Lost then Found in Less Than 2 Hours! Why Registered Microchips Matter

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“No matter how careful you are, pets can get out and if they aren’t chipped they can be lost forever.” These are the wise words of pet lover, Deanne McCullough.  Deanne knows all too well the ability of pets to escape from home – she recently lost her beloved Border Collie / Queensland Heeler mix, Jocelyn. Luckily, Jocelyn had a registered microchip, which helped bring her home quickly and safely. In fact, she was only gone for 2 hours! But without her microchip, it could have been a very different story…

microchip brings dog home

Photo courtesy of Deanne McCullough.

Jocelyn means the world to Deanne and her family. In fact, the McCulloughs originally adopted her 10 years ago from the shelter as a present for their daughter. Unfortunately, Deanne’s daughter passed away from a long and courageous battle with cancer just over a year ago, but Deanne tells us: “It truly would have killed her if she had lost her dog.”

So when this incredibly bubbly and well-trained dog escaped from home, Deanne was horrified. “I was shocked,” she admits. “I was out on the golf course when I got a call from the vet saying a couple had found Jocelyn and brought her in.” Turns out this Good Samaritan couple had seen Jocelyn running around, took her in, and brought her to the closest animal hospital to be scanned for identification. Not only was Jocelyn microchipped, but her chip was properly registered with her family’s correct information!

 Deanne’s son rushed to the animal hospital, picked up their beloved companion, and brought her back home. “Jocelyn was happy to see him again…she always wants attention!”

 The McCulloughs could not be more pleased to have their girl home. However, they still don’t know how she got out! “We think the gate didn’t latch, but we’re not sure.” Despite this small unsolved mystery, Deanne is sure of one thing: “I know that microchips are incredibly important. Pets aren’t replaceable – they are members of your family. You take that extra care with protecting your children so why wouldn’t you take it with your pets?”

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