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4 Return to Shelter – Chewie’s Story



Hi! My name is Chewie, and I would like to share how I came to find my forever home.
Last year, I was adopted by a family from the Adopt & Shop, who I lived with for only a few months. Sadly, they had to send me back but they said it would only be temporary. They promised to find me a good foster family until they could come get me again. So, off I went back to the Adopt and Shop. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be back on display to show off my cuteness. Instead,…

26 How Old is that Dog in the Window?


smoother inciser teeth

If you have decided to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or rescue GOOD FOR YOU! If you have already adopted or acquired your dog as a stray or from a friend THAT’S GREAT TOO!
Chances are, you know approximately your adopted dogs age based on what you were told when you got him, but it is often difficult for even a veterinarian to tell the exact age of your pup. We can make an educated guess based on a few factors like teeth and fur color. You know your dog better than anyone. Learn the canine signs of…

Happy Dogust 2012


Dogust header

It’s that time of year again! As you may or may not know, Dogust The First is a special holiday designated by the North Shore Animal League in 2008 as the universal birthday for shelter and rescue dogs with unknown dates of birth. Last Dogust we celebrated my friend’s new adopted dog Curtis’s birthday with homemade carrot cake. This year, our new Michelson Prize & Grants coordinator, Becky is in the process of adopting a dog, and she just so happens to be bringing him home on August 1st, so his “birthday” and gotcha day will be super easy to…

Happy Mutt’s Day!


dachsund mix

We don’t need to tell you how much we LOVE mutts!  With 25% of the dogs in animal shelters being purebred these days, we still get many, many amazing mutts coming through the Adopt & Shop doors, on their journey from animal shelter to new home. We would like to highlight our very favorite mutts on this Mutt’s Day. Today is a day where we celebrate their uniqueness and we thank the adopters who also saw how special and one of a kind they are.
Butterball! We were not surprised this little Dachshund mix didn’t last the weekend before being…

2 What Am I? DNA Testing for Mixed Breed Dogs

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“He is SO adorable!” you say to your husband as you pick up the scruffy little terrier mix you’ve been playing with in the “meet and greet” area at your local animal shelter, “and smart, too.” you say. You’ve come to add a furry member to your family, and judging by the agreement you see in your husband’s eyes, you think you’ve found just the right one.
“What breed do you suppose he is?” your other half queries.
“I don’t know.” You say as you hand the sweet little guy over to your honey. “It doesn’t matter.”
You might be…

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop


Thankful thursday header

This is the first time we’ve participated in a Thankful Thursday Blog Hop but it sounds like fun and we are thankful for so much so here goes…
We are thankful for all of the individuals who volunteer with us and donate their limited free time to help make a difference for these critters. Here are two volunteers trimming Lennon’s nails because he and his brother just got adopted!
We are thankful for every person that chooses to adopt a pet from their local animal shelter, rescue, adoption center or retail adoption store instead of buying online or from a…

Stinky Sweet St. Louise


white and brown english bulldog

I live with three other girls in a charming, small house located in the lovely South bay area of Los Angeles. I truly adore my roommates with the exception of one: Lulu. Lulu doesn’t pay rent, she leaves her things scattered about the house, she is entirely too clingy (just give me some space, Lulu!), she leaves her little hairs all over our beautiful hardwood floors, and she smells! Did I mention Lulu is an English Bulldog? Short for St. Louise, Lulu is my roommate Crystal’s dog.

I love dogs, pups, pooches, canines, and little buddies of all kinds, but…

3 Taking a Blind (and Deaf) Leap of Faith…



This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Thank you for saving a life & sharing your story with us! If you’d like to be a guest blogger on The Water Bowl, share your animal adoption story with us!
In August 2009, on old friend had posted that due to economic reasons she needed to re-home two of her Australian Shepherds (both are homozygous, double-merle, lethal whites): Lindsey and Honey. A few weeks later, as we were heading out to Las Vegas, NV, from Cerritos, CA (where I’m at), via Bullhead City, AZ (where she…

A Bear Called Brody


brown pitbull riding in the car looking out the window

This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. If you’d like to be a guest blogger on The Water Bowl, share your animal adoption story with us!
We fell in love with big headed bear! His name is Brody and everybody else loves him too…
Last November, volunteers at the Downey Animal Shelter posted pictures of Brody online with a young girl hugging him.  He was skin and bones with a gigantic head. After seeing that picture, we headed straight to the Downey Animal Shelter, we knew it was a high kill shelter and had…

Puppies & Poetry


puppies & poetry header

Today is National Puppy Day! Puppies are, in my opinion, the cutest creatures on the planet (baby sloths come in close second). They need to be so unbelievably cute to survive and often times that’s not enough. A puppy is full of that normal dog behavior we often confuse for bad dog behavior. Chewing, digging, barking and running around like a radical are all normal things puppies do. If puppies looked like guinea hens, we may not have so much patience (especially during the housebreaking process).
Every puppy grows up and grows old. Though it is difficult for anybody to…