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Bringing Home Your New Kitten

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girl with kitten

Adopting a kitten is a happy and exciting time.  You’ve found the perfect little bundle of fluff and now you are preparing to bring him home.  Knowing what to expect from your kitten’s first days in your home will help you better prepare for his arrival, especially for the first-time cat parent.

Give Kitty Time to Adjust.
Once your new kitten is home, he may feel overwhelmed and scared, and he may try to hide under a bed where you can’t interact with him.  It’s best to start him off in a small room, such as a bathroom, where you…

Paws Come with Claws: Declawing Cats

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Many owners elect to declaw their cats so that the cat does not scratch furniture, other pets, children, or even the owners themselves.  Many people are under the impression that declawing is the equivalent to cutting our fingernails when, in fact, declawing involves the amputation of the last part of the cat’s toe.

Please review the following information if you are considering declawing:

  • The healing process can be very painful and can lead to long-term health issues.
  • Postoperative complications include hemorrhages, infections, and nail regrowth.
  • Declawing robs cats of their ability to climb and scratch (a method of marking territory),

3 Product Review: Yoga Cat Mat


Yoga Cat 5

Now I know what you’re thinking.  It’s probably the same thing I thought when I first saw the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat.  Cat’s don’t do yoga.  Their morning stretch does resemble downward facing dog, but that is about it.
However, when you look a little closer at the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat, you’ll see it is actually genius!  It is utilitarian in nature and that really appeals to me because I love it when one product has multiple uses!

Here is why I think the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat is a great item:
1. The texture is…

Introducing Your New Cat to Existing Pets

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cat meeting a dog

Cats are territorial by nature and stress very easily so introducing your new cat to other cats or dogs must be done carefully.  If introductions are done improperly, it can be traumatizing or potentially dangerous.  Follow these tips to introduce your new cat to your existing pets.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to read our article about the basics of bringing home your new cat. 
Keep your new cat separate from the other pets in a quiet, small to medium sized room for the first 7-10 days.
Allow the animals time to learn each others’ scents by:

Two Cats are Better Than One

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2 cats hugging

Myth : Cats are loners.
Fact : Cats are highly social creatures and are (usually) happiest when living with other cats.
Whether you are looking to adopt an adult cat or a kitten, adopting two at the same time is actually easier on you, as well as for the cats.  They will look out for each other, play together, and keep each other company when you are busy or away from home.

Adopting Two Will Be Better for You:

  • Emotional Well Being: Cats and kittens who are home alone all day can develop bad habits, largely out of boredom.  They

11 Cat Chat: Design with Your Cat in Mind


cat perching on a wall

Since cats are creatures of habit, their environment affects them on the deepest level.  I have watched enough episodes of “My Cat From Hell” (and lived it myself) to know that if you don’t create an environment that pleases them, there will be consequences!
Living in a small space with indoor cats requires a little more effort to keep everyone happy.  Last spring, I dedicated some time to making my place more cat friendly.  I hadn’t anticipated how much my interior design changes would affect them for the better!
“Cat-ifying” my apartment also helped reduce the habits that annoyed me. …

3 Does Spaying and Neutering Change My Pet’s Personality?


Does Spaying and Neutering Affect Personality?

Does Spaying and Neutering Really Change My Pet’s Personality and Behavior? Debunking Personality and Behavior Misconceptions of Spay and Neuter Surgeries
Last week we kicked off National Spay and Neuter Month by debunking cost misconceptions of spay and neuter surgeries. This week we continue to bust common myths by asking, does spaying and neutering change your pet’s personality and behavior?
The differences between personality and behavior are:

  • Personality is the overall emotional make up of your pet. Personality is largely influenced by genetics and socialization, nature and nurture.
  • Behaviors are usually born as a result of your pet’s personality in

12 Cat Chat: Feline Aggression


two cats grooming eachother

Cats are, by nature, territorial creatures. They thrive on having an everyday routine they can count on.
Sometimes seemingly insignificant things can disrupt the balance in the home and your sweet cats can turn on each other. Guests coming and going and furniture being rearranged can be enough to throw off the balance of the territory. Cats have scent glands in the corners of their mouths and when they rub against items in your home, they are marking that area as safe.  Cats can react to disruption of scents and routine with aggression.
This happened to me recently. I’d like…

8 10 Things to do for Your Newly Adopted Cat


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If you adopted a cat over the holidays or are thinking about bringing home a new feline friend (or two), that’s wonderful!
Nothing makes us happier than when an animal leaves the shelter to become a member of the family. In an effort to keep cats from being returned to the shelter, we put together a list of 10 things to help create a harmonious life with your new companion.
1.  Make the Commitment: A cat can live up to 20 years. Cats are more independent than dogs but they still need constant care including veterinary checkups, food and interaction.…

2 Happy New Year! Our Four Legged Friends Share Their Resolutions for 2013

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4 dogs sitting together

It’s that time again when our crazy owners make resolutions and promises to themselves and others about how to behave better in the New Year, and then celebrate excessively to cement the deal.  In an effort to get along and go along with those who feed us, pet us, walk us and forgive us over and over again, we pets will also do our best to be better in 2013!
Axel (Jennifer W.’s dog) – Tennis balls are for chewing not for eating.  When I eat them, they make me barf on the nice carpet.  Tennis ball vomit should not…