Microchip Pays Off and Poodle Makes it Home

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Microchip pays off and poodle makes it homeIt was a beautiful summer day in Northern California…the air was warm and the sun was shining. Shelley Lucas spent her afternoon cleaning up the house and clearing out her craft room. It was getting a bit stuffy inside, so she decided to open up the screen door to let in the soft summer breeze. Unbeknownst to Shelley, letting in some fresh air also meant letting out her miniature poodle, Finn! And just like that, he was gone.

This one year old mini is an extremely friendly and outgoing dog. “He likes to lick you all the time,” Shelley tells us. Finn and Shelley (and her other 3 dogs and 5 cats!) are all very close: “He’s my dog, so he’s very connected to me.”

Despite their unbreakable bond, Shelley and her companions live on 3 acres of land, so an open door can mean easy access out of the house and into new territory. One minute Shelley was doing chores around the house, and the next minute she was getting a call from the shelter.

It was four o’clock in the afternoon when the animal shelter called Shelley’s cell phone. It was in her bedroom so she didn’t hear it ring. She also received a text that gave her the shelter’s information. As soon as Shelley checked her phone, she was shocked: “My first thought was that he has his tag on, so I wondered why they didn’t just bring him home.” It turns out that Finn’s ID tag had come off (unlike a microchip, it isn’t a permanent form of pet identification) so when a Good Samaritan found him wandering around, she took him to the nearest shelter for help.

No collar, no problem! The shelter was able to scan Finn for a microchip, and as soon as that 15 digit number popped up it was put into a national microchip search engine, where Found Animals’ information showed up. It helped the shelter find Shelley’s contact information and all within seconds!

 “I feel pretty positive about having my animal microchipped. I’m glad I had it done.”

 Shelley’s other dogs were glad Finn was microchipped, too! As soon as he got home, all of the dogs were excited to play together. (The cats watched from the sidelines.)

Finn’s happy reunion story is all thanks to his registered microchip. As we see so often, collars and tags can fall off of our pets. A microchip is the only way to ensure your dog or cat is identifiable 100% of the time and gives them a much greater chance of getting home if lost. You can register your pet today for free at the Found Animals Registry or check out www.foundanimals.org for more information!

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  1. Naomi says:

    My dog has been missing for almost a year now and I’ve never stopped searching. Recently I was told about a Golden Retriever resembling my missing Golden in somebody’s backyard. I looked and it’s my dog but lady is refusing returning him. He’s microchip to me and I have every vet and medical bill for him since I adopted him. I also have adoption papers from when I adopted him at 4mths old. What do I need to do. What’s the next step I need to take in getting my missing (stolen I’m thinking now) dog back?