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3 November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month


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A couple years ago I saw an interview on T.V. with a Northern California woman who had adopted a 15-year-old dog, and I’ll never forget the scene of her sitting in her living room with this old grey faced Labrador and her explaining how fulfilling it was to be providing a home to an animal in their “twilight years.” She talked about how seniors have nothing but love to give and at this stage in their lives; they are like little angels on earth. She declared that after her first senior, she would never go back and would only adopt…

Finding Your Soul Mate


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You first see him while out on a casual run. You notice his puppy-dog eyes, his athleticism, his playfulness, and just his enthusiasm for life.
You ran into him again while out for lunch in your neighborhood. You saw that he was with the same woman when you saw him during your run. You see that he is doting on her every move, making sure she was comfortable and protected, and shows his affection towards her by having eyes only for her.
You think to yourself, ”Where can I find someone like him?” and “How was she so lucky to…

A Dog Day Adoption Story


young girl with shepherd mix

National Dog Day is August 26. It’s a day for us to recognize and appreciate the influence of dogs in our lives from heroic service dogs to housedogs, and I can’t help but be grateful for how perfect my dog Winston is for me. He is the epitome of what I think a dog should be. He loves attention from other people, but I know he loves me the best, which makes me feel so special knowing I’m the most important person in the world to him. It’s adorable how he’ll stand close to me, just barely touching me and…

3 Small Dogs Totally Rock!

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2 papillions

Don’t get me wrong—I love all dogs.  Bernese Mountain Dogs that like to use my legs as a bridge to walk under, Salukis to prance gracefully, Mastiffs that help me clean off the kitchen counters, Great Danes to practice my horseback riding…  But my heart belongs to the little fluffies.

I get a lot of flak for having such small, delicate little ones (I’m the handmaiden to two gorgeous rescue Papillons)—people accuse me of having cats that walk on leashes, of having accessories that eat, of owning Gizmo.  (BTW, that’s not a compliment people—my dogs are insulted to be compared…

Adopt & Shop Grand Opening


Adopt & Shop ribbon cutting

Our Adopt & Shop Grand Opening this past Saturday, April 30th, was a huge success! With 16 animals finding their forever homes on Saturday, we brought our total adoptions to date to 44! It was a busy day, with many VIP (very important people AND pets) in attendance.
Diane DuBois, the Vice Mayor of Lakewood, visited to help celebrate the opening with an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and one of our very first adoptions (Violet, an adorable little pit bull puppy) came by Adopt & Shop to say, “Hi” and show us how big she was getting!

People from the…