Socialize Your Dog at Adopt & Shop’s Pack Play

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socialize your dog pack play culver city

Written by Chelsea B., Dog Trainer at Adopt & Shop

We all want our dogs to be able to socialize in a fun, positive way. Dog parks can vary greatly on the socialization a dog gets based on the time of day, the pet parents’ attentiveness, the dogs within the park, and even the weather. That’s why Adopt & Shop developed “Pack Play.” Pack Play is a great way to socialize your dog in a positive way while learning about your dog’s body language, play styles and how to encourage positive interactions. Pack play is supervised by a trainer and attended by both you and your dog.

Pack Play helps socialize your dog safely with other dogs.

Before Pack Play begins, every dog is tested to ensure they will be a good fit. This means that even if they don’t have the best manners, they are still social with other dogs. They might bark when they play, jump on other dogs, nip when they chase, or they may play perfectly with other pups. Whatever their play style might be, we find out what it is in order to ensure that each dog has a safe and positive Pack Play experience.

After the dog is evaluated for temperament, each owner begins walking with his or her dog. We all move with our dogs on leash until all dogs are walking and comfortable. Then, all dogs are let off leash at the same time. Letting them all go at the same time alleviates the stress that many dogs feel when they are surrounded by, or bombarded by, several dogs at a time (like at dog park when loose dogs rush the gate).

Pack Play teaches you how to read social cues between dogs.

Once the dogs are off leash, our trainer will point out body language and play signals of each dog, and explain them to you as they occur. The goal is for you as a pet parent to be comfortable and confident in allowing your dog to play, and for your dog to be a calm, positive play partner for other dogs.

Pet parents who participate in Pack Play with their dogs have a great time playing and watching their dog have fun. They also come away with more complete knowledge of their dog’s behavior and social cues, which makes them more confident in their day-to-day interactions with their dog, as well as other dogs they encounter.

Want to experience Pack Play for yourself?  Stop by Adopt & Shop in Culver City and check it out!

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