2 Need A Good Reason to Spay and Neuter? Here’s Twenty Four


red and white cocker spaniel

My dogs love going to the dog park. I love taking them. Usually, we have a great couple of hours burning off steam, running with other dogs and chasing the ball. Occasionally, we have incidents. Today was such a day. After a very vigorous romp around the park playing fetch, my little girl, Scout, was ready for a drink. As she bent down and thirstily slurped up a bowl of water, an itinerant whippet caught her scent and momentarily lost his mind. He jumped up and mounted her then and there.
Scout, not at all swept away by his charms,…

A Vet On Wheels: A World Spay Day Special Look at the Spay4LA Mobile Clinic


couple holding 3 dogs

I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Spay4LA Mobile Clinic in South Los Angeles for Spay and Neuter Month. I was able to get a first-hand look at what a mobile operation looks like, chat with the staff and meet some great residents and pets. Everyone I met that day had great things to say about the vet on wheels. Such great things, in fact, that I felt compelled to share!

I met Roxana and Gerson Ruano outside the clinic at around 7:15 a.m. on a Friday while they waited in a line of about 30 people…

4 California Pet Lover’s Plate


pet lovers

Big news for California animal lovers! The California Department of Motor Vehicles has approved an official “Spay and Neuter License Plate!” The plate will provide a large scale, permanent funding source for spay and neuter programs throughout the state. Proceeds from the plate will be distributed to cities and counties to support free and low-cost spay and neuter programs in their communities. The most successful specialty plates in California bring millions of dollars per year into their respective causes.
We are happy to share this great news during Spay and Neuter month! The Pet Lover’s plate faced an uncertain future…

Pet Identification Police


cat wearing houndstooth jacket

Our office pets got all dressed up and walked the red carpet to celebrate Oscar weekend! Though they all look fantastic and would even if they weren’t dressed to the nines, we assembled a “fashion police” team to evaluate them based on whether they were sporting the accessory no pet should ever leave home without: identification tags!
One in three pets will go missing at least once in their lifetime and a pet ID tag is the quickest and easiest way to make sure your pet makes its way home to you. Roughly half of the five to seven million…

2 Is Spaying and Neutering Good For My Pet?

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RVT talks about spay and neuter

As Found Animals Foundation’s Spay and Neuter Program Manager, the most common question I am asked is “why should I spay or neuter my pet?” There are many great reasons but I always start with my favorite; “it’s good for your pet.”
I met with one of our SNP LA and SPAY4LA staff RVT’s (registered veterinarian technicians) Stuart Galbreath to explain in his own words why spaying and neutering is a health benefit.

Stuart brings up great reasons to spay and neuter. To recap, here are the best reasons to spay your female:

  • Spaying female dogs prior to their first

Doggy Dates & Kitty Courtships


terrier mix with heart pillows

If unconditional love is what you seek this Valentine’s Day, what better place to find it than in an adopted pet that has eyes and affection only for you? Your local animal shelter is a great place to find that fluffy, special someone. However, like any relationship, compatibility is key.  Here’s a guide to help you find your perfect pet personality match (because let’s face it, adopting a pet has many similarities to dating).

In order to find your “pet soul mate,” it is important to find an animal whose personality complements yours.  Just like humans, each pet is an…

State of the Union of Pets


cat in front of american flag

As 2013 dawns there is no doubt that pets are more important than ever in our lives and in society. Having long since made the transition from working partners or outdoor companions to indoor members of the family, pets across America are now dressing better than their owners by day and stealing the covers in bed at night. The most recent census data indicates that more US households have a pet than children under 18 and the more than $50 billion a year market for pet products and services has continued growing right through the worst down economy in a…

Wallace Contest Winners!


red pit bull smiling

Last week we launched a contest asking readers to share their stories about a special Pit Bull that has influenced their lives.  Two winners would each receive one ”pawtographed” copy of Wallace by Jim Gorant. We got so many inspiring and heartbreaking stories that it was difficult to choose only two! We will be featuring the rest of the stories in a blog coming soon. Thank you to everyone who participated and for all the work you do advocating for this wonderful yet misunderstood breed.
Without further ado, grab a box of tissues and hug your pup close.  Here are…

3 Does Spaying and Neutering Change My Pet’s Personality?


Does Spaying and Neutering Affect Personality?

Does Spaying and Neutering Really Change My Pet’s Personality and Behavior? Debunking Personality and Behavior Misconceptions of Spay and Neuter Surgeries
Last week we kicked off National Spay and Neuter Month by debunking cost misconceptions of spay and neuter surgeries. This week we continue to bust common myths by asking, does spaying and neutering change your pet’s personality and behavior?
The differences between personality and behavior are:

  • Personality is the overall emotional make up of your pet. Personality is largely influenced by genetics and socialization, nature and nurture.
  • Behaviors are usually born as a result of your pet’s personality in

2 Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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10 Truths About Walking Your Dog

The Cause
Separation anxiety is an emotional distress response in dogs.  It occurs when an anxious dog is separated from the person or persons to whom they are most attached. The resulting response may lead to episodes of destruction, chewing, barking, howling, self-inflicted injury and housebreaking accidents.  Separation anxiety occurs when the owner is gone from the home and the dog is left alone.  In extreme cases, it can occur when the owner is in a different room or out of the dog’s sight.
There is not one specific cause of separation anxiety, but many factors which influence the syndrome.  …