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wallace the pit bull

Authored by New York Times bestseller Jim Gorant, Wallace is an inspiring story of a dog with all the odds stacked against him.
Relinquished to an animal shelter at a young age, Wallace was one of the highest energy dogs the kennel staff had ever seen. He was misunderstood, un-adoptable and seen as little more than a liability. Wallace faced prejudice and impending euthanasia until shelter volunteers and animal lovers Roo and Clara Yori met him. The trio embarked on a lifelong journey with Roo and Clara fighting for Wallace every step of the way.
Today, Wallace is a champion,…

Does Spaying and Neutering Really Cost Too Much?


Cost of Spaying and Neutering

February is National Spay and Neuter Month. In honor of celebrating all things great about spay and neuter, we will debunk some of the most common myths regarding fixing your pet. First up, does spay and neuter really cost too much?
It is true, spay and neuter surgery can be expensive; full-price surgeries can cost anywhere from $200 up to $500 depending on where you live. The great news is many communities and organizations like Found Animals have recognized the cost issue and have banded together to make spay and neuter procedures affordable, and more widely accessible.
The Spay4LA Mobile…

Found Animals Inaugural Puppy Bowl IX Preview


Puppy Bowl IX

The hype.  The excitement.  A national audience watching the game!  That’s right, we’re only two days away from Puppy Bowl IX!  (What?  Is there another game being played on Sunday?)  Nothing can happen these days without being analyzed, over-analyzed, rehashed, and relentlessly promoted.  Puppy Bowl is no exception.  In order to give these dogs their due, here’s our inaugural Puppy Bowl preview.

Keys to the Game
Avoid Distractions:  In the run up to any bowl game, there are sure to be plenty of distractions for the competitors.  Media requests, family looking for tickets, nightlife… kittens.  All potentially contributing to catching…

3 The First Seeing Eye Dog


guide dog header

This guest blog was written by one of our volunteers, Jesse M.
Dogs have been lending a helping paw to man for centuries; however, there was not a demand for “seeing eye dogs” until after World War I. During the war, many men were blinded from combat and needed assistance once they returned home. To help these veterans, a formal school and training program for guide dogs (using only German Shepherds) began in Germany. Unfortunately, the program was short lived.
Luckily though, a dog trainer from Philadelphia named Dorothy Harrison Eustis was living in Switzerland and heard of the program…

12 Cat Chat: Feline Aggression


two cats grooming eachother

Cats are, by nature, territorial creatures. They thrive on having an everyday routine they can count on.
Sometimes seemingly insignificant things can disrupt the balance in the home and your sweet cats can turn on each other. Guests coming and going and furniture being rearranged can be enough to throw off the balance of the territory. Cats have scent glands in the corners of their mouths and when they rub against items in your home, they are marking that area as safe.  Cats can react to disruption of scents and routine with aggression.
This happened to me recently. I’d like…

2 A Bona Fide Good Dog: The AKC’S Canine Good Citizen Award


Photo By kizzzbeth  / Flickr

In the late 1980’s, the American Kennel Club set out to create a program that could standardize the concept of what makes a “good dog.” They researched the most commonly desired behaviors for dogs and in 1989, launched the Canine Good Citizen Award. Thirty years later, the CGC test is available in nearly every city in the United States.
The CGC is a standardized test of 10 items that measure and reward dogs that demonstrate polite manners in the home and in the community. The program also stresses responsible ownership. Dogs of any age, size, breed and energy level can…

Dog Training Technique: Nothing in Life is Free

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boy with pit bull

The “nothing in life is free” dog training technique instills a sense of respect and understanding between you and your dog.

How to Practice “Nothing in Life is Free”
• Once your dog has mastered his basic commands, you can begin the “nothing in life is free” technique.  Before you give your dog anything (food, a walk, a treat, attention), require that he first performs one of the commands.  For example, before you take him out, have him sit patiently and quietly before you put on his leash.
• Do not give your dog what he wants until he has…

10 Things to do for Your Newly Adopted Dog



Congratulations if you are one the many families who decided to bring home a new dog over the Holidays! If you are still looking for your perfect pet, dogs can be a wonderful addition to any family. In an effort to keep your new companion happy in your home forever, here are a list of 10 things every dog owner or potential dog owner should know.
1. Think About Important Characteristics in Your Ideal Dog: Try not to focus primarily on looks. Think about size and energy level first. Do you want an active dog that can accompany you on…

Pet Adoption Checklist for Dogs and Cats

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Pet Adoption Checklist for Dogs and Cats

Adopting a new pet is a very exciting event!  You’ll need to pick up a few supplies, so we created a pet adoption checklist to help you prepare your home prior to your new adopted dog or cat’s arrival.

New Dog Supplies Check List

  • Dog collar, leash, and identification tags
  • Nutritious dog food
  • Dog crate or carrier
  • Dog bed
  • Food and water bowls
  • Dog grooming tools (shampoo, brush and nail clippers)
  • Dog toys
  • Treats & chews

New Cat Supplies Check List

  • Litter box and cat litter
  • Cat collar and identification tags
  • Cat food (both wet and dry)
  • Food and water

Teaching Your Dog Basic Obedience Commands

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girl shaking white dog's paw

Teach your dog basic obedience commands with these easy-to-follow dog training tips!  If you know how, you can use a clicker as a training aid.  Otherwise, you can use a treats from a treat pouch.  Treats should be given within one second of the dog performing the desired action.  The pouch should be kept out of sight otherwise, as it can become a distraction for your dog.
Teaching “Sit”
Hold a dog treat in front of your dog’s nose, just beyond his reach.  Slowly raise the treat above his head so that as his eyes follow the treat, his backside…