you could say I am searching for answers. I have a 8 month old goldendoodle. She was without litter mates. She was taken from her mother at 7 weeks. We bought her from a pet store that had her for 1 week prior to us buying her. She has always exhibited fear of everything around her. She has always…

12 Deaf Pet Awareness: Inspired by Nitro

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a group of boxer mixes sitting on the grass

We are excited to share a Guest Blog written By Chris Lee with Photos By Christina Lee from Deaf Dogs Rock for Deaf Pet Awareness week 2012.
Life takes wonderful and amazing turns. Just a year and half ago my wife Christina and I were like a majority of the population in that we really didn’t think about deaf dogs. It was not a positive or negative thing, just a simple lack of awareness. Then EVERYTHING changed when we adopted an 8 week old deaf boxer pup named Nitro from our local animal shelter.
Fast forward to the present and…

6 Dog Daycare: Cage or Cage-Free?

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This is a Guest Blog written by Katie O’Shaughnessy
Your pooch is precious, and, like the parent of a preschooler, you are determined to find the best facility in town! There is a great debate over which is the best type of dog daycare: cage or cage-free. I have worked in several canine daycare and boarding facilities throughout the Los Angeles area, both cage and cage-free.  I believe any form of supervised socialization can be beneficial to both the dog and the owner.
Oftentimes, the term “caged” is used to portray a crate or kennel as a form of punishment. …