Garvey’s Dog Adoption Story

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This is a blog post written and submitted by one of our readers. Share your pet adoption story.

Five-and-a-half years later, I’m still ashamed to admit it. After bonding with a gorgeous, fun-loving Lab Pointer mix puppy at a shelter, I left her there.

I had recently moved back to my hometown of Los Angeles and was longing for a dog. It felt like the perfect time in my life, as I was working from home. For three months I visited city animal shelters and rescue groups and read books on how to raise a dog. Though I researched different breeds, I always sensed a Lab would be the ideal fit.

One night I logged on to the website of Pet Orphans of Southern California. There was a photo of “Tiffany,” a mix of two amazing breeds: Chocolate Lab and German Shorthaired Pointer. She was sitting straight up, ears alert, her white belly offset by a rich brown coat, staring directly into the camera. She looked like she had a purpose. “Playful and very fond of taking dips in our pool, this water dog is confident, affectionate and has beautiful eyes,” read the description. “Are you the one who will give this astounding canine pup a loving permanent home?” I thought I could.

lab mix holding slipper

The next morning I visited Pet Orphans. A caretaker told me Tiffany arrived there after she was found roaming a busy street and in danger of getting hit by a car. Luckily, a teenage girl (named Tiffany) who happened to walk dogs at Pet Orphans saved her. The staffer brought the pup to the outdoor play area so the two of us could hang out. She was as advertised. Her toes looked like they were dipped in white paint and sprinkled with brown dots. She had soulful hazel eyes. She was a stunner and full of spirit, jumping the fence of the play area to tackle the guy who feeds the dogs. At one point she gave me a big lick on my cheek, as if to say, “You’re OK by me.” She was the holy grail of dogs. Right?

Well, here’s where I complicate things. Starting the next day, I had committed to dog sit for a friend for a few days. As this would be my first time owning a dog as an adult, I was overwhelmed at the idea of bringing home a new dog while taking care of another. I mentioned my dilemma to the rescue director and asked, “Can I put Tiffany on hold?” She looked at me as if I had seven heads and said, “This dog has 20 applications. She will be adopted today or tomorrow.” She handed me an application and said I could fill it out and FAX it back to her. I took it, thanked her, said “I’ll think about it” and walked out.

I thought about Tiffany. For five days. I would later learn this is an eternity in the often quick-decision-making world of pet adoption. I sheepishly called Pet Orphans on that fifth day to ask about Tiffany, figuring by now she was living large with her new family who had the good sense to snap her up. But Tiffany was still at the shelter. She had come down with kennel cough and was, therefore, quarantined and unavailable for adoption for two weeks.

I called Pet Orphans every few days over the next couple weeks to check up on Tiffany. The morning she was released, I was the first person she saw. That day I went home with my hands, and my heart, full.

woman hugging lab mix

Tiffany immediately became Garvey – named after Steve Garvey, the former first baseman for the L.A. Dodgers, my favorite player as a kid. I like to fantasize that this wise pup saw something in me that day I left her at the shelter, that somehow she knew we were right for each other and intentionally got sick in order to give me time to come around…

Lab mix with grey snout

But of this I am certain: Garvey’s eagerly jumping into my car to begin our journey through life together was a profound act of forgiveness, one that I will never forget.

8 Responses

  1. beth says:

    Great Story!

  2. Dave says:

    I also adopted a Pointer mix from the local shelter as a puppy, he is now 4 y.o. and has been the best dog ever. His name is Garvey as well from my favorite Baseball player as a kid. Too funny!!

  3. Pam says:

    Is Garvey still up for adoption?
    Where is she located if she is?
    She looks like the 2 we raised for 13 years & just lost our last one last week.

    • Annie M says:

      Hi Pam, Garvey was adopted from Pet Orphans of Southern California, this story is written by the woman who adopted her. Sorry to hear about your loss <3

  4. Still in Mourning says:

    Just lost our shelter dog, Black Lab GSP mix, best dog who ever owned us.. We lived together 11 years: adopted him as a 2-yr-old on his LAST DAY from a kill “shelter” in LA. My son saw his picture with a plea on a webstie….He had a wonderful life with us and we with him, and still it was not enough time. We defintitely thing this mix should be its OWN breed.

    • Annie M says:

      So sorry for your loss :( I hope you can take comfort in the fact that you gave him 11 happy years when he was so close to only having 2 tumultuous years. Big hugs to you and your family.

  5. Still in Mourning says:

    Thanks for kind thoughts. Update: Adopted 3-yr-old female full Yellow Lab fr shelter in honor of beloved, passed Lab/GSP mix, “Black Jack.” “Maggie May” was abandoned at my school (happens 2+ times a month )&after shelter came to take her…I followed online to make sure she was not put down if “owners” did not come to claim her. No one came. I took her home on her last day. She was an abandoned breeder. She did not know how to ride in the car, go up a stair, sleep on a dog bed, use a yard instead of concrete, eat “regular” food instead of leftover garbage. NOW, after a few months of love, she is a happy, joyful dog, & so loving. Where ever we are…there she is, happy, attentive, smooching us, tail wagging…AND, she “allowed” us to adopt an abandoned week-old kitten in an emergency, & “mothered” it with us into good health. She “mothers” & loves/comforts our remaining 11-yr-old Lab mix (slowing/ailing). She’s a LOVE, & so amazing. Still mourn our passed GSP/Lab mix of 11 yrs, but she has helped us honor his memory w/her unconditional love; & our growing love for her gets more solid every day, reminding us that our “well” of love is never empty…nothing can really empty it…even sorrow…so we must always allow it to flow and grow…..

  6. larry says:

    Garvey could be my Penny’s identical twin. Penny is 12 now and has an injured hind leg. She was a very young puppy stray, her age is an acuate guess. I’m a vet with PTSD, I am alive today because of her unconditional love, and her ability to sense my anxiety, and with just that loving look telling me it’s going to be OK.

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