Microchip Monday: Microchip Resources for Shelters

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If you’re still confused about how pet microchips work, chances are you’re not alone.  Believe it or not, even many animal professionals are baffled by the maze of microchip brands, scanner frequencies, and registries our pets must navigate to make it home.  The Water Bowl has plenty of microchip blogs for pet owners, but where do these professional shelter, veterinary, and clinic employees go to find the help they need?  The Found Animals Registry team has something for them, too.

Our foundation provides several resources that your local shelters, vets, and clinics can use to master and promote microchipping.  You can spread the word by sharing these with your community’s animal experts.  Here are a few examples of the training and educational tools available to animal professionals:

Free Microchip Cards and Brochures for Adopters
Most pets leave the shelter with a microchip, but not every microchip ends up registered.  Since the registry is crucial to getting that pet home, Found Animals Registry distributes printed collateral shelters and clinics can distribute for free to adopters and the public.  The registry accepts any microchip for free, so the more pets we register, the fewer lost animals will be stranded due to an outdated or missing registration.  Animal professionals should contact us using the microchip order form to request complimentary registration cards or microchip FAQ brochures for their facility.

Registration CardRegistration Card 2

Training Videos and Best Practices for Microchipping
Proper microchip implantation prevents microchip migration, so our team developed a set of microchip best practices with printable guides and training videos to help clinic and shelter staff.  Many of these suggestions (such as using the AAHA’s pet microchip lookup tool) are completely free for shelters and clinics to implement, and help get more pets safely home with their families.  Our foundation frequently exhibits and speaks at major animal welfare conferences to circulate these chip and scanner protocols throughout the industry, and these online and print tools are available nationwide.

Online FAQs and Reunification Portal
Some registries require shelters to call in for every microchipped animal, every implantation question – well, everything.  This leads to time spent on hold that could be better used caring for pets.  The Found Animals Registry offers a full suite of online microchip FAQs and found pet search features to simplify the pet reunification process.  Rather than calling and waiting on hold for every lost and found pet, animal care professionals can log into a free portal to search microchip numbers and contact pet owners directly from our website.  A personal screening system allows us to speed up the process shelters and vets follow to contact you if your pet is found, while keeping your information secure.  Details you add such as breed, photos, and medical notes are also instantly visible to these facilities so they can provide your pet with the best possible level of care.  The free online portal saves time and money so no costs are passed on to pet owners. The future is now!

Live Microchip Webinars Every Week
For an interactive introduction to the wild world of pet microchips, employees and volunteers at all U.S. shelters, veterinary offices, spay/neuter clinics, and rescue groups are encouraged to attend one of our weekly microchip webinars.  In addition to learning the ins and outs of the microchip industry, attendees can see a live walk-through of our online pet reunification features and get their questions answered by a real live microchip mastermind!  Have your local shelter contact us for a schedule of upcoming calls.  We may even have a microchip expert in your area who can visit the shelter in-person.  Our team is always excited to meet the animal heroes who protect our pets in shelters and clinics across the country.

Found Animals Registry webinar

Low-Cost Microchips and Scanners
Permanent ID should be accessible to every animal. Registration is paramount, but there’s nothing to register until the animal has a microchip number.  Some shelters and vets do not offer microchipping due to the expense of purchasing the microchips and scanners.  In fact, they are quite affordable!  Our foundation offers low-cost microchips and scanners that meet universal industry standards.  One of Found Animals’ goals is to help every pet give every pet a way home by providing low-cost microchips and free registration.  Every lost pet deserves to be found, and a registered microchip allows our shelters and vets to get them home quickly.  Sometimes we can even save money for the facilities, allowing them to redirect those precious resources towards more adoptions, spay/neuter surgeries, and other lifesaving services they offer.  If they already have microchips and universal scanners, we can also assist them in setting up registration systems ensuring every microchipped pet is registered as soon as it leaves the facility.

Have your local animal professionals contact us for more details about any of these resources, or to send questions to one of our microchip experts. Then, tell us how we can help your community below.