Just Food For Dogs: The Future of Feeding Fido

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Before the days of processed dry kibble and canned pet food, dogs were fed mostly table scraps.  After the Great Depression, food rationing meant less table scraps for Fido to eat, and without any government regulations in place for what ingredients pet food manufacturers could use, the pet food industry boomed.  Pet food manufacturers were able to inexpensively purchase waste from the human food industry that would otherwise be discarded and rendered it into convenient, easy to serve and inexpensive kibble diets.

But is processed pet food really worth the (cheap) price? Without government regulation and very loose manufacturing standards in place from the AAFCO (an organization run by food manufacturers), practically anything can go into your pet’s food and still adhere to their labeling requirements. The ingredients that are used regularly to make your pet’s food can be downright scary. And with pet food recalls due to E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks on the rise, health conscious pet owners are looking for better, and safer, alternatives to processed pet foods.

pet food recall newspaper headline

Enter the whole food movement. What is a whole food you might ask? It is a food that “has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.” In short, a whole food would be any ingredient that comes straight from the plant or animal, such as a carrot, an egg, or a slice of chicken breast. Diets made with whole foods are in their natural, un-processed state that includes no fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, harmful additives or chemical by-products. Whole food diets are healthy, filling and nutritionally dense, “just like mom used to make.”

This is where Just Food For Dogs comes in. Just Food For Dogs, or JFFD for short, is more than just a whole food dog food company, they are a dog food movement in itself. JFFD sets itself apart from every other pet food manufacturer in that they use only the highest quality whole food ingredients and added supplements that are approved by the USDA for human consumption. In other words, the food is so high quality that you could eat it too! JFFD also cooks their food in specially designed “dog kitchens” where each meal is cooked by hand at the lowest temperature allowed to ensure that the nutritional value of the ingredients is preserved. After the food is cooked, the only preservatives that are used are freezers.

JFFD West Hollywood store front

Just Food For Dogs store in West Hollywood, CA.

Another large piece of the JFFD healthy dog equation is nutritional balance. In order for a dog food to be suitable for long-term feeding, it should contain all of the nutrients necessary for a dog to thrive. Processed pet foods have kept our pets alive, but they don’t do well on this type of diet because they do not provide enough of each nutrient in the right amount that the body requires for its daily processes. Nutrient deficiencies can take a long time to develop, and when they finally do they can result in some very serious health problems, such as cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, skin disorders… the list goes on and on. The supplements used in JFFD’s meals have been painstakingly formulated to be balanced to National Research Counsel standards, and each meal was put through rigorous in-home feeding trials that went above and beyond typical feeding trials.

While processed kibble, wet food and semi-moist diets may be convenient and inexpensive, are you really willing to sacrifice your dog’s health to save a few dollars? When you invest in your dog’s food, your dog will live longer, get sick less often, and avoid costly veterinary bills for nutrient related health issues. My dog Cindy celebrated her 17th birthday this past year, which is a big accomplishment considering that she is an 80lb Alaskan Malamute mix. She has been eating high quality dog foods her entire life, and now JFFD for a little over a year and she looks and feels better than when she was a younger pup. She has never had to see the veterinarian for a serious health concern, and all of her senior blood-work and urinalyses come back perfect.

alaskan malamute mix

Cindy’s Senior Portrait

But Cindy’s case is no fluke. JFFD’s own Director of Veterinary Nutrition and Education, Dr. Oscar Chavez, DVM, is the proud dad to a senior dog as well. His Golden Retriever, Rey, is a healthy and active 16-year-old success story, having managed his kidney disease with one of JFFD’s specialty Veterinary Diets, Renal Moderate Protein.

Dr. Chavez with golden retriever Rey

Dr. Oscar Chavez and Rey.

JFFD proudly prepares a wide selection of Veterinary Diets for the treatment of Renal Disease, Cancer, Neoplasia, sensitive stomach, skin disorders and allergies, as well as custom formulas for your individual dog’s needs. And did we mention TREATS? JFFD also carries all natural dog treats in flavors such as peanut butter, pumpkin, chicken breast, beef flank steak, venison and beef liver!

Just Food For Dog's cooking class

Just Food For Dog’s cooking class.

If you are not impressed yet, it gets better. At JFFD’s dog kitchens in Newport and West Hollywood, CA, you can speak directly with the individuals who hand-prepare your dog’s food and even attend cooking classes to learn how to make the food yourself! JFFD meals can be purchased pre-made or in do-it-yourself kits that can be cooked and prepared at home. Either way, you and your dog can’t lose! So put away your can opener, throw out your kibble, and join the whole food movement!

What do you think about the whole food movement? Leave a comment below!

9 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    I’m about to join the home cooking movement. I’m very excited about what JustFoodForDogs is doing. I purchased chicken, turkey & fish kits…Dexter’s favorites. But I am confused by the 80/20 ratio given in the turkey recipe with no clear explanation of what that entails.

    • Annie M says:

      Hi Linda, Did you get in touch with Just Food For Dogs? It seems like it would be 80% protein/meat and 20% veg/other but you should get in touch with them to be sure. I’ll bet you’ll notice a difference right away, lucky Dexter!

  2. Jessica J. says:

    Hi Eli! I currently feed my two 70+ lb dogs JFFD and we have found that by making the food ourselves at home with their Do-It-Yourself Kits, the cost is actually pretty low when compared to commercial diets. We buy all of the ingredients from our local farmers market at half the cost we would pay from our grocery store (and the veggies are bigger and fresher!), and we make our food in bulk once a month and freeze it in quart sized ziploc bags. We just thaw whatever amount we need for the week, heat for 15 seconds in the microwave and serve. Its easy, convenient, and I feel good knowing my dogs are healthy and eating food that will help them thrive.. saving me money at the vet’s office! I can’t even remember the last time any of my dogs got sick or had any nutrition-related health problems!

  3. NaliniD002 says:

    Yes food choice for pets is very difficult task for pet owners. I have a dog and he is very choosy and I am confuse what to feed him ?

  4. Patty Snyder says:

    We use your food for our three puggles, Bug, Buddy & Lola. They absolutely love it. I was wondering when is your next cooking training class in Newport? We would love to see how it’s all made and how we can do it too?

    Thanks so much for all you do in loving our dogs!

  5. Eli Rivera says:

    I need a convenient way to feed my five dogs.Cost to feed 5 dogs has to be factored in.This seems like a very grand idea that may not be sustainable or budget smart.The business plan may not be comprehensive.But this is what pet owners want and manufacturers should take notice.

  6. mary says:

    Hi jfffd,
    I would like to set up a time to visit one of your stores as I have been feeding dogs for over 30 years professionally and have always been going this direction whole food style. would you consider talking to me about expansion to Santa Barbara area?