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3 The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams


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This Guest blog was written by Dr. Annette LePere, Medical Director at Rolling Hills Animal Hospital in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.
Every pet owner knows their cat’s or dog’s most coveted snacks, favorite window perches or places to go on walks. You even know which side of your bed they like to sleep on!  But as an owner, do you know when your pet’s kidneys start to slow down, or if their joints are really starting to ache because of hip dysplasia or knee pain?  This is why it is so important to schedule the time to have regular pet…

Diet: Feeding Your Feline

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Change Your Cat’s Diet Slowly
Most cats will adjust in time.  We suggest feeding your cat the same food that he was eating while at the shelter.  Changing a cat’s diet suddenly can result in loss of appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea.  If you want to change the type of food to something different, change his diet gradually after he has begun to eat regularly.  Begin by mixing in a small amount of your new food with the food your cat was eating at the shelter.  Each day, increase the amount of your new food and decrease the amount of shelter…

Feline Obesity: Is My Cat Overweight?

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Most of us have heard about the obesity epidemic in America, but did you know it’s not just people who are gaining an alarming amount of weight?  Recent studies show that between 40 – 50% of pet cats are overweight.  Just looking around at your cat and at your neighbor’s cats, you might come to believe the percentage is much higher than that.  Think of this, if your cat is “only” 3 pounds overweight, that would be like if you were 30 pounds overweight! Notice, there is no “only” before the 30 pounds, and the same is true of a…

Product Review: The FURminator


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Anyone who owns a pet should consider the purchase of a FURminator deShedding tool. It’s the first and only grooming tool that safely removes the undercoating of an animal and leaves the top coat undisturbed.  The result is a pet less likely to shed and the use of the tool can not only alleviate shedding, but help control hairballs, itching, allergies, and of course…hair on all your clothes and  furniture! I have used the same FURminator on both a Beagle and one of my newer kittens, and it removes a surprising amount of hair on both!
Using a FURminator is…

16 Cat Training 101: Basic Tips & Tricks


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This blog was co authored by Deva Content & Jennifer Sorensen
Jennifer’s friend just decided to adopt a puppy. When she went to meet the new dog, her friend lamented, “I just can’t decide which doggy kindergarten to send him to. Do you know of any of these?” and then splayed out three different brochures, all given to her by the adoption counselor.
That made us wonder, why didn’t we receive any information on “kitty-garten” when adopting our cats? The short answer, of course, is that there are very few people who make their living by training adult cats and…

2 Two Cats Are Better Than One… Really


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Have a cat, or thinking of adopting one? Believe it or not, you will save time and stress by doubling up and welcoming a second feline friend into your home. Trust me…I know from personal experience!
When I first visited the local animal shelter in search of the perfect pet, I knew exactly what I wanted: one cat. One perfect, sweet, adorable adult cat. (Senior animals are usually more mature, and often need less training than their puppy and kitten counterparts.) Fresh out of college and living in a small studio apartment, I figured I didn’t have time or space…

6 The Many Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat

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If you’re anything like me, you probably spend most of your day either at work, sitting in traffic, or running countless errands in between.  Often times the highlight of my day is opening my front door to be happily greeted by my 3 adult cats.  Yes, they’re probably hungry and have been expecting me for over an hour, but that’s beside the point…
While I am away at work, my adult cats generally stick to the same routine.  First, they sleep.  Second, they look for an open bag of chips or crackers that I forgot to put away and third,…

2 Pet Calming Techniques for the 4th of July



Independence Day is here again, bringing food, fun, and – of course – fireworks. This holiday tradition can terrify even the most patriotic pets, and many take the opportunity to celebrate their own independence… by running away! Area animal shelters see a drastic rise in pets picked up on that particular holiday, don’t let your dog or cat be one of them with these pet care tips!
This year, make your pets’ pad “the home of the brave” by readying them before the 4th.
The Pursuit of…Hiding Places?
Pets who scamper off during the holidays aren’t trying to leave you…

Pet Sitting Quick Tips

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Summer is officially here and it’s time to start thinking vacation.  Sunscreen – check, bathing suit – check, sunglasses – check, relaxing get away – check, someone to watch your beloved dog…uh oh.  Follow the simple steps below to make sure that while you are enjoying your 5-star vacation, your dog is enjoying his own 5-star staycation.

Pet Sitting Tips:

  • Give your pet sitter the name, number and address of your veterinarian.  Let your vet know that you will be out of town, for how long and who is pet sitting.
  • Create a list of any medications your pet is …
  • Shedding: A Season of Dread

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    As I walk the dimly lit hallway, I can just make out tiny black clouds swirling around my bare ankles.  I open the door and several small dervishes advance from a darkened corner.  I hear the light “tink-tink” of metal colliding like spare change and a slow ripple of air ascends, carrying on its current a dense mist of finely-barbed flotsam.   Through the dispersing miasma, a large black figure looms, slowly transforming from the horrific to the domestic.  It’s only Rex, my loyal Rottweiler/Shepherd mix.  He has just emerged from a long nap and refreshed himself by shaking every inch…