Product Review: Eco Dog Toys

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To help kick off the opening of Michelson Found Animal’s new e-commerce site,, I was asked to review a few items carried in our online store.  Assisting me in this task were some of the most discriminating critics I know – my lab, Scout; my lab, Boo Boo; and my parents’ Border Collie mix, Bonnie.  These three fun-loving ladies were more than eager to get their paws on some new swag for the cause.

The first item I introduced to Scout and Boo Boo was the Bumi.  It retails at $15.99 for large and $12.99 for small.

BUMI Here is the description from the Adopt & Shop website:

The Orange Būmi® Dog Toy adds a fun twist to fetch and tug-o-war with an innovative “S” shape that flexes out to twice its length.  In addition to helping dogs get a great work out, this floatable toy exercises your dog’s sense of fun — making it a great companion for any trip to the yard, park or water.  Būmi’s design makes the toy fly far and is easy for dogs to carry in their mouths.

  • Brand: West Paw Design
  • Available in 2 sizes:  Small – 8.25″, Large – 9.5″
  • Made with buoyant Zogoflex material
  • Stretches 20 inches
  • Floating dog toy – Not a chew toy
  • 100% recyclable
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Non-toxic and dishwasher safe
black dog with the Bumi

I think it’s fair to say that Scout was “intrigued.”

Scout and Boo Boo were immediately interested in this, perhaps because of its unique “S” shape.   As soon as I removed the packaging, Scout grabbed it and took off with Boo Boo on her heels.  They are old hands at tug-of-war (it’s one of their faves) and each grabbed an end and commenced tugging.

The toy stretched as promised, and returned to its original size and shape when they were done with their game.  It definitely passes the durability test and I can see them playing with it for years to come.  A huge plus in my book is that it is dishwasher safe, so when it gets to that grungy point that all dog toys get to, I can simply throw it in the dishwasher and it will be as good as new.

Scout and Boo Boo’s grade:  A (only a squirrel could distract them now)

Dog Mom’s Grade:  A (beautiful in its simplicity)

The next item up for review is the Furchun Cookie, tested by Bonnie. It retails at $11.99 for large and $7.99 for small.

Furchun dog toy

This is a treat toy.  You can’t tell from the picture, but the toy is hollow and made of soft, natural rubber.

Here is the description from our website:

Stuff Petprojekt’s Furchun™ (fortune) Cookie Dog Toy with treats, pastes or peanut butter! Great for fetch! Great for training! Made of 100% Natural Rubber.

  • Brand: petprojekt
  • Available in 2 sizes: Small – 2.375″H x 2.5″W x 1.5″D  Large – 3.5″H x 3.5″W x 2″D
  • Available in 3 colors: Blue, Green, and Pink
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Stuff with treats

I put some bits of dog biscuit inside and gave it to Bonnie.  She sniffed it, but didn’t seem too interested.  I threw it across the room.  She ran over to it, sniffed it again, and then jumped up on the couch next to me to cuddle.

mcnabb collie mix

I’m a lover not a fetcher.

Dogs all have their own personalities. This may not be the right toy for Bonnie, whether it’s because she is not sufficiently food-motivated, or for other reasons, but I think this is still a good toy, so I decide to get a second opinion from my German Shepherd, Big Duke.  No one has ever accused him of not being food-motivated.

petprojekt Furchun

Gotta’ risk it for the biscuit.

As I thought, Big Duke was very interested in this toy, and seemed to enjoy gumming the soft, natural rubber on his way to the jackpot filling of dog treats.  He worked on this for quite a while and I didn’t have to worry about him absorbing any nasty chemicals, as the Furchun is non-toxic.  And although the description doesn’t specify, I think this could also be put in the dishwasher.  I also love the bright color selection – it comes in bright neon green, bright blue and pink!  Overall, I would buy this again – for a food-motivated dog.

Bonnie’s grade:  C (meh)

Big Duke’s grade:  A (yum!)

Dog Mom’s grade: A (for the right dog)

Check out our website,, for these, and other great items for your pet.  And remember, a portion of every purchase goes back to programs that directly support animals in need.

Do you have recommendations for toys that pass muster with both you and your dog?  Tell us!