Volunteer Appreciation Party 2012


Volunteer Appreciation Party

On Sunday, October 28th, we had the honor of hosting our 3rd annual Volunteer Appreciation Party at the Rio Hondo Events Center in Downey, CA. With 150 guests of honor (also known as Found Animals volunteers), we gathered to give thanks to the people that make our life-saving programs possible.
Year to date, the Found Animals volunteers have contributed over 13,000 hours to help support our administrative staff, Spay4LA program, special events, Cat Adoption Center, and Adopt & Shop.  Their selfless contributions of time earned our appreciation plus the national recognition with the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Recipients received a…

Animal Shelter Appreciation Week Part 2: More than Just “The Pound”


statue in front of West Valley Animal Shelter

“The pound” is a term that is often used to describe facilities that house homeless, abandoned, or lost pets. Though this was once the correct terminology, increased emphases on animal care, humane education, and pet adoption have transformed what was once “the pound” into your local animal care center.

 History of the Pound
As early as the mid-1800s, local governments played an active role in controlling the animal population in their communities. Stray or abandoned animals were impounded by such agencies, which is why many were originally established as “the pound department.”
The majority of such government-run facilities were created…

Canine Diabetes

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Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined in human beings. But have you ever thought about diabetes in dogs?
While many aspects of Diabetes remain unclear, much of the information about how the disease affects humans is applicable to dogs as well. Unfortunately, the disease is similarly prevalent in our canine companions.
Like humans, dogs can be affected by either type I or type II Diabetes. Type I Diabetes also known as Canine Diabetes Mellitus, is the most common form of the disease. Canine Diabetes Mellitus will require your dog to have insulin shots to…

7 Feline Diabetes: Bonnie’s Story

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long haired black and white cat on a blanket

This guest blog was written by Mrs. Amy F. mom to Bonnie (Bonita) and friend of Found Animals.
Last year I got married. About a month earlier, I had a health scare with my cat Bonnie. Bonnie was about to turn 10. I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old.  She’s a timid cat, but she’s snuggly with those she knows. She hates competition, competition being Owchie, our 3 year old tiger cat. It all began with Bonnie not using her litter-box and having accidents on the carpet. I tried to deny anything was really wrong until she was…

105 You Are What You Eat, and So Is Your Dog


chihuahua and tabby cat eat food from the same bowl

I wouldn’t call myself a health nut, but I do believe in eating whole foods that retain their nutritional value and are not processed.  I am definitely not militant about this, but I try not to eat foods with preservatives or pre-made/pre-packaged foods.  I really believe that what we eat affects not just our outward appearance, but also our inner health and well being.  I have extended these beliefs to my dog’s nutrition as well, and have been preparing his food from scratch since he was about 12 weeks old. I’d like to share my recipe with you. If you…

Pet Costumes Ideas for your Furbabies!


2 brown dogs getting married

This guest blog was written by one of our fabulous volunteers, Brittany G.
Halloween is just around the corner, and nowadays it’s not just the kids dressing up in costume. Every year we see more and more pets being disguised as ghoulish, mythical creatures, and pop culture icons. With so many generic Halloween costumes flooding the pet stores this season, the ultimate question comes down to, “What will my furry friend be this year?” Granted, you could easily pick up the local bumblebee costume, equipped with wings and antenna, from the local pet supply, but don’t you want your pet…

Animal Shelter Appreciation Week Part 1: Heroes in Their Community

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siamese kitten with blue eyes

If I asked you who your everyday heroes were, I’d bet that philanthropists, firefighters, police officers, moms and dads would top that list. I’d also take a guess that your local animal shelter and their staff might not immediately come to mind. In honor of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week we’ll highlight why animal shelters are heroes to their community and to the animals they care for all year, every year (even on Christmas!)
Provide Shelter
Animal shelters provide a safe, temporary environment for homeless animals. Animal shelter staff feed, clean and groom animals on a daily basis. Animal care…

12 Cat Training 102: Walking on a Leash


grey tabby on a harness

You may remember our last chapter, Cat Training 101: Basic Tips and Tricks, in which we taught our foster kitten Garbanzo to walk through a hoop.  Now class is back in session!  Today, we’re focusing on leash walking training.
Yes, that’s right: leash training.  If you think leashes are just for the dogs, think again.  Cats can absolutely be trained to walk on a leash, and many cat owners already take advantage of leash training to provide their indoor cats with safe, supervised outdoor time.  Any age of cat or kitten can be leash trained, and you will notice the…

2 Pet Food Review: By Nature for Cat and Dog


By Nature pet food dry and canned food

By Nature is one of the great cat and dog food brands that Found Animals’ Adopt & Shop store in Lakewood, California carries.  If you are looking for a high quality pet food with protein as its main ingredient, you may want to try By Nature.  They offer a wide variety of dry and wet food for dogs and cats, including puppy, kitten, weight control, active, grain free and organic. They also offer a line of dog treats.  You can view the nutritional labels for each type of food on the By Nature website. Of all the dog food and…

2 Saving Lives & So Much More: The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation


rugby the search dog

On Tuesday I had a wonderful opportunity to spend the day with the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation family. They are such an incredible organization, and I can’t wait to share all the new things I learned with you.
The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) was founded in 1996 by a retired schoolteacher named Wilma Melville. Melville, and her FEMA certified search dog Murphy were deployed to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building after the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. She, along with 6 other search dog and handler teams, got to work searching for victims trapped…