Help Pets When You File Your Taxes!

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If you are anything like me, tax season is not your favorite time of year.  Being the daughter of a CPA , my dislike of early April was acquired at a young age and has never left.   This year, I managed to get my taxes done by the end of March (barely), which I consider an accomplishment!

For me, the one real bright spot in the process (aside from a possible refund) is the opportunity to support pets when I file my taxes.   Many states give you the opportunity to donate to worthy causes when you file your return.   In California, you can support everything from children to seniors and sea otters to spay neuter.  Eleven other states also have a spay neuter fund that you can support at tax time.  Just look for the option to donate on your tax form or in your tax preparation software and select the amount you would like to give.

orange tabby cat in a shelter

Spay and Neuter is one way to help keep pets out of shelters.

Donating through one of these so called “tax checkoff” programs is an incredibly easy way to support spay neuter in your state.  And, it is important to participate.  Many states, including California, have a minimum amount that must be raised each year to keep a cause on the tax form.  Unfortunately the CA Municipal Shelter Spay Neuter Fund fell short in 2013, raising only $217,883 when the minimum was $250,000.  Luckily for us, the fund is still on the form for 2014, but if animal lovers don’t come up with the minimum of $254,250 in this year it may disappear next year.

Once the money is raised, the California Department of Food and Agriculture grants it out to municipal shelters that offer low-cost or free spay neuter services to members of the public.  Eligible shelters can receive up to $22,500 each!

If you haven’t yet done your taxes, please join me in supporting pets when you file your return!