Lulu Got Lost in the Canyon…

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shepherd mix with pointy ears

LULU was reunited with her family! But what was it that brought her home??

Lulu is a 1-year-old puppy who lives at a happy home. But on Thursday March 8th, she went missing. A 6-year-old boy who loved Lulu very much, was devastated.

All the way across town, Lulu arrived at Found Animals.  We knew she had an owner – but we weren’t sure where her family was. We were hopeful when we saw she had a license tag, but…


…that license tag was not what brought Lulu home! When we contacted the city to retrieve the owner’s contact information, we found that it was out of date.


Meanwhile, little Lulu and our resident pit bull, Rufus, were becoming the best of friends.  Even though it was a super cute beginning to a beautiful friendship  - Lulu needed to get back to her family.  She was such a good dog, and we knew someone would be missing her very much.

Thankfully at Found Animals we have a universal microchip scanner to that can locate and read pet microchips.   LULU WAS MICROCHIPPED!

We quickly looked up her microchip number in a microchip registry – and this time – the information was up to date!!

We called her family who were thrilled to hear she was in good hands and ready to come home.  In no time, Lulu was reunited with the happiest little 6-year-old in Los Angeles.

shepherd mix reunited with owner


Here at Found Animals, we can’t stress enough the importance of licensing and microchipping your pet and keeping all of your information current with both the city & county and your microchip registry.

Licensing is visible proof of ownership.  This dramatically increases the chances of your pet making it back home as well as it being required by law. Fines for not licensing your pet can be up to $500. So, by licensing your pet now, you can avoid having to pay a hefty fine later on.

Unfortunately, license tags can become damaged or fall off. When this happens, microchips are the last line of defense in bringing your pet back home.   Keeping your contact information updated in your pet’s microchip registry is the only way for animal shelters, clinics, veterinarians and rescue groups to contact you and reunite you with your much-loved pet.

Lulu’s story ended happily – but we know all too well the stories of lost pets who aren’t so lucky.  Licensing your pet and registering your pet’s microchip are two simple and easy things you can do ensure your four-legged family member can find their way back home to you.

Do it for your pet.  Do it for your family.  Do it today!


Adopt & Shop Adoption Center and Pet Store in Lakewood CA is now hosting $15 dollar Microchip Clinics every Monday. No appointment needed and you can register your pet’s chip in the free Found Animals Microchip Registry.

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