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4 DIY Cat Toys


cat with toolbox

Earlier this week we posted a blog titled “The Indoor Cat Outdoor Cat Debate” written by our # 1 caretaker and adoption counselor at the Cat Adoption Center. It has lot’s of interesting information as well as tips on how to keep your indoor cat trim and happy. Being the artsy crafty type, I’m going to expand on the different types of toys, and share how you can save money by making your own cat toys.
I didn’t know very much about cats when I got my first kitten. What they like to do for “fun” is much different than…

The Indoor Cat Outdoor Cat Debate

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if i'm outsides i'm lost cat tag

It’s a debate as old as “What’s for Dinner”?  Should you let your cat go outdoors?  There are those pet owners that firmly believe in letting a cat fully experience its’ natural born behaviors such as climbing a tree, or chasing after birds. Opinions on this matter vary, but often include the notion that it is highly unfair to keep such a curious and free spirited cat confined only to the indoors. Then there are those pet owners who are fiercely adamant about keeping their cat indoor only.  There are good arguments for both sides, but after having worked in…

A Cool Kitty is a Collared Kitty


black cat with collar

Here at Found Animals we have a hankering for all things ID-related for pets. That’s because too many pets get lost without wearing a collar, pet ID tag or pet microchip. Unfortunately for our feline friends, this means that only 2% of cats entering a shelter are reunited with their owner. Should your kitty ever end up far from home and in an animal shelter, increase your chances of bringing kitty home by fitting her with a collar.
A collar for my cat, you say?
But of course!  Especially if your cat resides indoors, it is important to purchase a…

Kitten vs. Cat: The Eternal Debate


kittens in a cage

Let’s be real, no one can deny the irresistible pull of an adorable lil’ kitten. Cat lover or not, these teeny purring beasts have an inexplicable way of winning over everyone’s heart with their big round eyes, super sweet curious demeanor and fluffy as cotton-ball fur. It comes as no surprise then that more often than not it’s the shelter kittens that find their forever homes, while their adult counterparts dispiritedly look on. After all, they too get it: nothing tops the hilarity of a determined kitten chasing its very own tail! Sigh.

Alas, here you are inching your way…

2 Protect Your Pet This Flea Season!


yellow lab scratching with close up flea

Now that it’s officially Summer, the heat isn’t the only thing you need to protect your pets from. Flea and tick season has begun and we have some tips for finding the right protection at the best price.

  •  Pick a flea treatment that not only kills adult fleas, but also eggs and larvae – medications that contain S-methoprene causes fleas to lay sterile eggs by inhibiting the development of larval fleas.


  •   According to a Consumer Reports article, the patent for fipronil, one of the main active ingredients in a popular flea and tick medication, expired, creating an opportunity for

Litter Box Problems

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tabby cat in a litterbox

Some cats can be very finicky when it comes to litter boxes, so begin with an uncovered, clean litter box.  Be sure to clean the box daily and keep it stocked with enough litter for your cat to appropriately defecate and cover it with litter.  Once your cat is comfortable and using the litter box regularly, you can try other types of litter boxes, but keep an uncovered litter box available as an option for your cat just in case he is not accepting of the new type of litter box.  Cats can also be finicky when it comes to…