Product Review: Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Chews for Dogs


Product Review: Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming Chews for Dogs

Pet Naturals of Vermont has a line of calming treats available for dogs, cats and rabbits. With the 4th of July coming up quickly, I started researching over-the-counter calming aids that could help dogs with fireworks phobias. While I didn’t find any magic bullet, I did find that P.N.O.V. Calming chews are helpful for mild environmental stress.
Your dog reacts to environmental stress with nervousness and anxiety. Anxiety can manifest in unwanted behavior like indoor marking, excessive barking, shaking, shivering and hyperactivity. Just like in people, prolonged periods of stress can affect health and behavior.
Pet Naturals Calming chews are…

Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy on the 4th of July!


cat grilling chicken

The 4th of July brings to mind images of hot dogs (the edible kind), beer, BBQs, fireworks and an overall patriotic good time. But as you celebrate the 4th in style, don’t forget about taking care of your furry companions. Whether you’re hanging out at home or taking your pet along with you to the festivities, here are a few tips to keep your pet safe and happy during the holiday:

Loud noises from fireworks can turn even the most chill cat or dog into a fraidy cat or terrified terrier. In addition to just being frightened, many shelters…

Zoe’s Lost Dog Story


terrier mix with blue eyes

We at Found Animals always try to impress upon our readers the importance of microchipping their pets, and registering the microchip number in the Found Animals Registry. But sometimes without a concrete example it’s difficult to understand the way chips work and see how they can help get your lost pet home.
Here’s a real life account of one little dog who was lost, but then found and reunited due to his registered microchip.
Allie Andersen and her family were looking for a new addition to their existing furry brood of two Chihuahuas. They found Zoe, a long-haired Jack Russell…

19 Microchip Monday: Mandatory Microchipping


grey pitbull puppy

Across the pond in England and Wales, the government  has recently announced a package of measures to help promote responsible dog ownership, including mandatory microchipping. The goal of “Compulsory Microchipping” is to help reunite lost dogs with their owners and to reduce the cost of kenneling found dogs until their owners can be located.

About 60% of owned dogs in the U.K. are already microchipped. By April 6th, 2016, every dog owner in the U.K. must:

  • Have their dog microchipped and registered in an authorized database, or as we say, a registry.
  • Register the details of any new owner before

Product Review: Sticky Paws for Cats



Cats have a natural urge to scratch, not only to sharpen and maintain the health of their claws but also to communicate with other cats through scent and scratch markings. Providing your cat with scratching posts encourages an acceptable outlet for this natural behavior. However, there are other tempting things to scratch in your home,  like couches and drapes. When cat scratching becomes a problem and your house starts to look a little frayed and ragged, you may need to add a scratch deterrent into the mix.
Unwelcome scratching on furniture can leave owners feeling like their only solutions are…

Home Sweet Home: A Lost Dog Story


black and white husky

Thursday, February 28th started off just like any other normal day for Debbie. After waking up and getting ready for work, she left her house at 8:00 am to return to the office after taking some time off to care for the family’s newly adopted dog, a gorgeous 9-month-old Siberian husky.
At about 1:30 in the afternoon, her phone rang. Since it was an unknown number, she didn’t pick it up. However, within minutes she received a voice-mail alert, a text message and an email repeating the same information: Her dog, Raider, had been found wandering a busy street, and…

City of L.A. Declares June 21st “Microchip Day”


Found Animals Staff on city hall steps

In the historic John Ferraro Council Chambers of Los Angeles City Hall this morning, Councilmember Paul Koretz and the City declared Friday, June 21 “Microchip Day” in the City of Los Angeles.

A longtime animal welfare advocate, Councilmember Koretz hosts a “Feline Friday” several times a year in Council, during which a cat from one of the City’s shelters is brought into Council for adoption by an audience member. We are grateful that he is also giving visibility to the ever-increasing need for pet identification in the form of microchips. Koretz is joined by the City’s Animal Services General Manager…

Pet Disaster Planning: Every Lost Pet Deserves to Be Found

POSTED BY Found Animals IN

cat and dog in a window

Disasters frequently displace hundreds of pets from their families, and the number one reason they are never found is lack of permanent identification. The Found Animals Registry was born after the horrific sights of lost pets being rescued from raging waters and rooftops during Hurricane Katrina.  Sadly, the pet identification crisis is still a reality; after Super Storm Sandy, only 1 in 10 rescued pets were microchipped3.  Disaster preparation and planning are the best ways to keep your pets safe and Found Animals has a disaster preparedness checklist to assist you.

Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet
1. Provide…

4 Product Review: Green Interactive Dog Feeder


english springer spaniel eating from a green interactive dog feeder

Remember when your parents told you to slow down and completely chew your food?  They weren’t saying this just to annoy you.  Eating slowly helps prevent choking, aids in digestion and fills you up faster.  It’s good advice for kids and dogs.
For a dog, gulping down food can result in indigestion and vomiting. Sometimes, a life threatening condition called bloat can occur. It can happen to any dog but is reported more often in larger, barrel-chested breeds. Canine bloat or twisted stomach occurs when a dog eats too quickly and gulps down a lot of air. The air turns…

Managing the Cat Crisis Wrap Up


Dr. Kate Hurley speaks at the Managing the Cat Crisis event

Cats continue to face disproportionate challenges in animal shelters and have a 70% chance of euthanasia in the average California Shelter. However, change is on the horizon. Last Tuesday, June 11th, Found Animals and Orange County Animal Care had the wonderful opportunity to host a unique Speakers Forum Event called “Managing the Cat Crisis.”
We were excited to have nationally recognized animal care experts including Jon Cicirelli and Dr. Kate Hurley speak about how to understand the reasons behind these staggering numbers and what alternative cat programs and shelter management techniques can be utilized to make a difference.
The event…