How To Keep Your Holiday Holly and Your Pet Jolly: Pet Tips & Gifts for the Holiday Season

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Think about the holidays from your pet’s perspective; bright, blinking, shiny, fuzzy, noisy, smelly things all at eye level! To them, it’s time to get those noses, mouths and tails to work! As you’re decorating and entertaining this year, keep in mind these holiday tips to keep your holiday holly and pet jolly:

  • O’ Christmas tree, O’ Christmas tree, your decorations are history – They might be if your tree and decorations are not secure. Consider anchoring your tree to an adjacent wall, make sure the base is sturdy and ornaments that are attractive or dangerous to your pets are out of reach.
  • Ho Ho Holiday Gift Idea – Consider spraying your tree and decorations with Grannick’s Bitter Apple to deter your pet from chewing on branches and decorations.

cat napping on a couch with Christmas tree

  • Popular holiday decorations such as ribbon, tinsel, garland and popcorn on fishing line can be harmful to your pet, causing an obstruction if ingested. Also be sure to pick up any wrapping paper, ribbons or bows after unwrapping presents to prevent choking accidents.
  • If you have a real Christmas tree, cover the base with a skirt. The water quickly becomes contaminated with harmful bacteria, fertilizer, insecticides and flame retardants that can cause mouth sores, vomiting, loss of appetite and diarrhea in your four-legged friend.
  • Holiday plants such as Holly, Poinsettias and Lilies are mildly to severely toxic in both cats and dogs and can cause symptoms from an upset stomach to death. Pine needles can puncture your pet’s stomach lining, so be sure to vacuum regularly. Place these plants in areas that are off limits to your four-legged friends or consider a fake option. Here is a short list of toxic plants to help you keep your dog or cat safe.
  • Candles create a glowing atmosphere but must be kept out of reach of pet noses, mouths and tails to avoid hazardous burns and fires. Curious cats and pups like to hunt for cords as well so be sure to tape down electrical cords and wires from your decorative lights.

terrier wrapped in lights

  • Ho Ho Holiday Gift Idea – Give the gift of a pet-proof home! Purchase pet-proof cord covers to protect your pet and your cords.
  • Give guidance to guests regarding goodies. The holiday season is full of treats and libations, be sure guests are the only one’s gobbling holiday goodies and alcoholic drinks! Take time to secure trash cans and leftovers to avoid messes and stresses. That string used to roast your turkey or the jagged-edge from that tin can might just seem well-seasoned to your pet, not dangerous.
  • Ho Ho Holiday Gift Idea – Not all pet and guest messes can be avoided but most can be cleaned easily with the help of Clean Earth products that mask pet  and cooking odors alike!
  • The noise of entertaining can cause stress for your pet. Make a comfortable area in your home that includes favorite toys and blankets away from all the holiday cheer so your pet can remain stress-free.
  • Ho Ho Holiday Gift Idea – Give your furry friend the gift of luxurious comfort with a cozy, collapsible house that you can take anywhere, by Neko Nappers.

neko nappers

  • Entertaining means lots of cars in and out of your driveway and on the street. Be sure that you keep your pet leashed when outdoors and consider putting up a gate to keep them from escaping. Not only will this protect your pet from running away but it will offer additional protection from outdoor hazards such as antifreeze which is toxic but attractive to pets because of its sweet smell and flavor.
  • Ho Ho Holiday Gift Idea – Good gates make great gifts! Check out this Bindaboo Hallway Pet Gate to keep your pet from making a run for it.
  • If your dog or cat is lost, increase your chances of reunification by microchipping and registering your pet. Found Animals Foundation offers you the gift of a lifetime in the form of our free microchip registry. Additionally, make sure your pet is licensed and has external ID such as a collar and tag with your most up-to-date information.
  • Ho Ho Holiday Gift Idea – Keep your pet up-to-date and in-style with a personalized, engraved pet ID tag!
  • Maintain your regular routine as much as possible when it comes to feeding, walking and playing with your pet. A normal schedule will reduce stress for you both.

Do you have some holiday pet safety tips or gift ideas of your own? We would love to hear from you, leave a comment below.

All proceeds from the sale of items mentioned in this blog and purchased from the Found Animals Amazon store go toward helping homeless pets. Happy Holidays!