Microchip Monday: The Amazing Microchip Migration Race

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As many of you know, I recently had my cat microchipped twice.  Putting multiple microchips into your pet isn’t generally something we advocate, but poor Pumpkin had a bad case of the microchip migration blues (for those who missed the re-microchipping blog; To Re-Chip, or Not to Re-Chip? her first chip is vacationing down in her elbow).

This got me wondering – how many pets’ microchips really migrate? The AVMA and BSAVA report that pet microchip migration occurs only in a tiny minority of cases.  I wanted to see for myself.  So, we launched an in-office scanning competition to see how many of our Found Animals pets had experienced chip movement.

 Found Animals Registry presents

The Amazing Microchip Migration Race

May the farthest-migrated chip win!

Contest Rules:

  1. Judges must use a universal microchip scanner to evaluate contestants.
  2. Humans may not intentionally microchip their pets in the wrong place. (Obviously…)
  3. Migration will be measured as a percentage of body length.
  4. Microchips that are easily scanned between the shoulder blades will be marked as “no migration.”
  5. No extra points will be awarded to pets for cuteness while scanning.

The results are in.  See how your favorite Found Animals pets stack up:

microchip migration infographic

…well, that was anti-climactic.  The veterinary research holds true: microchip migration in pets is extremely rare.  Bad news for our race; good news for getting pets home safely.  Here’s some winning advice: race to your local shelter or clinic and microchip your pet today!  No matter what brand of microchip you get, you can register it for free in the Found Animals Registry.

If your four-legged child is already microchipped, be sure to have your vet scan that chip at least once a year, and check the registry database to make sure your contact info is correct.  Although migration is rare, pets with unregistered and out-of-date chips wind up in shelters every day.  1 in 3 pets wind up lost.  Every lost pet deserves to be found.