One Pet’s Good, But Two is Better! Adopt a Buddy for Your Best Friend


Pet 2 Adopt a Buddy for Your Best Friend

One of the best things in life is spending time with those you love. Whether it be family, friends or a significant other, we crave the company of those who relate to us and make us feel comfortable. Your pet is no different. Like humans, dogs and cats are social creatures who require companionship to achieve a happy, well-balanced life.  We know you want the best for your pet, so during Adopt & Shop’s Blockbuster Summer for Pets, we urge you: adopt a buddy for your best friend!
Two pets benefits them and you.

  • Alleviate separation anxiety. Dogs who stay

Adopt Kittens and Save Twice the Lives!


Kitten Foster

Did you know that cats are the number one euthanized pets in our animal shelters? According to ASPCA statistics, “of cats entering shelters, approximately 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized, and less than 5% who come in as strays are returned to their owners.” At Adopt & Shop, we want to change those numbers, so for a limited time, we are offering two kittens for one adoption fee and 50% off adult cats.
Why Adopt Two Kittens?
When you adopt kittens two at a time, it benefits both of you because:

  • It will be easier for them to transition into

Adopt & Shop Culver City’s Blockbuster Summer for Pets


Adopt & Shop Culver CIty Dogtourage

It’s a Blockbuster Summer for Pets at Adopt & Shop Culver City! From June through September, come meet the hottest adoptable dogs and coolest adoptable cats in the business. All adoptable pets at Adopt & Shop are sourced from local shelters in Southern California. Where else can you take home your leading man or leading lady while saving lives?
Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the smash hits that everyone will be talking about! Tell your friends, and be the first in line to give a pet a second chance.


Meet the Cast of DOGTOURAGE

Become a Kitten Foster and Save Lives


Adopt Kittens

Written by Gabi G.
“Kitten Season” is that time of year when the weather warms up and unaltered female cats go into heat, get pregnant, and give birth. Here in Southern California, with our mild climate and overabundant stray cat population, we have an extended season that traditionally picks up in March and continues all the way through October.
It was, therefore, no surprise to the Adopt & Shop Kitten Foster Project team when we received our first call of the season from a shelter partner at the beginning of February. They had just received a heavily pregnant female cat,…

5 Preventing Dog Bites: What You (and Your Kids) Need to Know


kids with dog

Every year about 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs. Among these, most are children. As a parent, you can reduce this risk by teaching your children smart behavior around dogs. Laying the groundwork early will go a long way towards preventing dog bites and keeping your family (and your dog) safe. Here are some basics.

  • Never leave a young child unsupervised with a dog. This goes for any dog, including your family dog. Until you are 100% certain that your child is old enough to understand dog behavior and demonstrate good judgment, you should oversee all contact.
  • Never interact …
  • Adopt & Shop Culver City Celebrates One Year of Improving Animal Welfare

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    Adopt & Shop Culver City

    On May 12, 2015, Adopt & Shop Culver City celebrated a major milestone in its pursuit of improving animal welfare in the LA area: its one year anniversary.  Purchased by philanthropist and retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gary Michelson, the space at 4235 Sepulveda Boulevard started out as a grubby auto smog shop but was transformed into a chic, retail pet adoption space that opened as Adopt & Shop one year ago.
    Adopt & Shop’s philosophy is simple: all pets deserve a home. To help achieve this ideal, the pets offered for adoption in the store all come from local shelters…

    Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet: 15 Essentials

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    Disaster preparedness for your pet

    When it comes to a national disaster, do you have a plan? Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, wildfires and floods happen around the world every day and affect thousands of people and their pets. Today on National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, we encourage you to spend time putting together a plan for yourself and your pet.  To help you assemble a comprehensive disaster kit for your pet, here are our 15 essentials.
    1. Proper ID.  The most important thing you can do for your pet before a disaster occurs is to make sure they have proper ID.  This means having a physical…

    From Homeless to Forever Homes: Hundreds of Pets Adopted at NKLA Super Adoption Weekend

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    @petuniapit stopped by!

    On May 2nd and 3rd, one of the most highly-anticipated adoption events of the year took place in LA: the NKLA Super Adoption Weekend. Over one weekend every May and November, Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles hosts local rescue groups and shelters at the La Brea Tar Pits in order to help some of the area’s thousands of homeless pets get adopted into loving homes.
    What a weekend it was! Adoptable pets could be found at every turn – from the tiniest of kittens (that you could help bottle feed!) to the largest of dogs (Millie the Great Dane).…

    Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge 2015 Launches Today!

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    Saving Pets Challenge 2015

    Written by Jennifer P.
    Here we go again! The Michelson Found Animals Saving Pets Challenge 2015 kicks off today with nearly 300 animal welfare organizations from across the country (and Puerto Rico) embarking on the 5 week fundraising journey.  The participants this year are as diverse as ever but what they all have in common is the goal of raising a LOT of money for their life-saving programs, and the desire to win the $50,000 grand prize from Found Animals!
    The top 5 fundraisers will take home a $50,000, $20,000, $10,000, $7,500 and $5,000 grand prize.  Another $25,000 will be…

    We Love Our Adopted Pets!

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    Prynce - adopted 2013

    If you follow Found Animals, you know that we are all about adoption.  Whether from a shelter, rescue, or humane-model pet store, adopting a pet means saving a life. This year on Adopt-A-Shelter-Pet Day, we thought you might like to see proof of our passion for adoption. We are adopters ourselves, and we love our adopted pets!  Here are just a few.
    Do you love an adopted pet? Post a pic and your pet’s story on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram using #mypetsday to show the world your…