It’s Hot, L.A.! Beat the Heat with Indoor Dog Daycare

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Summertime has arrived in L.A., and it is a hot one! If you have dogs, the sizzling heat probably has you scrambling to get them exercised during the cool periods early or late in the day. But why arrange your life around the weather when you have a local option for indoor daycare?

Adopt & Shop Culver City has a huge, indoor dog daycare.

indoor dog daycare los angeles culver city

The indoor dog daycare at Adopt & Shop is a modern, beautiful space equipped with the latest innovations for the comfort and safety of your dog. Floor to ceiling windows allow filtered natural light in from the outside while keeping the heat out. Safety Glass partitions separate the daycare area from the rest of the retail space so that your dog is always supervised but never secluded. Your dog will have a blast running up and down the slide, jumping onto platforms, and playing with all the toys thoughtfully engineered just for dogs.

Adopt & Shop’s indoor dog daycare is always supervised.

Daycare at Adopt & Shop is supervised, which means your pet gets individual attention from a caring staff member all day long. Each day, your dog is guided through a series of games and group play, as well as nap time and downtime, so each dog receives the optimal mix of diversity.

Adopt & Shop’s indoor dog daycare benefits your dog mentally and physically.

Not only is dog daycare at Adopt & Shop fun, it’s also a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and socialized – with both dogs and people.  Dog daycare is a great way to prevent separation anxiety and keep your pet active.

Adopt & Shop’s indoor dog daycare is affordable.

Go to work, run errands and leave your worries behind. We have daycare options starting at $6/hour, as well as flexible packages you can customize to suit your schedule. And, your first day of daycare is always free!

Adopt & Shop is the only daycare that gives back.

Since Adopt & Shop is managed by a nonprofit, every penny you spend at Adopt & Shop daycare goes back into lifesaving programs for pets. You will feel good knowing your dog is being well cared for while helping other needy pets in your community.

Visit Adopt & Shop online, in person, or call 310-933-6863 for more information or to purchase a package.

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