The Little Kitties That Could: Stevie and Wonder

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Update October 1st 2014: Stevie and Wonder were adopted last night and as the last pair of kittens to find homes on the final day of our #100KittyDays promotion, we could not be happier! These kittens are a fantastic representation of what can happen when everyone works together. We are so thankful to every member of the village who helped these two overcome the odds. Special thanks to their foster mom Lisa, Dr. Lukic who performed their surgeries and new adoptive mama Sumi!

Stevie & Wonder adoption photo


Update September 24th 2014: Stevie and Wonder are officially available for adoption! Both kittens are fully healed from their surgery and are healthy and happy. Thanks to the loving care of their foster mom Lisa, these two have a second chance at a great life! You can meet them at Adopt & Shop located in Culver City, CA. In case you missed it, read their full story below.

2 kittens after eye surgery

Stevie and Wonder have been through so much we don’t want to separate them. These two are only available as a pair.

2 kittens after eye surgery

They are both very sweet!

Update September 2nd 2014: Both kittens made it through surgery and are healing well! Dr Lukic, the veterinarian who performed the surgery, believes that Wonder can sense light and dark, so only one of his eyes was removed.  Stevie, the little girl, can still see out of one eye so she also only needed one removed. This is great news and between the two of them, they have a complete set! Both kittens are as curious as ever and purring up a storm now that they are home with their foster mama. They have another visit scheduled in two weeks for suture removal and if all goes well, they will be available for adoption shortly after. More updates to come. In case you missed it, you can read their full story below. Thank you!

2 kittens after eye surgery

2 kittens after eye surgery

Update August 26th 2014: Stevie and Wonder are continuing to improve and they have their surgeries scheduled for tomorrow. Foster mom Lisa is curious to see what the vet says. Both of their eyes have improved so much we are hoping they do not need to be removed. Paws crossed these little warriors will get through it. We will post an update after surgery. You can read their full story below. Thank you!


Wonder – 8.26.14


Stevie – 8.26.14

A couple of weeks ago a friend of Found Animals found two tiny abandoned kittens. At first glance it was clear that both were suffering from severe eye infections that without treatment, had reached a critical point.

The kittens were brought to the Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles‘s Pico Rivera location, where Dr. Lukic examined them. The prognosis is good –  both kittens are going to live – but their eyes are too badly infected to be saved. The little boy, who is called Wonder, will lose both eyes. Stevie, the little girl, will definitely lose one, but she may be able to keep the other.


They are currently getting big and strong in foster care. They will stay with their foster mom until they are robust enough to go under anesthesia and have surgery. Their caretaker reports that they are both getting healthy, happy, eating and playing. The little girl kitten can see a bit better than her brother and he follows her lead. Both kittens are affectionate, enjoy pets, laps and can purr up a storm!

After surgery, the kittens will be up for adoption as a pair. With all they have been through and how much they rely on each other, we don’t want to separate them. These two will be “special needs” with impaired or no vision, but as we all know, animals with disabilities never let it get them down!

We will keep updating on the progress of these two. We are asking members of our village to share their information with anyone who may be interested in adopting them. Special needs animals have a harder time getting adopted but we just know there is someone special out there who can provide a great home. In return, you will get all the love these little furries have to give!

When they are ready, they will be up for adoption at Adopt & Shop Culver City. Follow Adopt & Shop on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date!

6 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I would consider adopting!

  2. Valerie says:

    Please consider adopting this pair of kittens. I adopted a completely blind kitten this year (Karter) and he truly is a wonderful and inspiring friend. I am in Canada or I would take them!

  3. Gina says:

    There is a place in Tustin called eye care for animals and the doctor is amazing.
    Dr Esson is a miracle worker and saved my feral cats eyes when they had ruptured and were literally hanging out of her head.
    I know they are rescues and he is very expensive but I know he does volunteer work.
    You could atleast ask I would bet my life he could save the eyes.
    949 733-8271
    3025 edinger ave Tustin Ca

    Hope this helps
    Gina Rogers

    • Annie M says:

      Thanks for the recommendation Gina! I will forward this on to their Foster Mom.

    • Mollie says:

      Good news! hope this doctor can save some of their sight!!

    • Sara says:

      Dr. Esson also took out one of our rescues kitten eyes. When Megan’s eye open for the first time you could see it was bad. Dr. Esson and the great group took her eye out at 6 months of age. And a few years later another kitten we had named Esther as a kitten had to have her eye removed quickly.
      I bet Stevie and Wonder had really good care.