3 When Your Dog is No Longer the ONLY Baby in Your Family


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Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most amazing, exciting, and overwhelming experiences in life.  What if the baby doesn’t like me? How in the world will I ever decide which car seat to buy?  PLEASE don’t let my baby inherit his father’s GIGANTIC head!  As a first-time mom, these are just 3 of the 10,000 concerns that have come to my mind today. In the past ten minutes.
As a dog owner, you’ve probably wondered how to introduce your new bundle of joy to your current child–your dog.  Follow these simple tips for introducing your dog to a…

Solving Barking Problems

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If your dog has a barking problem, it can be a very stressful situation for both you and your neighbors.  First and foremost, you will need to determine what is causing your dog’s behavior.  This may prove to be more difficult if your dog is barking when you are not home.  If this is the case, ask the neighbors if they notice any probable causes, or even consider setting up a camera (video or webcam) so that you can view the situation yourself.  The solution to your dog’s barking problem will depend on the cause of his barking.

Social Isolation…

Stargazing Dog – A Book For Any and Every Pet Person


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This may be the saddest book you’ve ever read, but I guarantee that you’ll be happy you did.

One of the best-selling graphic novels in Japan, Takashi Murakami’s Stargazing Dog has already won the hearts of over 600,000 readers and has been adapted to a live-action film. This book would be great for anyone, ranging from the die-hard animal lover to someone considering their first pet.
It was the “stargazing” face that first attracted me to this book. The cover depicts the cutest little puppy in a bright sea of sunflowers. The term “stargazing dog” is meant to describe that…

Cheers to a Happy, Healthy New Year!


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We hope you and your critters had a wonderful holiday!  It’s the New Year and while I don’t personally make resolutions, I know  a big one is always health and exercise! Here in L.A., January is the time of year that the gyms overflow with resoluters, sweating away the afternoon on the treadmill or spinning or doing yoga and that’s great! However, by April all those best intentions fizzle away (unless you REALLY love the gym).
I know we are a weight conscious city here, but maybe for 2012 we could put more emphasis on incorporating exercise into our everyday…

A Dog Named Bear


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This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.
For years my doctor has been telling me that I need to walk daily to lower my blood pressure and lose weight. No matter how many promises I made to myself I could not bring my feet to the sidewalk (or the treadmill) on a regular basis. I’m a self-employed single mother with two teens and did not think that my life had any room in it for anything or anyone else. So when my daughter, Hannah, who was 11 years old…

3 Record Breaking Holiday Pet Adoptions Thanks to Whisker Wonderland


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Los Angeles pet lovers came out in full force over the weekend to bring holiday cheer to homeless shelter pets, with record breaking results.  A total of 511 animals found new homes during our Whisker Wonderland 2011 adopt-a-thon!  That beats the previous record and makes this our largest single day pet adoption event ever – and we couldn’t be more excited!

This smashing success was made possible by all of the amazing shelter staff and animal volunteers on duty at 17 different adoption locations that spanned the county – from San Pedro in the south to Lancaster in the north…

Whisker Wonderland is Saturday!


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It’s almost that time of year again…no I’m not talking about Christmas…I’m talking about our annual Winter Pet Adoption event! Every year, in the Spring and Winter, we hold the largest single day of pet adoptions in Los Angeles, and this year we have high hopes for Whisker Wonderland (how could you not with an awesome name like that?).
Whisker Wonderland is this Saturday and is happening at 17 animal shelter locations all over Los Angeles including our Adopt & Shop and Cat Adoption Center. The shelters will open their doors at 10am and we will be matchmaking adoptable animals…

22 Super Pet Lovers Holiday Gift Guide


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By: Jade L. & Annie M.
With the Holidays just around the corner, We’ve been scrambling around trying to think of easy and quick gift ideas that still hold special meaning. Sound familiar? We put together this Pet Lovers Holiday Gift Guide, which lists some great gift ideas for pets, pet lovers and pet owners. Ranging from simple to mildly extravagant, functional, useful and just for fun!
The Rolls Royce of Carriers: The Sleepypod
The first time I saw a Sleepypod I thought, that’s the coolest carrier I’ve ever seen. My co-worker had taken my wee fosters for the…

What Would You Do With $15,000?

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By: Katy P. and David R.
The Michelson Graduate Student Challenge is the newest initiative of Found Animals Foundation’s Michelson Prize & Grants program, which strives to find a permanent non surgical sterilization method for dogs and cats. Graduate students in scientific disciplines throughout the US will compete for three $15,000 science prizes by submitting research proposals for development of a non-surgical sterilant for cats and dogs. The three graduate student winners of the challenge then will have the opportunity to apply for a research grant to pursue their project with a faculty advisor, but the $15,000 cash is theirs…

4 From Shelter Volunteer to Shelter Mom


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This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.

I began volunteering at the local shelter closest to my home. I sadly lost my childhood dog   after 13 years and decided to take a short break from visiting the shelter.  I started back full force because I really missed my shelter pups. I came into volunteer and there were a few dogs on separate occasions that I wanted to take home. Luckily, every time I came back they were adopted out or getting adopted by other people. I was about to…