Take an RV Vacation with Your Dog

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This Guest Post is authored by Joe Laing, Marketing Director for El Monte, RV.

Thinking about a weekend getaway for upcoming Labor Day? How about an RV adventure with your dog?

Bringing your pet along with you on a vacation is a great experience. Sharing your adventures with your special family member is something that makes a getaway more than just a road trip. It helps make memories and bond the family closer. Add in the excitement of traveling in an RV and you really have a vacation to look forward to!

More than half of those who travel in an RV bring along their pets, as it is an easy way to travel with these smaller creatures. RV vacations avoid all the hassles of finding accommodations that take pets. Many RV campgrounds have no problems with pets and some even provide special facilities for pet owners.

Dog in an RV --- Image by © Walter Lockwood/Corbis

Image by Walter Lockwood/Corbis

Renting an RV is simple. Usually the driver must be at least 21 years of age. In some locations the requirement is that he or she is 25. The person renting an RV must have adequate identification, a major credit card with a sufficient credit line and a valid driver’s license. Insurance must be provided by the renter or purchased at the time of rental. That is really about it. Simple! And you and your pet are on your way!

With the price of gas these days, you may think it would be expensive driving an RV around the countryside. However, when you compare the prices to booking motels or hotels, airfare and eating out, you will find that an RV vacation is extremely affordable and perhaps the least expensive way to travel with the family. One study done which compared the costs of vacations found that RV family vacations were about 27 to 61 percent less expensive than other vacations. So there you go! Plan away for the best summer vacation yet with your pet!

When taking your dog or cat or other furry critter on vacation with you, you will find plenty of RV parks willing to accommodate your little friend. Look for campgrounds which have full hookups and have a notice they take pets. Some will have a dog park as well. The Good Sam RV Travel Guide will give a list of many RV parks at or near your destination where you can check for pet-friendly sites. You should look for an icon or description that pets are welcome and be sure to check if there are size and breed restrictions. You may need to call to see if there is an additional fee for your dog.

It is a good idea to take your dog to the veterinarian before embarking on your RV journey. You can get something from him if your dog tends to get motion sickness and you can ensure your pet is healthy for the trip. Once you get your RV motorhome, you can take a couple of short drives across town to help your pet become accustomed to riding in the vehicle. Let him explore the space and get used to it. Placing some of his toys around will help. Some travelers prefer to place their pet in a carrier within the RV so they don’t crawl on you while you are driving. This all depends on your pet and how he or she will react.

When you actually get rolling in your RV it is wise to stop every two or three hours. Your dog will get a chance to get a little exercise and do his duty. Give him plenty of cool water to drink and this is a great opportunity to take some play time with your doggie.

2 dogs running on a path through the woods

Enough with all the tips for traveling with your pet in an RV! Where do you want to go this summer? Pet-friendly parks are numerous and you can always search online for various destinations that look inviting. Each state or national park or historic site’s website will normally list their pet policies. National parks have been notorious for not being pet-friendly. However there are some that you can really enjoy with your pet.

On the East Coast, the best parks to visit are Acadia National Park in Maine and Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. In Acadia you can take your pooch on virtually every trail and carriage road. In Shenandoah, doggies are very welcome and there are no limit to the trails on which you can take your dog in the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the west, both Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Yosemite National Park in California are known as very pet-friendly destinations.

There is nothing quite like enjoying a vacation with your pet. And to travel on an inexpensive family vacation when taking an RV, you’ll discover the world opens up with possibilities this summer.

About the Author

Joe Laing is the Marketing Director for El Monte RV, your nationwide source for RV rentals. El Monte RV also sells used motorhomes through eight different locations across the United States. Visit our website for information on purchasing a used motorhome.


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