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Cats – The Real Underdog


calico in a cape

Hopefully you have heard that we recently kicked off our fantastic Cat Days of Summer campaign with the great news of our 500th cat adoption at the Cat Adoption Center.  This is an incredible accomplishment and we are very proud of the staff and volunteer team at our facility that work so hard every day for the kitties.  And we are very excited for 500th cat Oscar who got to go home with this bevy of beauties:

Unfortunately, even with amazing efforts like this, cats are still huge “underdogs” in our shelters and most cats are not as blessed as…

3 5 Things to Do When You Adopt a New Cat

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tabby kitten with ice cream cone

1.       Be Ready for Anything!
When adopting a new cat or kitten, you will most likely have a nervous kitty who needs some time to adjust to their new environment.  This could exhibit itself in the form of hiding under couches, in the closet, or under the bed.  It could also manifest itself into a kitten who is too anxious to sleep at night.  The best thing you can do is have patience and a plan, and in time kitty will have adjusted fully to its new forever home.
2.       Buy a Scratching Post.
If you haven’t already done so,…

Cat Days of Summer


black & white pitbull

Memorial Day has come and gone, and summer is now officially upon us, which means two things. One, I can officially change into my white collar, and two, the Cat Days of Summer has begun!
June 1st marks the start of this comprehensive and countywide feline focused initiative. Try saying that three times fast (with a mouth full of peanut butter-  don’t tell Aimee!).  Basically, this summer it’s all about the cats, and it’s about time! Yep, I’m finally coming clean- I love cats! I am a cat person. A cat person dog.  A cat dog, I guess.  And this…

5 Reasons to Adopt A Cat


Cat Adoption Center Logo

5.     Have you heard of the Cat Adoption Center? Located next to SEAACA in Downey, CA, the Cat Adoption Center specializes in adopting out – you guessed it – cats! Are you a cuddler or like to play a lot? Each of our adoption coordinators and animal volunteers are very familiar with all of the cats. They can help ensure you’re adopting a cat that will fit your personality and lifestyle. All cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped and ready to go home.
4.     It’s Kitten Season. Last week we blogged about how Kitten Season is in full bloom. If…

Smitten With Kittens


2 black kittens

Did you know Spring kicks off a phenomenon known as kitten season? That’s right, there is a season just for kittens and it is upon us!  What is kitten season, you ask? As winter draws to a close and the weather begins to warm, unaltered female cats go into heat. Sixty days later they begin giving birth to litters of kittens.

Many shelters become overwhelmed with unwanted kittens from March through October, so if you’re contemplating adopting a kitten, look no further than your local animal shelter.
5  facts about kittens:
·         Felines are considered kittens until they are 1…

Adopt & Shop Grand Opening


Adopt & Shop ribbon cutting

Our Adopt & Shop Grand Opening this past Saturday, April 30th, was a huge success! With 16 animals finding their forever homes on Saturday, we brought our total adoptions to date to 44! It was a busy day, with many VIP (very important people AND pets) in attendance.
Diane DuBois, the Vice Mayor of Lakewood, visited to help celebrate the opening with an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and one of our very first adoptions (Violet, an adorable little pit bull puppy) came by Adopt & Shop to say, “Hi” and show us how big she was getting!

People from the…