Product Review: The FURminator

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Anyone who owns a pet should consider the purchase of a FURminator deShedding tool. It’s the first and only grooming tool that safely removes the undercoating of an animal and leaves the top coat undisturbed.  The result is a pet less likely to shed and the use of the tool can not only alleviate shedding, but help control hairballs, itching, allergies, and of course…hair on all your clothes and  furniture! I have used the same FURminator on both a Beagle and one of my newer kittens, and it removes a surprising amount of hair on both!

Using a FURminator is said to help the 15 to 30% of people afflicted with an allergy to cats or dogs. Since most people with allergies are not allergic to the actual fur, rather the dander that collects in the fur, grooming regularly with a FURminator removes a lot of this dander, especially in the warmer months when pets shed more.

Since cats are big self groomers, the long haired ones can swallow up to two thirds of their coat! Removing a lot of this fur with a FURminator reduces the amount of hairballs your poor kitty has to throw up.

For dogs, the FURminator comes in toy, small, medium, large and giant sizes. They have 2 designs, 1 for short coats under 2 inches and 1 for long coats over 2 inches for both cats and dogs. You can get a small or large size brush for cats and they also make special FURminators for horses and small mammals like rabbits.

I think you can use one of the smaller brushes unless you have a ginormous animal with super long hair. I got a smaller one for my beagle, who has a short coat and now I use it on both of my cats. One cat has short hair and the other cat has long hair. If you are on a budget, you can pick up one size and it should do a good job on either coat.

young lady holding orange cat with FURminator deshedding tool

Using a FURminator is very simple:

  1. Make sure your pet is comfortable and ready to be stationary for a bit, perhaps try bribing them with a treat.
  2. Gently brush in the same direction their coat is growing (both of my pets have loved this part).
  3. Pull the handfuls of hair you’re removing from the FURminator and discard.

cat being brushed by FURminator

FURminator deshedding tool

That’s it! Now you have a cleaner, more comfortable, and less shedding dog, cat, horse, or whichever house pet you decide to FURminate!

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