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6 The Little Kitties That Could: Stevie and Wonder



Update October 1st 2014: Stevie and Wonder were adopted last night and as the last pair of kittens to find homes on the final day of our #100KittyDays promotion, we could not be happier! These kittens are a fantastic representation of what can happen when everyone works together. We are so thankful to every member of the village who helped these two overcome the odds. Special thanks to their foster mom Lisa, Dr. Lukic who performed their surgeries and new adoptive mama Sumi!
Update September 24th 2014: Stevie and Wonder are officially available for adoption! Both kittens are fully healed…

4 Happy National Specially-Abled Pets Day!


max the spaniel chasing leaves

This blog was co-authored by Annie M. and Estelle W.
National Specially-Abled Pets day is observed every year on May 3rd and was founded in 2006 by Animal Behaviorist and Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige. The goal of this holiday is to celebrate the animals who amaze us with how they cope with challenges brought on by birth flaws, disease or injuries. National Specially-Abled Pets Day also encourages potential adopters to consider adopting a special needs pet.
If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that people are really inspired by these animals! Watching them flourish in the face of…

Happy 3rd Birthday Adopt & Shop Lakewood!



Adopt & Shop Lakewood celebrated their 3rd birthday on April 12th and, as we prepare to open the largest and grandest Adopt & Shop to date, we want to express our gratitude to the staff, volunteers, adopters, community supporters and our partner animal shelters, SEACCA, Long Beach Animal Care Services, Los Angeles Animal Services, and the County of Los Angeles Animal Care and Control, for making our little pet shop so successful!

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Adopt & Shop, it is a simple one.  Take the pet store model of yesteryear, but instead of selling puppies…

Introducing Your New Cat to Existing Pets

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cat meeting a dog

Cats are territorial by nature and stress very easily so introducing your new cat to other cats or dogs must be done carefully.  If introductions are done improperly, it can be traumatizing or potentially dangerous.  Follow these tips to introduce your new cat to your existing pets.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to read our article about the basics of bringing home your new cat. 
Keep your new cat separate from the other pets in a quiet, small to medium sized room for the first 7-10 days.
Allow the animals time to learn each others’ scents by:

The Cat Adoption Center Closes Its Doors


4 grey foster kittens

The Cat Adoption Center opened in April of 2010 as a small and humble grouping of modular trailers plopped on the parking lot outskirts of the SEACCA animal shelter.  Back then it was called the Mod Pawd, and it’s sole purpose was to help save cats and kittens from animal shelter euthanasia by pulling at-risk felines from an overwhelmed SEACCA.
In four years, the Cat Adoption Center adopted and transferred out over 2,353 cats and was also the hub of our kitten foster program, which saved over 500 neonatal kittens from euthanasia in this year alone.
Though it’s always sad…

How to Prepare for Your New Cat’s First Few Days

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tabby kitten on a pillow

Pick a small, quiet room for your cat to stay in for the first 7-14 days.
A bedroom is perfect.  Your cat has likely been living in a confined space while he has been at the animal shelter.  Opening up an entire home can be overwhelming to your new cat.  Some cats will adjust faster than others, so adjust to your cat’s temperament.  Do not be alarmed if the cat is less affectionate, eats and drinks less, hides, or even acts somewhat aggressive when you first bring him home – he is simply stressed.  Give him time to get used…

Two Cats are Better Than One

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2 cats hugging

Myth : Cats are loners.
Fact : Cats are highly social creatures and are (usually) happiest when living with other cats.
Whether you are looking to adopt an adult cat or a kitten, adopting two at the same time is actually easier on you, as well as for the cats.  They will look out for each other, play together, and keep each other company when you are busy or away from home.

Adopting Two Will Be Better for You:

  • Emotional Well Being: Cats and kittens who are home alone all day can develop bad habits, largely out of boredom.  They

5 Welcome to Camp Kitty!

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camp kitty postcard

The Kitten Nursery is in full swing this Summer and hosting dozens of kitty campers that need your help!

Every summer, thousands of unweaned kittens enter Los Angeles area animal shelters.  Due to shelter crowding, pet overpopulation and a real lack of resources to care for these orphaned kittens, animal shelters are often left with no other choice than to euthanize these tiny kittens.
Our Kitten Nursery targets kittens that would otherwise be euthanized at the shelter.  At the Kitten Foster Project, we select healthy, unweaned kittens and place them into temporary foster homes while they reach their minimum weight…

Bringing Shelter Pets to the People in Mission Viejo!


2 puppies in a window

Generations of children have gone googly-eyed for a puppy in the window at the mall pet store, often without realizing that the puppy was likely raised in less than humane conditions to be sold for an exorbitant price while equally adorable shelter pets were being euthanized across town.
The idea of adopting pets at retail locations has been around for quite a while, and dedicated retail adoption centers take things to the next step. It’s the perfect solution to the dilemma, you take the shelter pets to the people in a busy retail setting and capitalize on the fact that…

Pet Adoption Checklist for Dogs and Cats

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Pet Adoption Checklist for Dogs and Cats

Adopting a new pet is a very exciting event!  You’ll need to pick up a few supplies, so we created a pet adoption checklist to help you prepare your home prior to your new adopted dog or cat’s arrival.

New Dog Supplies Check List

  • Dog collar, leash, and identification tags
  • Nutritious dog food
  • Dog crate or carrier
  • Dog bed
  • Food and water bowls
  • Dog grooming tools (shampoo, brush and nail clippers)
  • Dog toys
  • Treats & chews

New Cat Supplies Check List

  • Litter box and cat litter
  • Cat collar and identification tags
  • Cat food (both wet and dry)
  • Food and water