Two Cats are Better Than One

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2 cats hugging

Myth : Cats are loners.
Fact : Cats are highly social creatures and are (usually) happiest when living with other cats.
Whether you are looking to adopt an adult cat or a kitten, adopting two at the same time is actually easier on you, as well as for the cats.  They will look out for each other, play together, and keep each other company when you are busy or away from home.

Adopting Two Will Be Better for You:

  • Emotional Well Being: Cats and kittens who are home alone all day can develop bad habits, largely out of boredom.  They

2 Microchip Monday: Strange Land – A Halloween Horror Story by Stephen (Bar)King


black dog wearing glasses

When she opened the door, I could sense something was wrong.  She spoke softly to me as she put a leash around my neck but she wouldn’t look at me.  Maybe she was having a bad day.  I wagged my tail and nuzzled her hand.  I had been having a lot of bad days, but no more!  I was off to see my family!  I’ve missed them so much.
She led me out of the cage and down the hallway.  I was so happy I could have jumped the whole way!
Wait.  Where are we going?  This isn’t the way. …

11 Cat Chat: Design with Your Cat in Mind


cat perching on a wall

Since cats are creatures of habit, their environment affects them on the deepest level.  I have watched enough episodes of “My Cat From Hell” (and lived it myself) to know that if you don’t create an environment that pleases them, there will be consequences!
Living in a small space with indoor cats requires a little more effort to keep everyone happy.  Last spring, I dedicated some time to making my place more cat friendly.  I hadn’t anticipated how much my interior design changes would affect them for the better!
“Cat-ifying” my apartment also helped reduce the habits that annoyed me. …

Earthquake Safety for Pets


cat with disaster kit

On October 17th, Found Animals Foundation and Adopt & Shop will be participating in the Great California ShakeOut, a nation-wide earthquake drill.  While we were making preparations for the drill, we began to ask ourselves, if an earthquake were to happen right now, what would we do with our pets and how can we include them in our earthquake preparedness plans?  Here is a guide to earthquake safety for pets.

DURING an Earthquake: DROP, COVER and HOLD ON.
Any animal, when frightened, may bite or scratch in order to flee to safety, so it is very important that you DO…

Meatless Monday: A Vegan Recipe for Dogs



There are a lot of different options when it comes to feeding your dog.  You can choose from hundreds of commercially prepared dry and wet foods, purchase specially prepared raw food in small batches or even prepare meals yourself at home.   Some dog owners feed their dogs a vegan diet (usually because they are vegan themselves.)  We don’t have any vegan dogs at the office but we wanted to provide a good recipe because Snickers’ homemade dog food blog has gotten so much positive feedback (thanks readers!)
As luck would have it, I was contacted by a woman a few…

2 Adopt & Shop Receives a Lion’s Share of Donated Blankets


Lion Heart girls making blankets for donation

This summer, the industrious members of Lion’s Heart, a non-profit organization for youths in 6th through 12th grade, spent their time serving their communities.
When the Adopt & Shop (a retail-adoption store that benefits shelter animals) opened their newest location at the Shops at Mission Viejo, the Lion’s Heart Ladera Ranch 2019 Girls Blue Chapter saw an opportunity to help!

Armed with 400 yards of fleece, an army of scissors, and a world of determination, these 15 young ladies got to work cutting blankets for their four-legged friends. In the end, the girls made over 200 beds for all of…

Is My Cat Overweight?

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Is My Cat Overweight?

How can you tell if your cat is overweight?  Like most pet owners, we can be somewhat in denial over the dietary habits of our furry friends.  You may not even think that your kitty is overweight until your friends come over and tell you that they are afraid to sit on the couch with a Yeti.  Because we spend so much time with our animals, it is often difficult to tell if your cat is, in fact, a “fatty.”  Because indoor cats don’t get as much exercise as outdoor cats, and because cat owners tend to “free feed;” that…

3 Microchip Monday Quiz: Are You a Microchip Mastermind?


cat on a computer

Think you’re a pet microchip expert? Test your “ID IQ” with our microchip pop quiz, and prove you have what it takes to get lost pets home! This is an open-book quiz, so feel free to read our past Microchip Monday blogs if you get stuck. For a real challenge, see if you can guess all ten without using the hints. Ready? Grab your #2 pencils…

1. What do pet microchips do?
A – Contact pet owners when their pet escapes
B – Store pet owner contact information
C – Identify pets with a unique number
D – Alert shelters…

5 Submissive Smiling in Dogs


chihuahua with submissive smile

Even though we eat, sleep and breathe pet adoption all year round, October is a special month because it is National Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month!
Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month is great because it gives us the opportunity to pause and re-focus a little more on dogs in shelters and how we can get more humans to adopt dogs in shelters.
Today, I want to talk about a behavior potential adopters may encounter when they are walking through the kennels at their local animal shelter.
We touched on submissive smiling a little bit in Stephanie’s Doggie Discourse: Smiles and Poses blog, but here…

Kennel Cough

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2 dogs at an animal shelter

We always recommend and stress the importance of adopting your next pet from an animal shelter or rescue as opposed to buying from a breeder, online or from a pet store.  By adopting a pet, you play a crucial role in helping lower the number of animals euthanized for lack of space in our shelters. Quite literally, you save a life.
We try to debunk animal shelter myths and highlight successful adoption stories, but it’s a big decision to adopt an animal and a lot of animals are returned due to a range of circumstances, one of them being what…