Adopt & Shop Grand Opening


Adopt & Shop ribbon cutting

Our Adopt & Shop Grand Opening this past Saturday, April 30th, was a huge success! With 16 animals finding their forever homes on Saturday, we brought our total adoptions to date to 44! It was a busy day, with many VIP (very important people AND pets) in attendance.
Diane DuBois, the Vice Mayor of Lakewood, visited to help celebrate the opening with an official ribbon cutting ceremony, and one of our very first adoptions (Violet, an adorable little pit bull puppy) came by Adopt & Shop to say, “Hi” and show us how big she was getting!

People from the…

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My ID Tags


black & white pitbull

10.  You can hear me comin’. Nothing excites me more than to walk into a room and have heads turn, and the soft chime of those tags dancing together on my collar gives me that certain je ne sais quoi when I make my entrance.
9.  Who you gonna call… Ghostbusters! No, Aimee Gilbreath! If you find me, just take one peek at the silver tag on my collar, and you’ll know exactly who to call.
8.  ID tags are for everyone. Some people think only us dogs need to wear tags, but don’t forget about the felines. 1 in…

Adopt & Shop Opens This Saturday!


Adopt & Shop exterior signage

Well, it’s finally here… This weekend- Saturday, April 30th to be exact- It’s the Grand Opening of Adopt & Shop! I know if you’re anything like me, you’ve been counting down the days until this innovative retail adoption center opens it’s doors.  I was able to take a sneak peek at the store a couple of weeks ago, so rather than telling you about the store, this time I want to show you the store. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here it goes!
Frogs and elephants and bears, oh my!

Resting up for the…

Nobunny Wants a Homeless Rabbit


2 fluffy bunnies

So  I’m sure you all remember from my last post, that I. Love. Bunnies. So as Easter approaches, I feel it’s my duty as a goodwill rabbit ambassador (self-given title) to shed a little sunlight onto the plight of the Easter Bunny; and to remind you that buying a rabbit just because they will look adorable hopping around your yard during an Easter egg hunt, is not a good idea.  I’m not saying that rabbits don’t make great pets- they make amazing pets! But people tend to get so caught up this time of year in that soft fur and…

10 Pet ID Month: Microchips


Woman and Lab Puppy for Registy

As Aimee mentioned in “Would your pet make it home?,” April is Pet ID month. Along with pet ID tags and licensing, microchips are a big part of properly identifying your pet and increasing the chances that they can return home if they ever leave your side.
A microchip is a tiny transponder device, about the size of a grain of rice, that is usually implanted with a syringe between a dog or cat’s shoulder blades. Each microchip is programmed with a unique identifying number that can be read using a microchip scanner. Your pet’s unique chip number is then…

Feral Cat Caretaking Workshops

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Feral Cats

On Sunday, May 22nd, Found Animals Foundation will partner with the Feral Cat Caretakers Coalition to host the first in a series of one-day Feral Cat Caretaking workshops.  Designed to address the needs of novice and expert caretakers alike, the workshop will address a broad range of topics, including: trapping, spay & neuter resources, boarding & aftercare, relationship-building, colony management, and everyone’s favorite – KITTENS!
Despite the fact that feral cat populations are difficult to quantify, most estimates indicate that the City of Los Angeles is home to more than 1 million feral cats.  That’s at least one cat for…

A Sneak Sniff of Adopt & Shop!


adopt & shop exterior signage

Starting today Adopt & Shop, our first-ever retail adoption center, is unlocking its doors and letting you take a sniff around! I was lucky enough to take a cruise down to Lakewood with Executive Director Aimee Gilbreath and get my little paws inside to see this new, innovative store in person- I mean, in dog.  And let me tell you, I don’t think my tail has wagged this much since… yesterday when Aimee gave me a Kong filled with peanut butter, or this morning when I saw our neighbor the poodle, or this afternoon when I stumbled upon a fire…

Does Your Pet Make You LOL?


2 kittens in a car

If your pets are anything like our pets then the answer is certainly yes! The office pets at Found Animals get us giggling on practically a daily basis with their antics and expressions.  And sometimes we even manage to capture the moment in a picture. In honor of the prankster and fool in all of our pets – and the genius that is LOLCats – we are hosting an LOLPets Photo Contest in April. If your pet gets  the biggest guffaws, you will win a $200 shopping spree in the Found Animals Amazon Store.
Here is how it works
·        …

Would Your Pet Make It Home?


black & white dog with tag

With “Tag Day” falling on April 2 and National Pet ID Week starting April 18th the team at Found Animals has declared that all of April is Pet ID Month. We’ll be featuring a series of posts this month on the importance  of pet identification and the three forms of ID that we recommend for every pet.
Proper identification is the best (and often only) way to ensure that your beloved pet finds their way home should they ever become lost or separated from you.  And you, like most pet owners, probably already know that.  Why then are the statistics…

Beat the Heat – Spay or Neuter Your Pet Now!

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orange kitten in sunglasses

All over the country Springtime is just around the corner, and with it the annual flood of baby animals – especially kittens – that crowd our shelter system and overwhelm available resources.  That’s why now is the perfect time to spay or neuter pets and “Beat the Heat”.
As temperatures warm up and days become longer the “call of nature” beckons to our cats and dogs.  Females go into heat, males find them irresistible, and the next thing you know there are puppies and kittens!  While they may be cute, they are also a lot of work and expense to…