Overexcitement in Dogs: Training Seminar Recap

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overexcited terrier dog

Adopt & Shop Culver City held a free seminar last week on the subject of overexcitement in dogs.  Here is what we learned from Chelsea, our Trainer:

Find an outlet for your dog’s energy

If you have an over-excited dog, the most important thing to do is find the best outlet for their energy.  This could be running together, trick training, structured walks – - anything your dog really enjoys.  By finding their outlet, you will drain their energy in a positive way, which leads to less excitement elsewhere.  Next, begin breaking down what gets your dog excited.

Break down what gets your dog excited

If your dog gets excited on leash, put the leash on at home when you are not going for a walk.  Let your dog drag the leash around the house often.  This will take the excitement away from the leash.  Then, work on  excitement at the door when you are leaving for their walk.  Make them ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ while the door is being opened.  By doing  ‘sit’ and ‘wait’ you are making walking through the door less exciting because your dog will be focused on you, rather than on getting outside.  Break everything down step-by-step.  When your dog is excited outside, chances are, they are getting excited before you even make it out the door.  Start at the first, smallest trigger and then work your way up.

Give your dog a positive focus

Another great way to help bring down overexcitement is by giving your dog a positive focus.   Work on maintaining eye contact with your dog through a ‘watch me’ command.  Start inside with very small distractions and then work your way outside with more distractions.  Once your dog can do ‘watch me’ while sitting outside, start to ask for it while you are walking.  Keeping your dog on a calm, positive focus will help reduce the excitement they are experiencing from all of the amazing things that are outside on the walk.

Want to get hands-on experience and train with an expert?  Come visit our Culver City location for training classes!

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