3 The Tiniest Kitten Grows Up


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Approximately three months ago I had the opportunity to adopt a kitten that was 1 week old and found in a shoebox in some bushes by a friend who rescued him. The time since caring for him and raising him has been an extremely fun and rewarding experience, and he’s the apple of my girlfriend and my eye! Raising a pet from such an early age and having to bottle feed have definitely brought out my “Fatherly” instincts! I am extremely emotionally attached to Greywind and feel a sense of pride watching him grow up and love watching him experience…

Typhus: A Flea Borne Illness


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We recently had an incidence of typhus here in Southern California.  Although the disease is rare, the rates are slightly higher in the Los Angeles metropolitan area than they are everywhere else.  According to media reports, the person who recently contracted it here has since recovered.  But many of us still deal with basic questions: what is typhus?  What do feral cats have to do with typhus?  How can we prevent it?

#1: Typhus is rare, and easily treated.
Typhus is a rare bacterial infection that is easily treated with antibiotics.  The disease is characterized by a very high fever,…

Biting the Hand that Feeds: Possessive Aggression in Dogs


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Many dog owners are startled when their loving pet starts to growl or even bite when they try to take away a cherished toy or bowl of food. The behavioral term for this is possessive aggression and it is very common dog aggression behavior. Control of important resources is somewhat normal in dogs, but possessive aggression exceeds the tolerated limits of this behavior.
Dogs that have lived as strays or were allowed to roam free may develop possessive aggression as a means of survival. Lack of appropriate training of puppies, that show these traits, can reinforce their possessive behavior, and…

Dogs and Destructive Chewing

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Much like how your dog uses his sense of smell and hearing, dogs have an innate desire to chew in order to better understand the world around them.  Unfortunately, this behavior is not really acceptable to us humans because it is usually destructive to our possessions and property.  In order to manage this normal behavior, here are some tips you should follow:

  •  Do not punish your dog for destructive chewing behavior.  Unless you catch him in the act, it is not effective and can worsen the situation.
  •  If you do not want your dog to chew and destroy an item,

Take Your Dog to Work: Tips & Products

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Friday June 22nd is the 13th ever TYDTW Day–  That’s right—Take Your Dog to Work Day!  I am very fortunate because I get to take my two dogs to work nearly EVERY day.  Because of all of this practice, I would like to share with you some advice and products that will make this day great for you AND your dog!   Who knows—maybe your pooch’s exemplary behavior will merit them a second invitation.
First off—prepare your pet.  If at all possible, take them in to the office over the weekend so that some of the sights and sounds are familiar. …

2012 HSUS Animal Care Expo


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Here at Found Animals we are always looking for creative new ways to help our furry friends.  We find that of the very best ways to get exposed to great ideas and fantastic programs is to get together with other folks helping pets and share knowledge and experiences. So, in late May several members of our team made the trek to Las Vegas to attend the 2012 Animal Care Expo, hosted by the Humane Society of the United States and their Animal Sheltering program.

With over 1,800 registered attendees and an enormous Exhibit Hall it is the largest gathering of…

9 Lives for $9


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Summer is officially upon us here in Los Angeles and that means sunshine, BBQ, vacation, and animal shelters bursting at the seams with adorable animals in need of a home.  Summer time is especially tough for adult shelter cats.  With floods of baby kittens arriving every day, our older feline friends are often overlooked at this time of the year.
The Found Animals Foundation team knows that adult cats need love too, so we are partnering with 16 local shelter locations to launch our new summertime cat adoption drive – 9 Lives for $9.  From June through August any cat…

Happy Hug Your Cat Day


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Happy Hug Your Cat Day! Adopt & Shop is a proud participant in Found Animals summer Cat Adoption Special 9 Lives for $9. Adopt any adult cat 9 months or older for only $9. (Regular $60) All cats are spayed or neutered, microchipped and current on vaccinations. Stop by Adopt & Shop or any of the other participating shelter locations and take home your very own cat to hug!…

The TNR Workshop is Coming!

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Did you know that studies of where cats were obtained show that:

  • 8% were purchased
  • 16% were adopted from the shelter
  • 31% were strays
  • 45% were the offspring of friends’ cats

Of those 31% that were strays, many were previously owned cats that were discarded by their owners.
Those cats wandering the streets are not always re-homed and often they live the rest of their lives on their own.  They have kittens and those kittens have kittens.  As those cats don’t have interactions with people, they become more and more wild over time and generations.  They are afraid of people

Microchips Aren’t Just for Mondays Anymore!


Pet Microchipping 7 days a week at Adopt & Shop

Would you like to get your pet microchipped, but you just can’t seem to remember on Microchip Mondays?  Well you are in luck!  Adopt & Shop is now offering appointments for pet microchipping 7 days a week!

In case you were not aware that there was even any such thing as our “Microchip Mondays”, here is a little background.… In February of this year Adopt & Shop began offering microchipping services to the public every Monday.  For a cost of only $15 you can bring your dog or cat in at any time during normal business hours to have them…