Ice Cream Treats for Cats & Dogs!

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It’s summer and officially Ice Cream Season! Of course, you can eat ice cream all year round but, like diving into an icy swimming pool, some things just feel better after roasting in the sun.

July was designated Ice Cream Month by President Reagan in 1984. He recognized “ice cream as a fun and nutritious food that is enjoyed by 90 percent of the nation’s population.” He designated the third Sunday of July, National Ice Cream Day and called for all people of the United States to observe the day with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

whoopie pie ice cream

My favorite ice cream of last season. Homemade whoopie pies in vanilla ice cream.

Chances are,  you may be spending this Sunday indoors, crying in front of your air conditioner while your dog lies prostrate on the floor waiting for the sun to set so he can take a nice long walk.  Do not fret!  We have a special “ice cream” treat you can make that will keep them happy, busy and cool! It contains no dairy, because dairy can upset dog and cat bellies, and can be made with items you probably have in your home already.


  • Low sodium chicken broth (preferably from the Health Food store) or I used a packet of Sojo’s dehydrated turkey dinner.
  • Toys (rubber toys like kongs are great but anything will work).
  • Chews (dental chews, antlers, bully sticks etc.).
  • Treats (your dog or cat’s favorite bite size treats –  just a few).
  • A large plastic bowl, pie plate, bucket, whatever sized container you want your ice cream masterpiece to be.

* If your dog will be enjoying his “ice cream” indoors, I recommend going with a smaller container to keep it from melting all over your carpet.

ice cream cake for dogs - ingredients


To prepare:

  • Mix chicken broth with equal parts water and pour into your dish.
  • Sprinkle in treats and add toys.
  • Drop in bully sticks or dental treats.
  • Put in freezer.
  • After “ice cream” is frozen solid, you can flip it onto a bigger plate if indoors to catch the meltings, or you can leave it in the container and just set it on the floor.
2 dogs eating ice cream cake

It’s perfect for sharing!

That’s all there is to it! If you’d like some more ideas for dog and cat treats you can make at home, visit our homemade treats board on Pinterest.

Do you have pictures of your cat or dog enjoying a frozen treat? Share them on our facebook page and we will add them to our photo album!

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  1. tim says:

    Great idea I have a keeshond this will help her get through hot summers in ca.