Service Dog of the Day: Stormy


service dog stormy

Meet Stormy.  This 4 year old black lab was a bomb dog with the 1st Battalion, 8th Marines stationed in Afghanistan.  Highly trained to sniff out improvised explosive devices, during one foot patrol in the mountains of Helmand Province, Stormy located five roadside bombs, saving both soldiers and civilians from injury and death.
Josh Miller, who served in Stormy’s unit, said this about Stormy:  “He was a great dog, not only because he could find IEDs, but also because of his personality and his companionship.  You’d go out on patrol and get shot at for three hours, then you’d come…

Service Dog of the Day: Wink


Photo courtesy of Tonya Murray

I think this story is a perfect example that when it comes to dogs; if you can dream it, they can do it.
Wink is a 2-year-old black Lab/Golden Retriever mix who is classically trained as a service animal with extra training to help her in criminal investigations, specifically involving children. She is currently based at the Uintah and Daggett County Children’s Justice Center where administrators use her to help children feel comfortable when discussing difficult, crime-related topics.
Out of 20 Children’s Justice Center (CJC) locations in Utah, the Uintah and Daggett County facility are the only two utilizing these…

Service Dog of the Day: Shelby


Photo Courtesy of

In March 2008, an Arizona blogger, who goes by the name “Zipperhead,” visited her local animal shelter and laid eyes on an underweight, skittish and obviously abused Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.  The connection was instant and her family adopted the little brown dog, naming her Shelby.
At the time, Zipperhead had been struggling with a brain condition called Chiari Malformation (CM). CM’s are structural defects in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance. Her condition was further complicated with an associated neurological disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.  EDS is a group of inherited disorders that affects connective tissues —…

8 Ways to Work Like a Dog Today


black miniature poodle

August 5th is National “Work Like a Dog” Day, so in honor of this prestigious holiday, we thought we’d share some friendly tips on how you can work like a dog and maintain a healthy, balanced life.
1. Be Energetic. Dogs have a lot of energy because they also get a lot of sleep. To ensure you feel well rested and energized throughout the day, get a good night’s sleep the night before with a doctor recommended 7-8 hours.

2. Be active. Dogs love to explore the great outdoors and expel their energy being active. If you’re short on time, …

96 Fake Service Dogs: Harming the Reputation of Real Service Dogs


working dog

August 3-9 is National Assistance Dog Week – a week set aside to honor the over 20,000 dogs nationwide who help their humans overcome disabilities by working as Guide, Hearing and Service Dogs.  These dogs are specially trained, sometimes from birth, to help people navigate specific issues such as blindness, deafness, paralysis, epilepsy, and PTSD, to name a few.  The people who rely on these dogs on a daily basis often say that without them, they would not be able to function.  But for the past several years a disturbing trend has taken root that threatens these dogs and their…

Adopt & Shop Pups Celebrate Dogust the First!


chihuahua eating cake

It’s that time of year again! Dogust the 1st, celebrated every August 1st, is the universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs with unknown dates of birth. Last year, our volunteers surprised our adoptable dogs at Adopt & Shop with some special treats and they loved it so much, we did the same this year for our Lakewood and Culver City pups.
Thanks to Daisy with Lucky Dog Bakery for baking these adorable mini birthday cakes!
Looking for something special to spoil your adopted pup with this dogust? Try our homemade dog cake or pupsicle recipes.…

Happy Mutt’s Day!


white and grey mixed breed dog

National Mutt Day is one of our favorite pet holidays around here because it gives us an extra excuse to talk about the magnificent mixed breed dog! It is estimated that 25% of dogs that enter shelters annually are purebreds and the rest mixed, which equals millions of mutts that need us humans to step up and say, “I don’t know what you are exactly, but I love ya, so I don’t care.”
National Mutt Day was created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige to “raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs…

25 Microchip Monday: The Case of the Missed Microchip


young woman scanning dog for a microchip

We’ve all heard stories of pets mistakenly euthanized due to microchip mishaps. Playing up the emotional strife owners experience when their beloved pets are lost, many articles miss the core questions: what went wrong, and how can we prevent it from happening again? We need to get these pets home safely!
It’s common to blame chips “malfunctioning,” or migrating, but microchip failure and microchip migration are rarely, if ever, the true culprits. For a microchipped pet to make it home, the whole system has to work in harmony, and the chip hardware is the element that quite literally doesn’t have…

Kitten Foster Friday: Ser Pounce’s Story


cat and dog napping together

This isn’t your typical “foster fail” story.  We weren’t even fostering Ser Pounce (initially named Indiana Jones).  We just agreed to watch him for the weekend while his foster was out of town.
Let’s start at the beginning of this love story. Once upon a time, I met Riley.  It was love at first sight.
It was love at first name with Ser Pounce.   We actually named him before he existed.   We were watching an episode of “Game of Thrones” (*spoiler alert)… the young king Tommen was speaking with Margaery and she asked the name of his cat.  “Ser Pounce!”,…

19 Microchip Monday: Match Me If You Can


grey tabby cats

“My pets never leave my side.” “The neighbors all know Fido.” “Whiskers is indoor-only.” These are a few common reasons we hear from pet owners who don’t think microchipping is important.
Many owners believe that their pets are so popular, everyone in town would recognize them and bring them home, making ID tags and microchips unnecessary. However, many municipal shelters serve thousands of animals each year. The odds that local animal care professionals know every lab or tabby cat by sight are pretty slim… even if yours is the cutest.
Lost pets may also look different than they do at…