Dating With Pets Contest | #DateFauxPaws

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It was a warm evening, so when my date arrived to pick me up, I suggested we walk to the restaurant.

“Great,” he said, “I probably won’t even need this jacket.  Can I leave it here?”

Seeing through his ploy but not really minding, I hung his jacket over the back of a chair and off we went.

Everything had been going so well.  We’d had a nice dinner, great conversation, and there was definitely chemistry between us.  Until we got back to my apartment. The smell assaulted us as soon as I opened the door. “Ugh – what the…?” my date sputtered. There was his jacket, in a heap on the floor; and there was my cat, casually grooming himself after just having used it for a toilet.  My cat had seen through his ploy too, and disapproved.  Both the relationship and the jacket got trashed that night, thanks to my cat.


Have you had a romance derailed by a pet?  On behalf of those furry little saboteurs, we want to make it up to you.  Share your #DateFauxPaws for a chance to win a staycation prize package worth $1,000! To be eligible, you must:

  • Live within 25 miles of Adopt & Shop – Culver City
  • Like Adopt & Shop on Facebook
  • Be a current or former pet owner

Found Animals Staff will select the 5 best #DateFauxPaws as finalists based on meeting all entry criteria and having the best pet dating story. Among the 5 finalists, one winner will be selected by the public based on the most likes/shares on Adopt & Shop’s Facebook page by the end of the day February 14, 2015.

Prize PackageA Better Date Night worth $1000 ($50 AMC Gift Card; $100 Adopt & Shop Gift Card for your pet; $100 VISA Gift Card for Dinner for 2; 2 Night Stay at the Pet-Friendly Hotel MDR in Marina Del Rey, CA; and a 10-day Adopt & Shop Culver City daycare package). The winning entrant is also invited to attend Adopt & Shop’s Valentine’s Day Party on February, 15, 2015.  Entries are closed at this time.  Terms and Conditions Apply.

Thank you to everyone who entered. After much deliberation, the five finalists have been selected by the Found Animals Staff panel. The prize winner will be determined by Facebook likes, comments, and shares within a 24 hour time period after the finalist’s story has been posted on Adopt & Shop’s Facebook page. We will share 1 finalist a day starting Monday, February 9th at 6am. Read all the finalists stories below:

Finalist 1: Hiking Date Disaster

I used to work for this Dog walking company where I would take 10-15 dogs hiking off leash at a time.
If I was in to a guy I would ask him to join me on my hike to see how he was with the dogs, since having dogs around is such an important part of my life. If my dogs don’t like someone than I don’t either.
I picked him up in my stinky van full of dogs and he was dressed in some brand new high fashion hiking boots and clothing. Not ideal for dealing with so many dirty doggies.
When I let the dogs out of the van to start our hiking adventure, my 190lb Grate Dane walked up to my very uncomfortable date and with no hesitation peed right on his brand new pristine hiking shoes. Needless to say, My date was not very happy about that.
when we were half way through the hike another one of the dogs jumped on my date to try and play with him and my date fell over right in to a nice fresh pile of poo. The rest of the hike was spent with my date acting cold and hostile towards the dogs and myself.
I had to hose him off when we were finished and send him on his way with his fancy clothes wet and ruined. I could not help but laugh about how terribly he reacted to everything. I told him I could not be with someone who could not handle getting a little dirty with some dogs.

Finalist #2: Murphy’s Thanksgiving

A man I had been dating for several months took me back to his childhood home to meet his parents at his family’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. We took his beloved border collie, Murphy, along with us. The initial introductions went well, if a bit overwhelming–I didn’t realize how large his very conservative family was until Thanksgiving Day, when about three dozen people showed up for dinner. I was given the place of honor at the table with my beau and his parents and we sat down to a lovely meal. Everyone bowed their heads as my boyfriend’s father–a retired pastor–said grace. Midway through, Murphy came trotting into the room, proudly holding a bright pink thong in his mouth…which he had retrieved from my suitcase. Awkward!

Finalist #3: Whiskey’s Crock Pot Conundrum | *Winner*

It had been only a few short weeks since I adopted my precious kitten, formerly dubbed Felicia, now known as Whiskey from Adopt & Shop in Culver City. Since it was a Friday, I figured why not set up the crockpot with my boyfriend’s favorite sesame chicken recipe and have him pick up a movie on the way home for an easy date night. After a long day at work, I was greeted by a delicious aroma emanating from the kitchen. I was quickly distracted from my dinner dreams by the demanding meows of my spoiled kitten asking where her dinner was…

After ensuring that Whiskey got her food fix, I turned my attention to my crockpot masterpiece. I removed the chicken breast from the crockpot, taking a few minutes to shred the chicken while it was still warm. I moved on to whipping up a delicious sauce from the leftover liquids and getting the rice cooker started.

While I was setting our places at the table, I heard a clatter of silverware and porcelain. I turned my attention to the plate of shredded chicken I had left sitting on the island. Not only had Whiskey decided to make our dinner her second dinner, she also had the foresight to claim the entire pile by sitting on top of the plate and casting away the useless (to her) utensils.

Lucky for Whiskey, there’s one meal my boyfriend likes more than my Sesame Chicken Bowls—Taco Bell. Needless to say, I’ve learned my lesson and anytime I’m cooking dinner, Whiskey has earned herself a one way ticket to being locked out of the kitchen.

Finalist #4: Cat Attack

Well, my now ex and I had decided to have a movie date at my house. My cat and dog did not like him and I being alone for some strange reason. As we were getting into our movies I over hear the sound of something being torn up, upon my investigations I find my dog ripping into my ex’s over night bag as I am cleaning up this mess my ex comes running down the hallway, my cat had decided to urinate on him and to make matters attack his face. I guess they are a great judge of character, I found out a week later he was a dirty cheater.

Finalist #5: Epileptic Emma

There was a girl that I was talking to and we finally went on a date after dancing around the situation for a couple weeks. At the time I was watching my sister’s dog, Emma, and Emma is a cute fluffy cockapoo and I wanted to show her off. After the date we got back to my place and started playing with her. Everything was going smooth. I showed off a few tricks and I felt like I was in control of the situation. I wasn’t. Emma started shaking violently, her body stiffened, and her eyes rolled back. My date and I started freaking out. Me especially, because this wasn’t my dog and knew my sister would kill me if anything happened to Emma. I immediately called me sister, who of course didn’t pick up her phone, so I was left panicking trying to appear composed. After a couple minutes Emma calmed down and slowly started to walk again. After the ordeal my date immediately excused herself and went home. It turns out Emma is epileptic and that was the first seizure she ever had. That was the last time I tried to impress a girl with something besides my personality.


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  1. Great story, although I’m sure you were disappointed for a bit. The cat probably knew better! They have great instincts. You’ll soon meet someone that you and your cat click with!