Product Review: Yoga Cat Mat

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Now I know what you’re thinking.  It’s probably the same thing I thought when I first saw the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat.  Cat’s don’t do yoga.  Their morning stretch does resemble downward facing dog, but that is about it.

However, when you look a little closer at the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat, you’ll see it is actually genius!  It is utilitarian in nature and that really appeals to me because I love it when one product has multiple uses!


Here is why I think the Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat is a great item:

1. The texture is irresistible to (most) cats.  Cats are total weirdos when it comes to textures.  I keep my own expensive (human) yoga mat in the trunk of my car because my cats just love scratching on that fluffy, spongy surface.  This yoga mat is great for scratching, lounging and rolling around on.

2. It keeps catnip from getting everywhere.  If your cat likes to get high on the nip (nothing wrong with that, catnip is non habit-forming) you can sprinkle some on the cat mat and just shake it out when your cat is done with it.

Single Cat on Yoga Mat

3. It can go where they go.  You can unroll this mat and line a carrier or crate.  If your cat gets carsick, put this mat on the bottom of the carrier and if your cat vomits (or other) you can just hose it off.  This is great for cat owners who prefer a soft carrier which are much harder (and sometimes impossible) to clean.

4. It has a long piece of sisal with a twine ball attached.  Sisal is a type of rope or twine that is also irresistible to (most) cats.  They love batting it around and hooking their claws into it.  Sisal is the most used material for cat scratchers and they just love it.  The twine ball is great for multiple cats because they can play with it together.

5. It’s not too shabby.  Sometimes necessary cat gear can be unattractive and a bit dominant in a small space.  The Feline Yogi Yoga Cat Mat takes up very little room and is not a total eyesore like perhaps that shredded up, fur-coated cat tree in the center of your studio apartment is.

Yoga Cat 4

Lastly, the Yoga Cat Mat is handcrafted right here in Los Angeles, California.  We have olive green, slate blue, purple, and red available in our new online shop  For every item purchased, a portion of sales are donated to programs that support shelter pets!

Have you seen this Cat Yoga Mat? What do you think? Share your thought in the comments section below.

3 Responses

  1. Charlote F. says:

    The Yoga Cat Mat is cool place to lounge, place catnip or treats on without messing up carpets and can be an easy to clean feeding station. I just wanna say that use the mat for vet visits. Pets hate the cold, hard slippery surface of a stainless steel. So always offer them the cat mat only.

  2. Sue says:

    How does the cat yoga mat differ from the human version, other than size and the sisal rope and twine ball?

    • Annie M says:

      Hi Sue, It may differ from lower quality human yoga mats that use industrial chemicals in construction, but basically it is the same thing, just smaller and the twine ball has a catnip center. Thanks for stopping by!