3 How Pet Programs in Assisted Living Facilities Can Help Animals in Shelters



August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day, a day designated to honor our elders, and of course, we at Found Animals extend our love to senior cats and dogs as well. The day reminds us to call our older family members to show our appreciation, to volunteer to help an elderly neighbor, and to soak up the reservoir of wisdom accumulated from years of experience from generations before us.
The day also reminds us that shelters have many senior animals who need homes. Older cats and dogs in shelters have a much smaller chance of getting out alive compared to…

Sun Protection for Cats

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cat lying in the sun in a window

Cats love napping in the sun but too much sunlight can actually be harmful.  Cats, in particular those with white or light colored fur, short fur or no fur, who spend a lot of time in the sun, are at risk for skin cancer.

Skin cancer in cats is rare, but when cats do get skin cancer approximately 50-65% are malignant.  Not all of these cancers are caused by sun exposure, but excessive sun exposure is recognized as a contributing factor.  Cats, like people, will burn when they have been in the sun too long without protection.  Look for redness…

Take an RV Vacation with Your Dog

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This Guest Post is authored by Joe Laing, Marketing Director for El Monte, RV.
Thinking about a weekend getaway for upcoming Labor Day? How about an RV adventure with your dog?
Bringing your pet along with you on a vacation is a great experience. Sharing your adventures with your special family member is something that makes a getaway more than just a road trip. It helps make memories and bond the family closer. Add in the excitement of traveling in an RV and you really have a vacation to look forward to!
More than half of those who travel in…

Microchip Monday: Adding Notes to Your Pet’s Microchip Registry Account


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When animals come into an emergency facility with severe injuries, staff members make quick decisions that may quite literally mean life or death for those pets. High treatment costs, risks associated with performing surgery without an owner’s consent, and the desire to minimize an animal’s suffering can cause animal professionals to euthanize pets when their owners cannot be reached immediately. Even when owner contact information is up-to-date in a microchip registry, the delay between an injured pet arriving and that owner actually making contact can spell disaster.
Your pet deserves better! Fortunately, there is a quick step you can take…

Michelson Prize and Grants Attends 46th Annual Society for the Study of Reproduction Conference


view of Cathedrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde

What attracts someone to the field of reproductive biology? Personal interest, opportunities to create societal change, and the amazing chance to study the mysteries surrounding the creation of life. Also, money. Specifically, grant money.
Funding in reproductive biology ebbs and flows with governmental interest in the field. Reproductive biologists, especially small animal reproductive biologists, often hail from regions of the world with a particular societal interest in reproduction, often arising from problems associated with either increasing or decreasing animal populations. As such, a disproportionate number of non-human reproductive biologists often come from island states that are concerned with growing invasive…

10 MAP: Dog Friendly Beaches in the U.S.A.


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There are only a few months left of glorious Summer! If you have been thinking about hitting the beach with your dog, here is a map to dog friendly beaches in the U.S.A. to help you plan your outing.
Beach details are listed under each address. Because rules vary, are specific and subject to change, it’s a good idea to research the beach before you plan your day trip. Websites for each beach, if available, can be found in the description.
Check out our Top 6 Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dogs, stay safe out there and happy swimming!


5 Fantastic Reasons to Foster


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Fostering kittens is a great way to make a difference for animals in your community.  Kittens are adorable, playful and full of happiness and energy from the tip of their baby noses to the toes on their tiny paws. Opening your home to foster kittens may seem like daunting task, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. If you have ever thought about becoming a foster parent, now is the time when the animal shelters really need you. Here are our top 5 reasons why fostering is fantastic.
1)   Kittens are Therapeutic: Kittens will put a smile on your face.…

5 Happy Dogust 2013!


chihuahua eating a cupcake

As you may already know, WE LOVE DOGUST! Dogust the 1st, celebrated every August 1st, is the universal birthday for all shelter and rescue dogs with unknown dates of birth. This year, a few of our volunteers surprised the adoptable dogs at Adopt & Shop Mission Viejo with delicious birthday cupcakes. We want to thank the crew at Top Dog Barkery in Newport Beach, CA. for donating the baked treats and making this day really special for our dogs!
Looking for something special to spoil your adopted pup with this dogust? Try making a homemade dog cake or pupsicle.…

3 Microchip Monday: 10 Fundraising Ideas For Your Animal Shelter


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Ever wonder how you can help your local animal shelter (or, perhaps your own facility) raise some extra money? We know that saving pets is not always cheap. Shelters require food and bedding, cleaning solution, medical supplies… not to mention scanner technology. One universal microchip scanner can cost anywhere from $300 to $800 (much cheaper than that and the scanner is likely non-universal). It’s a good chunk of change, but when animals’ lives hang in the balance, shelters can’t afford to skimp on crucial resources like pet ID. Whether you’re an animal lover who adopted your pet from a shelter,…

Tips for Feeding Your Adult Cats


garfield on a lasagna

The most famous and popular lasagna-eating cat in the world is Garfield.  Jim Davis gave birth to this cartoon character in an Italian restaurant in 1978. He brilliantly created a lovable feline with many human traits and faults. Garfield’s laziness, obsessive pasta eating, hatred of Mondays and diets made him funny and relatable.  Garfield helped popularize July 29th as National Lasagna Day. The problem is that if our cats eat pasta or too many carbs, it is no laughing matter and can cause serious health problems.
Tips for Feeding Your Adult Cats
1.    Cats are Carnivores
The natural diet of…